5 Best 4K Cameras for Live Event Streaming

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Streaming live events is a popular choice for branding and communication. Once you understand how to set up a website for live streaming, it is important to understand what makes a great live event video? Which camera is best for live streaming? How to get it to the audience?

First things first. Capturing clear and engaging visuals with sharp audio should be the main focus of a video content creator. So, let’s talk cameras!

Of all cameras displayed, here is our list of recommended cameras for live streaming which can help you to unlock the potential of video publishers via hand-picked video streaming solution providers.

1. Go Pro Hero 8 (Black)

The Best Action Camera for Live Streaming


GoPro was always the adventurer’s dream camera! But with live streaming being added to its list of features, it is rated as the top action camera in that segment too! With ultra HD video capturing, voice control and Hypersmooth 2.0 video stabilisation, Hero 8 ensures an engaging visual.

An external mic and advanced wind noise reduction make your audio sure to have more of the kind of voices you need. Whether it is a synchronised swimming event or a sky diving record or anything in-between, brace up with GoPro Hero 8 (Black)!

2. Google Pixel 3

The Best Smartphone for the No-fuss Streamers

google pixel3

Released in October 2018, Google improved on its Pixel range products with a better display and a second front-facing camera. With ultra HD video capturing and optical image stabilisation, Google Pixel 3 is a great option if you need to stream live without getting weighed down with heavy equipment.

All-glass dust and water-resistant body with wireless charging certainly shook up things for the users. With its size and multi-tasking, Pixel 3 is the best smartphone camera for live streaming events, hands-down.

3. Sony A6300

The Best Mirrorless APS C Camera


A sturdy magnesium alloy body and superior autofocus make this model from the Sony Alpha series the preferred choice even for movie makers. The copper ring construction boosts its readout efficiency and light-gathering efficiency. The Sony A6300 camera too supports ultra HD video recording. A clean HDMI output with Silent shooting mode and strong image stabilization is getting the right noises from camera aficionados.

Hybrid AF shooting with self-timer with the S-log 3 Gamma mode makes the A6300 our choice as the best digital camera for live streaming, especially for sports and music events.

4. Canon EOS 80D

The Best DSLR Camera for Live Streaming


This Canon DSLR camera powered by APS-C and equipped with an intelligent viewfinder. The low light performance of the EOS 80D is one feature that makes it the best 4K DSLR camera for live streaming in concert halls. It has a great AF tracker and clean HDMI output.

The awesome 24.2 MP camera with anti-flicker feature ensures smooth and consistent video quality for streaming live events whether it is sports, travel or a concert. With a tripod and a great external mic, you are all good to go with a brilliant live event.

5. Panasonic GH5

The Best ILC Camera

Panasonic GH5

The Panasonic was one of the first to use oversampled 4k recording. Which means that the resolution ends up being much higher than cropped 4K recordings. Ultra HD recording and strong image stabilisation the GH5 is great for shooting indoors and outdoors. The 20.3 MP camera also provides for clean HDMI output which is a must-have for good live recording at events.

The unique DFD technology makes sure that you never get lost. Literally! By analysing movements and out of focus areas, focussing is faster and decisive. The GH5 has topped the list of digital cameras for live streaming virtual events by popular vloggers like Joe Allam.

With the latest technologies making the competition more exciting, live event streaming is a trend clearly here to stay. Finding the right equipment for live streaming camera is only one part of the game. Zeroing in on a platform that gives you the right audience ensures that your creativity gets the recognition you deserve!

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