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Religious websites and online spiritual services have existed for some time now. However, houses of worship coming forward with an exclusive OTT platform to deliver sermons, daily masses, group prayers, and special services is quite a revolutionary move and is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. 

The Boom of Online Spiritual Services

Especially with the pandemic implicating restrictions on several mass gatherings including prayer meetings, and other community-specific programs, the demand to bring religion online easily became the need-of-the-hour. The aspect of people not being able to visit a place of devotion in person made religious organizations opt for alternative ways to spread faith, and preachings along with making the worshippers feel a sense of oneness. 

How Are Houses of Worship Using OTT for Religious Services?

Taking spiritual services online using best OTT platform is truly a commendable effort by religious houses to bring people together and practice their beliefs in times of crisis. Here are some of the ways the different houses of worship make their devotional services reach millions of followers. 

(1) Sermon Audios

Audio streaming is one of the simplest and most practical ways to spread the message of God to your followers virtually. Unlike its video counterpart, audio streaming requires less equipment for virtually delivering sermons and other religious services to the worshippers. Though it doesn’t match the real-life experience of watching or participating in a worship service as in the case of video streaming, it is resourceful for people who want to listen to devotional speeches and prayers on the go.

(2) Live Streaming

 Streaming live is the new-age mantra to reach people! And when it comes to faith-based services, live streaming helps worshippers attend religious events without being present in person. With the right live streaming equipment, lighting, and other necessities set up, religious organizations can record any service and broadcast it across devices and mediums. Check out the six best tips to live stream a virtual event!

Also, live streaming service for church has significantly increased the number of people attending worship services who otherwise wouldn’t participate due to various reasons. 

(3) VOD

On-demand religious videos are a great way to deliver devotional content for people who want to access it at any point of time in a day. Work schedules, differences due to time zones, or other real-life situations might restrict a person from a prayer or congregation that is streamed live. In such cases, videos available on-demand are of high value for those unable to attend the service. Get to know how VOD works!

(4) TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere is a feature that facilitates religious TV channels to give worshippers access to their content via OTT platforms. This feature works based on the existing TV subscription a worshipper has already adopted and helps people watch spiritual TV shows on the Internet. 

Want To Build A Scalable Religious Streaming Platform?

Benefits of Streaming Faith-Based Services on OTT

Live Religious Streaming
  • Creates Awareness of the Mission

OTT helps spread religious consciousness beyond geographies. Since the content is streamed over the Internet, people across the globe have access to services that kindle a spiritual awakening. 

  • Easy Access for Sick/ Senior Citizens

It is always a concern for older people to step out or travel long distances to participate in religious gatherings and prayer meetings. OTT typically makes it simpler for the aged or anyone unwell to receive devotional services at the comfort of their homes. 

  • Religious Content On the Go / While Travel

Since with OTT platforms, religious houses can stream across devices like mobile, tablet, and laptop, people can get their daily dose of spirituality on the go. Religious streaming is also a boon for frequent travelers and explorers who find it impossible to attend daily masses or other worship services in person.

  • Remote Services during Pandemic

With unpredictable times such as the recent pandemic, it was advised that worshippers avoid large crowds/ gatherings. Though it was a challenging feat for religious houses to deliver remote devotional services, OTT technology made virtual worship a reality for people to stay safe and yet be a part of the happening.

  • Virtual Outreach Programs

One of the major highlights of religious streaming services is that the outreach programs initiated by missionaries can now be made online. Forming virtual faith communities through live streams helps worshippers connect, reach new people, and share religious content that they otherwise might not have access to. 

CONTUS VPlayed- The Ultimate Solution for Streaming Religious Services

Now that a worship house has decided to make religious streaming a part of its service, there comes a need for a complete video streaming solution like CONTUS VPlayed to build an OTT platform. Here is what makes this solution an ultimate fit to make your spiritual services reach millions!

White Label Solution

Ours is a white-label VOD solution and hence, the religious platform can be labeled in the name of a particular missionary/ house of worship while all the backend work remains anonymous. 

100% customization 

Each religious house has different beliefs, customs, and practices, which simply means a one-solution-fits-all formula doesn’t work! CONTUS VPlayed offers a religious OTT platform that is 100% customizable making access easy for worshippers for all age groups. 

HQ Player

Our solution accommodates a superiorly reliable custom-built HLS video player that delivers high-quality devotional content to worshippers for the finest virtual experience.

Live Linear Streaming

CONTUS VPlayed uses adaptive bitrate streaming to stream religious content 24/7 with no interruption. Special masses or virtual festivals that run for long hours of time can be broadcasted seamlessly through the live linear streaming facility. 

Simulcasting Across Mediums

Through simulcasting, the solution allows religious live events to be streamed on different mediums all at the same time without lag. The simultaneous broadcast features ensure the devotional event reaches as many people as possible through various channels. 

Private Messaging to Pastors

This feature allows worshippers to message pastors or religious leaders privately or in groups. Counseling, spiritual healing, or other sacraments can all be achieved through reaching out to the religious heads via text. 

Password Protected Sign-Ins

CONTUS VPlayed offers a highly secure video platform with DRM features, password-protected login options, encryption, and watermarking to combat the piracy of religious videos. Learn the most secure ways to protect your live stream videos!

Recent times have seen a steady rise in places of worship going online with OTT platforms. Providing worshippers with a convenient and effective way to receive godly services on the go is a great way to bring a sense of togetherness and strengthen their faith in the religion. Build a resourceful devotional platform with CONTUS VPlayed for people to access religious content from anywhere around the globe.

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