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Chat API for Web & Apps – The Impact of Collaboration for Businesses Post COVID-19 Pandemic

The global over-the-top services market has significantly driven the growth of various streaming companies.

As the demand for Smart TV app development continues to rise, newer innovations.

And advancements in Internet penetration, smart TV, mobile, and 5G infrastructure are set to further fuel the streaming marketplace, with a particular focus on original content production.

Nevertheless, a number of Smart TV app development companies in the market offer a remarkable platform that engages consumers with bigger screens, delivering a grand viewing experience.

Also, these apps provide users with enhanced surround sound, leading to positive adoption rates, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic.

The year 2020 has caused all types of businesses to about-face and rethink their communication strategies with their customers. The COVID-19 pandemic did create a muddle in the market for businesses to function and be in touch with their potential buyers. However, that’s not the only reason why businesses are reconsidering their communication strategies moving forward in 2022.

Real time chat solutions for websites and other mobile-based chat apps for businesses are not just focused on preserving business with existing customers, but are also adjusting expectations and plans for new customer acquisition. Although website chat apps have been in the market for several years now, the expansion is happening post-2020! You don’t believe it? Here are some statistics that will help you know the expansion of real time chats solutions for websites. These statistics explain the transformation businesses are seeing post-2020 and the expected extensive use of web-based chat apps and live video chat apps for websites in 2022.

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Statistics Narrating the Market Trends of Real-time Chat Solution for a Website for the Past Few Years:

Did you know that until 2018 only 17% of companies had or were planning to add live web chat applications on their websites? Aircall’s 2018 survey revealed that only 17% of the businesses used instant messaging for websites even though there was a substantial reduction in customer effort by 21% and wait times by 36%. Also, a survey conducted by Bold 360 revealed that businesses are aware that they need to shift communication patterns. In the survey conducted with participants from all around the world, 71% recognised the need for online chat applications for websites. They also concluded traditional channels by 2021 and chat solutions for websites will be the ultimate mode of customer communications.

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Another research stated that 87% of companies connected a webchat API with web visitors in real time. According to the research, 61% of companies agreed that real-time chat platforms for websites increase sales and conversions. Also, 45% stated that they could track visitors on such web chat apps and initiate a conversation. Whereas, 43% of companies noted that through webchat applications they can provide better support to their customers. 

These are not the only statistical records that describe the potential of web messaging service. Several such studies claim real time web messaging services will transform the businesses and their strategies of communicating with their clients. So, it is time to get ahead in the game! It is time to transform your business with the help of real time chat solutions!

Here are a Few Ways Businesses Can Transform Themselves with Real-time Chat for Websites:

i) . Web Application Chat Plugins Are Best for Lead Generation & Sales

You have made all the effort and optimised your website due to which your prospective clients have landed on your webpage, but if they do not get instant assistance what happens? They simply leave the website. A report by EConsultancy says that 79% of businesses who use in-app chat for website favour chat API for websites, as they allow them to instantly respond to their clients. Nevertheless, this instant messaging for websites has also become a powerful lead generation and sales tool. Messaging, videos and voice chatting websites help businesses to communicate directly with their prospects in real-time. This creates a lead generation mechanism offering more leads and eventually driving sales.

ii) So, How Does Web Application Chat Plugins Boost Lead Generation & Sales?

1. Automate lead generation and increase sales conversions

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Use the chat app for business through which you can automate lead generation and increase sales conversions. Depending on the system you are using there are several ways of nurturing a lead through automation with the help of web chat applications. Web application chat plugins do not only initiate a conversation with the visitor but also respond to each visitor differently. This automation is done by creating workflows on factors such as demographic attributes, subscriber activity, behavioural traits, visited webpage, returning visitors, new visitors, visitors from selected campaigns, etc. Hence, build web chat applications to have an effective and planned automated leads generation mechanism. This will optimise the conversion funnel and increase the overall sales of the business.

2. Develop a web chat application and integrate it with the CRM

Develop a web chat application that integrates with your CRM systems. This offers you to accumulate customer’s data, track leads, create easy workflows and automate the conversion funnel. Have a web chat application that integrates with the CRM system benefits the sales and support team. As you receive the data from the web chat application it is automatically stored in the CRM system reducing work time. storing it for later use. Also tracking the leads help the sales and support team if the visitor had enquired earlier, enquired about a specific product or service, had a complaint, complaint number, etc.

3. Automate your lead qualification with chatbots

You optimise your website, automated your leads, integrate them with the CRM, but how are you qualifying these leads? Qualifying leads is a very important aspect of the conversion funnel as would not want to store junk leads into your CRM. The best way to qualify leads automatically is through chatbots. Create a web app chats that ask qualifying questions to conclude if a lead is qualified or unqualified. A qualified lead optimizes the conversion funnel and offers a better chance for the sales team to close the deal!

