5 Must Know Steps To Live Stream Your Events Like a Pro & Reach Million Users

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“Live events are getting more livelier than ever”

It’s all just because of the terminology that has created a revolution “Live Streaming”.

You gotta believe this fact, In a TEDx event that generally has 1,000 live attendees listening to a speech from 50+ speakers was live-streamed through YouTube Live. The live streamed event currently has over 13 million views. Literally, a million views denote “virtual” attendees.

A live event isn’t perfect without a live streaming tool.

After all, live streaming isn’t a great way to present to the local audience alone, it’s the bridge that addresses the content directly to the global audience and creates maximum engagement.

Being a creator, that’s what you’ll love to see as your content has been consumed by millions of audience.

So, your event planners are done with all the necessary arrangements to run the event whether it may be a concert, conferences, or any live events, don’t let go of the live VOD streaming services idea out of hand, coz it’s going to drive your ROI.

So, to make this happen, we’ve come up with a list (will say as 5) of components and hot tips to broadcast the live event successfully.

1. Video Streaming Software – Utmost Thing To Consider!

Although you’re pretty much proficient in capturing the moment as a videographer or a content creator with utmost editing skills, but the experience with broadcasting, CDN management and running own streaming services aren’t generally feasible for all businesses or people.

Partnering with an enterprise VOD streaming platform would create an opportunity to let your targeted viewers access your live streaming virtual events.

Selecting a free or open-source streaming application (i.e., B2C platforms) may feel like a better option, but you’ll have to give a second thought! they’re are absence of multiple ads options.

So why going with Enterprise Streaming Platform (B2B) over Free Streaming Platform is a genuine idea?

  • The professional or enterprise online video platforms offer pretty reliable monetization features such as Pay-per-view, Subscription model, Even archiving, Event Transactional model, & Promotional options. (In case of monetizing your live stream events)
  • You can position when, where and how to timely advertise other brands on your live stream events. (Isn’t like how it happens in free platforms – those constant, untimely & irrelevant ads)
  • Indulge your own brand name, logo on your content with reliable watermark feature to name it as original content.
  • Avoid the most embarrassing moment where your original content downloaded and broadcasted on other platforms. Enterprise streaming solution offers multi DRM platform – copyrights issue, Watermarks, Login Authentications & domain restrictions.
  • Maybe as a last point, but much interesting! You can customize the live event streaming VOD platform based on your theme interest whether it may be UX, UI, features & even monetization options.

2. Recording Equipment – Typically Your Magical Wands!

This totally depends on your budget and business needs. Let us assume that you have chosen the ideal live streaming solution to stream your events. Next in the line is the recording equipment, this is going to be one of the crucial parts were your investment applies. Let’s start with the Video Camera equipment.

Video Camera For Recording Live Stream Events!

There’s a huge number of suggestions, but make sure to pick the right one to experience an absolute video viewing experience and quality that you can deliver to your audience. We recommend you to take a look at some suggestions that we’ve given in our previous blog about Best 4K Cameras for Live Event Streaming.

Apart from the given recommendations, there are certain cameras that you can take a look for your live event streaming.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and Sony a7R III for streaming live events through the platform. To deliver a 360-degree view to your audience, Insta360 Pro II is one of the finest cameras that your audience would love to experience.

Figuring Out Audio Equipment for Event Streaming

Discovering the right venue is more important than choosing the equipment, i.e., where your audio is coming from. Make sure the sound venue has neither sound system nor a microphone, setting up the audio system is more important whether its a concert, stadiums, theatres, inhouse building and churches.

Connecting the sound system in the venue with a microphone with XLR provides you better sound results.

Synchronizing the Video with Audio is Important!

Bringing an audio source with the respective video camera (AV sync) is quite challenging where an audio inserter with an HDMI signal could work sync with audio or video to deliver good audio quality.

3. It’s Time For Behind the Screen – Choosing Encoding Options

Whatever the method you use to live stream, external camera or webcam, the use of an encoder is a default. There are two types of methods you can encode the content into a streamable data;

  • Hardware Encoder
  • Software Encoder

Hardware Encoder

The hardware encoders are basically a dedicated software that uses an algorithm to encode the video and data into streamable content. These are highly used by professional broadcasters and the quality of the video using hardware encoder is pretty fixed.

Hardware Encoder for Live Streaming Software

You won’t find any hardware encoders likewise the free availability of software encoders.

Software Encoder

Dealing with a software encoder is basically easy as compared to hardware encoder. It’s a program that can be installed and run on any computer device, even a desktop or laptop. The quality of the software encoder is high and can twist the aspect of the codec to get the video bitrate you desire to stream. Unlike hardware encoders, an update of software encoder is easy and effective. OBS open broadcaster software is one of the free encoding software available in the market.

4. Gathering All Your Sources To One Destination – Configure Stream Settings

Connecting all the system, right from video, audio, graphics, logo, background, & titles to your encoder to determine the final location, i.e., where to stream. Using a stream page, update the title, tags, images to appear during the streaming. It can be done using streaming software or hardware or titling software as well.

5. One Step Away From Going Live! – Test It Out

Setting up a pre-roll is an ideal idea to run the stream before you actually stream it. Cross check the entire source right from video, audio, graphics, and destination. Ensure to stream the live event to a private destination where you can find bucks and tweak to perfection.

Note: Even the professional live streamers who have broadcasted over 100 episodes still can go wrong from time to time.

Oh Yeah! You’re Live Now!

Yeah, we’ve made the story till the final cut “how to live stream an event”. Once you’re done with all the necessary equipment tweaks and moderations, you can roll out the event streaming. Although it’s quite a huge process to stream live events, fortunately, there is some enterprise live streaming solution to live-stream your events just by capturing it with your camera and start to stream through the live streaming platform or onto your own website.

steps to live stream your events like a pro

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