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Published On March 21st, 2024 3340Product News
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Adoption with Technology 

High rates of adoption with technology have been consistently increasing with GenXers or Millennials of today. In this new age, their need of the hour emphasises on thin embedded systems just like a notebook, or an ipad. 

Some of the studies indicate that a variety of sleek devices in the market seemed to satisfy user’s functional needs.  

Vplayed which is defined as a SaaP-based online streaming product, enhances the user’s adaptability with various portable devices. 

Sticking to its high level of compatibility, VPlayed offers new-age entrepreneurs with reliable multi-screen device support. This can help them to approach their target market that utilizes every kind of streaming device. Some of them are Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV & Gaming Consoles. 

Highlights of OTT trends and future predictions indicate that OTT app usage is said to have eventual growth of $120 billion by 2022

Not only it stops there! 

To your surprise, the experts say that the most popular streaming engines would increase by $200 billion by 2024,  beating the Pay-TV industry.  

Generally, these two major questions often arise in the minds of  content owners.

“Do I have to?” 

“Is the new release update worthwhile?”

That’s a perfectly reasonable question to answer, since the ultimate goal is to make things simpler, easier and approachable to customers for using your desired products and services. In these daily advancements bought in products/solutions it has no specific timelines for version updates.. In other words, it depends on the nature of the work process and efficiency maintained within business development.  

Uninterrupted connectivity across all devices

Reacting to business needs keeping customer-centric metrics along with technical metrics in mind can enhance overall productivity. For example, a simple genre of technical fixes that are designed for seamless connectivity within a customer’s streaming platform solution shouldn’t get too many. 

On the other hand, bringing in seamless connectivity in OTT stream engines would be a major plus for platform users. Subsequently, this factor is ensured via all devices & browser versions having high-defined compatibility zones to run an efficient hybrid self-hosted business streaming model.  

Here comes an excellent opportunity to leverage for your streaming business & have greater audience reach through your OTT app development with developed architecture. 

Merits of Synced Compatibility

One of the essential factors that you might well consider within your boilerplate, is with multi-compatibility mode. The key aspect that is some of the content owners are preparing to showcase curated content that is regional-specific. This means different genres of content are accepted by the target audience where compatibility constraints are easily covered via the self-hosted video streaming solution of VPlayed. 

The key goal here is to enhance your OTT app bringing in feature adaptability within major devices. With VPlayed’s dynamic solution you can offer a variety of content that can be streamed across various devices and platforms. The catch here is your end-user’s device needn’t necessarily have upgraded versions. The one-time optimum solution of VPlayed provides its support to all sorts of devices. 

After all, technology carries maximum potential only when a flexible user interface can adapt to various screen configurations, followed by a smooth content delivery.  

VPlayed App is synchronous with all versions and tools

Android Versions

iOS Versions

Compatibility Mode on Web

Compatibility Mode on Browsers

Google chrome70 & Above
Mozilla Firefox70 & Above
Safari10 & Above
Edge79 & Above
Internet Explorer11 & Above

Now these OS version updates will restore the fact that your VOD streaming platform visitors can connect with their targeted audience no matter where they are, and how much is their signal strength! 

Here’s how VPlayed makes your video streams smooth going regardless of any bandwidth limitations: 

VPlayed Compatibility Effectiveness 

Scalability – To implement multicast streaming through various media servers VPlayed provides encoding and transcoding facility for various bit rate streams with auto-adjust user bandwidth. This enables your VOD platform and live streaming sessions to stay buffer-free with zero latency. As a result this can promise to give large viewership, that scales up your OTT business curve.  

Secured – The live streaming video content that is distributed across all channels worldwide with secured digital rights protection. AES Encryption and Paywall Integration are some of the integral layers of security that ensures end-to-end safety for your priceless audio/video content.

Connectivity – Internet connectivity possibly reflects a tremendous amount of storing configurations for every video file. Especially, the quality of videos are left uncompromised, only when all kinds of bit rates are supported to ensure smooth OTT delivery. Apparently this is achieved with pace by optimizing video server storage.

Convenience – In the end, VPlayed eases your worry when it comes to transmitting content from one network to another, no matter in version they are configured at! You can get facilitated with several vod streaming services that customize your platform & help you to stream powerpact videos on the move!

Highly Compatible – Concurrently 2 tier and 3 tier cities have seen rapid economic growth in the past decade. Since tier 3 cities have lesser impact of technology as compared to tier 2 cities, the key fact can’t be ignored that many older versions are still in use. People in the countryside find older versions convenient & cost friendly to use portable devices. VPlayed has been specially designed for those who believe in using older versions and not have the worry about configured version updates.

Bottom Line

Behind the scenes of building an app or streaming platform with consistent configuration provides an ease and ability to serve better, don’t you agree!! 

VPlayed’s SaaP-based OTT solution that is designed with microservice architecture technology helps you to have a reduced set of IT operations with a secure communication that strives to auto-scale your OTT business services effortlessly.   

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