What Is Audio Advertising & Benefits Of Audio Advertising?

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The next time you are traveling by public transport, in an airport or in an office space you should look around. With the familiarity of wireless headphones, smartphones, and smart speakers you will instantly notice that we are in the advanced audio age and there is a ready opportunity for audio advertising. Though it is the golden age of radio advertisements, programmatic audio advertising allows the ability to get to highly engaged audience members via their streaming services. In the last many years, we have witnessed the rising popularity of audio media, which includes radio, podcasts and music streaming. 

As per an eMarketer study, over three-quarters of American internet users hear digital audio formats such as streaming music, streaming audio advertising, and podcasts once a month this year. The audience of podcast listeners is growing the fastest, and they account for a smaller part of the US internet population – around 26.9%.

What is Audio Advertising?

Audio advertising is the programmatic and automated sale and ad insertion in audio content such as digital radio, podcasts, and streaming music services by controlling programmatic audio-centric publishers like TargetSpot, Triton, Spotify, and AdsWizz. This type of audio content can be streamed on a full range of devices like mobile phones, smart speakers, desktops, and over-the-top televisions. On the basis of digital advertising strategy, audio advertising lets you layer on other targeting strategies to reach target audiences and related geolocations.

Types of Audio Advertising

Digital audio advertising

1. Audio Ads 

Like the video, placements of ads can be post-roll, mid-roll, and pre-roll. This means that your ad can be played prior, during, and post a streaming session. The duration of these ads is typically 15, 30, or 60 seconds in length with zero visuals.

2. Ad Sequencing 

Narrate a story through several ads over a period of time. A lot of people use it to create brand awareness and finish the sequence with an enthralling call-to-action.

3. Skippable Ads 

Make use of the first few seconds to catch people’s attention before they actually skip. Mid-roll and pre-roll ads have the option to be skipped. A good choice for advertisers is to experiment with their content and watch listener behavior and interests.

Are You Planning To Extend Your Audience Reach With Audio Advertising?

What Are The Top Benefits Of Audio Advertising?

audio streaming platform

So, what are the benefits of audio advertising? Here they are listed below:

High Audience Reachability Target 

It reaches your audience differently. There are increased ways to consume media through audio formats, and such services need high involvement from the audience. So, these platforms can be used to your advantage.

Win Listeners to Take Action 

Someone using a podcasting app is concentrating on the content they are hearing, which means they are more than likely to take in the adverts on an audio streaming platform. Someone viewing television can leave the room during the adverts, which can drown your marketing’s potential. This is not such a big issue for audio marketing.

Monitor Your Ad Spend & Be Cost-Effective

Placing an advert in a primary spot on television is an excellent way to reach a wider audience. It is very expensive. Audio adverts offer the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. The production cost of marketing is kept at a low level owing to the simplicity of the ad, and the advertising space cost is highly reduced. It is not required to waste money on over-the-top logos or graphics in such a format. All you require is a sound booth and a great imagination.

Brand Safety is Assured 

Keyword targeting and refraining from ensuring brand safety and brand alignment are more important today than ever before. High-tech transcription capabilities assist in pointing out the podcast content’s nature, letting you decide in which location your ads must run, and where they cannot. An intricate understanding of the content can bring up ad effectiveness, and what is important is that it can assist with connecting your message in a good way.

Who Should Use Audio Advertising?

The nature of every business is different which means that every one of your desired audiences is going to be different. As audio/video advertising is more affordable it is ideal for businesses that have recently started. A new business is required to keep the budget tight to convert it to a profit quickly. These businesses have to be known to the customers. 

audio streaming solution

The audio marketing strategy can offer a new business an economical way to advertise until they become well-known. This can also apply to a small business. The reasonable costs are good, but it is also not needed to place yourself on a big stage if you are happy being at this level. Your marketing aim as a small business should be promoting the services to the population section which you are targeting. So, you can make use of digital audio advertising as a tool of micromarketing to sustain your marketing niche.

A bigger business may be looking to expand itself in new markets. You may have already found a good advertising strategy that aided you in reaching this level but there is a lot to do. If you have not used audio advertising in your marketing materials, this strategy could assist you in reaching a new demographic, one that you require to widen your operations. It is also helpful if these ads are easy to translate. If you are vying to reach an international market, an audio ad translated into the native language is an economical tool to get your message across with the least confusion. 

One important problem with the use of online audio advertising is that it was only listened to by tech-updated, young audiences. A majority of people use newer audio platforms and are still a largely young demographic, this statistic is fast changing. More people are discovering a use for a smart device, so you can focus on a wider audience with best audio streaming platforms. If that fails, the radio is an awesome place to place your ads. Any kind of business can benefit from using audio advertising.


There is no scarcity of uses of an audio marketing campaign. You will not think it is necessary but this kind of advertising can be of advantage to you at any level on the business ladder. If you are a marketer, it is simple to feel like you have to pay attention to only the most advanced, futuristic trends to be ahead of the rest. Audio has always been a popular choice, and it is not likely to change anytime soon. 

The technology around it may change, but there will always be those who like to sit back and listen. In those valuable moments of focus is the chance to reach them – we have to know the medium properly and function with the experience than trying to bend it to our whims and fancies. By widening your media mix to incorporate digital audio advertising, you have the capacity to reach audiences on a stage which functions with their hearing habits, in a zone not extremely saturated by competitors who are combating blindness and ad fatigue.

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