Pre-Equipped Features to Heighten Your Online Video Platform

Deliver glitch-free & personalized video on demand content with superlative attributes to reach every device

Uncompromising Video Security Plan of Action

Shielded with encryption, DRM and access control to safeguard video platform against unauthorized access.

DRM System

Data Rights Management serves as a security support safeguarding your video content to stop from being exploited by unauthorized with the help of our license policies.

Exhaustive Access Control

Access control bears an explicit user authentication system, clarified one-stop sign-in API integration & IP restriction to stimulate alerts when unsanctioned access occurs.

End-to-end Video Encryption

Vplayed trailblazes in encryption systems. The Partial and Open key exchange mechanism using HLS encryption with AES and RTMP Protocol stays unrivaled in the market.

SSL Certificate

The SSL lock system creates a virtual padlock network and ensures secured data file transferring and screen logins. By appending this certification, Vplayed safeguards visitor connections

Best-in-class VOD Marketing Features

Make your video on demand platform notable with in-depth analysis and automated marketing workflow.

branding Features
Social Sharing/ Publishing

Streaming can be interactive and engaging with Vplayed. Let your users build communities through commenting, sharing and favoriting on videos.

Meta Data Management
Marketing Automation

Your Video Content, Our Monetization Strategies

Broadcast, entertain and leverage your audience with Vplayed’s ROI centric features

SubscriptionVideo on Demand

Tap the most out of subscription swing(SVOD) with custom monthly or yearly subscriptions and free trial periods. Gain recurring viewer base through well-planned subscription models.

Transactional VOD

Increase viewership engagement with rental programs on both hourly and video basis. Electronic sell-through mode allows users to purchase videos on TVOD, enabling both offline and online viewing

Advertising VOD

Garner preroll midroll and end-roll range of ad designs strategically placed to woo viewers’ attention. Ads on VOD platform allows owners to cash on banners, navigation bars, and square buttons.

Coupons & Promotions

Vplayed’s coupons and promotional formula let your viewers gain discount by coupon codes and responding to your branding strategies. Venture in our prudent promotional coupons and discounts to pitch in high returns.

How Vplayed’s Video On Demand Works

Top-notch technology stacks that enhance the solution’s functionality & performance

Key Feature

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To build a customizable VOD platform with multiple monetization models, powerful CDN and real-time analytics.

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