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The learning process is shifting from classroom learning to E-learning. With many schools and Universities adapting online education to supplement the learning need.

Students prefer online video education platform as they get an opportunity to explore courses and pick any of them from anywhere. E-learning platform eases the learning process for students, with features like study material sharing, group chats for discussion and real-time engagement.

The urge for e-learning has significantly increased in recent times as it is more engaging and interactive learning. These interactive lecture capture are recorded and made available for students at a later time.

Broadcasting a lecture and simultaneously recording it will save immense efforts. Progressing, by all means, the E-learning is advancing to the next level with live Lecture Capture.

Why Is Capturing An Interactive Classroom Session In Video Essential?

Interactive Live Broadcast

Lecture capture live broadcasting feature allows recording classroom lectures as videos and saves it automatically in a well-secure and browsable video library in your LMS (learning management system) and it will be available for students to rewatch after the class. Students can access these video record lectures any time from the e-learning video platform.

Many record their lectures and make them available for students at a later time. What if the lectures are live recorded while concurrently broadcasting? Sounds, great right. Yes, with Lecture Capture Live the e-learning process can give all students a great online classroom experience irrespective of whether they are attending the live broadcasting or accessing the lecture in a later time frame.

Key Features Involved

While buffer-free E-learning Live streaming classroom facilitates an ultra-high-definition quality of the video viewing experience, it additionally provides features enhancing the learning experience.

1. Convenient To Use

  • Press the Record button and the auto-archive feature saves the recording in the video library.
  • Seamless virtual classroom recording with all types of hardware and devices.

2. Personalize The E-learning

  • Custom subtitles in multi-language expand the audience group.
  • Robust CMS enables accessing all relevant videos in the course.

3. User Engaging

  • Assess students with an interactive video chat & quiz.
  • Using In-video search users can search a video, and get video suggestions in the relevant content.

How E-learning Benefits From Lecture Capture And Live Broadcasting?

Live Video Broadcasting

Students using the online e learning platform expect access to study materials and lecture notes sharing from faculty. There are chances wherein students like to revisit a particular session for better understanding. With Video on demand platform, it becomes easier for them to play the video forward and backwards and improves the learning experience. Even students who attend live broadcasts of lectures will benefit from video playback.

The Admins can schedule live broadcasting, using push notification they can enable students to know about it. Recording of the lecture occurs in the background without disturbing the ongoing live broadcast of a lecture. The micro-lectures for classes make online learning more effective.

Lecture Capture As A Helping Tool For Learners

Effective lecture capture enables students to build a relationship with their instructors despite being in a remote location. The easy to use and personalized videos give the E-learners a positive learning experience.

Lecture capture allows students to swap or switch to new courses without the regret of missing classes. Re-watching videos at 10s forward and backwards give them control on how to watch, making their study habit effective. Adding captions, audio descriptions and the flipped classroom enhance the E-learning process.


The main idea of Lecture capture is to provide an opportunity for students to remain engaged with the course while not attending a lecture broadcast. A powerful video player with zero latency and features like 100% customization, video CMS with reliable online video hosting platforms and accessing through multiple devices make VPlayed an ultimate choice to integrate into any video educational platform. The monetization model of VPlayed is a one-stop solution enabling to build robustly interactive online courses.

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