Everything You Need to Succeed

A complete video on demand platform to get your audience hooked with artistic experience.

  • Online Video Platform

    Store, stream, entertain and leverage on every screen to monetize your video content with ease.

  • Video Content Management

    Ensure in managing every piece of content through an integrated dynamic system to amplify your productivity.

  • Video Delivery

    A rock-hard video distribution strategy to perform in delivering a rich quality and delay-free content experience.

  • Reliable Video Hosting

    Harnessing the power of upload, transcode and secure hosting of your video content with flabbergasting pivotal features.

  • Video Player

    Encompassed with comprehensive API integration and custom HTML5 toolkit to embed video content across a diverse platforms.

  • 100% Customizable

    Pick your choices! customize your Vod platform with awesome integrations that resembles beyond your expectation & experience great headway features.

Disregard the Worry of Security & Licensed Videos Over the Platforms

Shielded with encryption, DRM and access control to hone the unauthorized access.


DRM System

A native security support safeguarding your video content from not being utilized by unauthorized through license policies.

Exhaustive Access Control

An explicit user authentication system providers with single click sign-on API integration & IP restriction stimulate unsanctioned access.

End-to-end Video Encryption

Vplayed major encryption ways; Partial, Open key exchange mechanism using HLS encryption with AES and RTMP Protocol.

SSL Certificate

A robust encrypted vod solution to ensure the visitor's connection is in safer hands and also the private access ignites the user trustworthy.

Exploring Ideas to Monetize Your Video Content

Broadcast, entertain and leverage immense audience to drive profitable revenue.

Video Monetization
  • Subscription VOD

    A metered paywall divulges the outright per-user revenue based on the wide range of subscription video on demand (SVOD) options.

  • Pay-Per-View VOD

    Trigger your monetization results through PPV advertising to reap every video content revenue through managing multiple PPV categories.

  • Transactional VOD

    Maximize your potential revenue for every video content with efficient TVOD service categorizing Electronic Sell-Through (EST) and Download to Rent (DTR).

  • Ad-based VOD

    Experience prodigious cash flow through an uncomplicated implementation of AVOD integration that supports entire ad standards & maximizes revenue with anti-ad blocking technology.

  • Coupons & Promotions

    A vod platform built-in with unique & inclusive coupon code generator to monetize and promote every video content in a most awe-inspiring way.

  • Video Discovery

    An Exquisite white-label solution to Engage massive audience by providing wise suggestions across in video search, cross-language search and video discovery to rake in clicks.

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