Create A Messaging Website to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

Around 56% of customers abandon their cart because of unexpected costs such as extra shipping or taxes, says a report by Statista. Another study by Baymard Institutes did a compilation of 33 different studies on shopping cart abandonment and stated that on average the abandonment rate stands at 68%. This practically means that 100 people visit the store, but 68 of them walk-out without making a purchase. Sounds terrible right? You can rectify this by creating an online chat application for websites. Make a video chat web app or a message-based web chat application to address your customer once they reach the cart. Best chat API for websites notify you if a cart was abandoned. You may personally message and ask if they need any sort of help or understand what the issue was. If you can solve their issue, they may return to make the purchase and complete the order. If not, you can use the data to retarget them using the same products in the cart and probably offer a discount code or a better offer to instigate a purchase.

Real-Time Chat for Websites Are Great to Book Sales Meetings

Top Web Chat APIs

Not all types of businesses motivate the website visitor to make an online purchase. Some businesses use messaging, video or voice chatting websites to get one step ahead in the conversion funnel. This is mainly for businesses, where a buyer has to make bigger purchase decisions. Such as while buying a property or a vehicle – making online purchases is not viable. Under such circumstances, real time chat for websites is great to book sales meetings.

A Real time chat for websites also increases conversations by identifying valuable leads. These web chat applications typically allow to schedule a call or book a sales meeting to proceed towards converting them to a customer. For example, some web messaging services offer you to instantly move from chat to a voice or video call without leaving the messenger. This offers you the power to convert a website visitor to a lead and then a potential buyer within minutes.

Web-Based Chat App That Converts Subscribers to Customers

You have optimised your website, created an audience base, offered key information to the readers or even viewers, but then what? How do you motivate them to make a purchase? How do your subscribers become customers?  If you are asking this question to yourself then the answer is web-based chat apps. It is true that not everyone who engages converts, but only sending out emails do not help either.  The key is to integrate a web-based chat app and guide your subscribers through the customer journey. Have a landing page on your emailer that allows them to chat with you directly and or use a strategy that puts them at the centre.

Online Web Chat for Desk-less Customer Support Through Compatibility For All Devices

Online chat application for the website has given new desk-less ways to connect, interact, collaborate and support customers. Countless web application chat plugins are purposefully built for desk-less workers as well as not being restricted to be used within an office space. With the use of web chat applications that work on smartphones or mobile devices, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to seamlessly support their customers. You can use web messaging services in multiple ways to support your customers. From web-based group chats to voice chatting websites and video chat websites – create a chat web application that suits your business needs.

Here are four ways web-based chat apps can be used for desk-less customer support?

1. Resolve Issues in Real-Time

Instant messaging for websites resolves issues on a real time basis. Businesses do not need to restrain themselves during working hours and can assist clients from their smartphones using web-based chat apps during odds hours as well. This is a great way for businesses wanting to offer absolute support to their customers.

2. Provide 24×7 Support 

Go desk-less and support your customers 24X7 with web-based chat apps. Webchat applications are an integral part of a successful customer journey. Offering the ability to talk to an agent while making a purchase reassures the client & clarifies uncertainties. Businesses often do not prefer 24X7 web-based chat and see them as an added workforce. However, if you are serving a wide market with different time zones having 24X7 customer support is a must! But all this does not mean you need your staff to be at the office, you can offer 24X7 support from anywhere and at any time through web-based chat apps.

3. Answer Common Queries with Canned Responses

Not yet ready to service the customers 24X7? No worries! Integrate or build web chat applications with canned responses on the most frequently asked questions. You can still serve your clients without being on the desk. For example, if the client does not find the payment link on the website, you can auto set your answers for such more regularly asked questions.

4. Gain Real-Time Customer Feedback

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Instant messaging for websites also offers real time customer feedback and allows businesses to rectify or reward their employees instantaneously. Moreover, gaining real-time customer feedback also is an amazing way to track, analyse, structure and comprehend the various products and services presented by the business – whether they are in the office or not!

Virtual & Real-Time Communication Mediums Enhance Customer Engagement

There is no doubt that real time web chats are transforming the way businesses communicate, yet you still feel that your business needs face to face communication. Then do not worry as virtual reality has the potential to change that! Business can deliver personalized engagement to customers with video chat website apps. The use of website chat video applications is on the rise as they are easy and very conveniently replacing person to person communication. Moreover, it is cost-effective, time-saving increases productivity, offers quick solutions, etc.

Now that we know how businesses are transforming using web chat apps, let’s understand the key features of real-time web chat tools:

It is clear with the above-mentioned ways to transform businesses, companies certainly like instant messaging. Moreover, real time web chats with media sharing, web-based group chat, video and voice chatting websites are a great replacement for traditional means of communication. This can be supported by the fact that instant messaging companies such as MirrorFly, Viber, Telegram, Slack and many others have skyrocketed in the last few years. As a report by Statista said that the number of scalable messaging app users in 2017 was around 1.82 billion, however by 2021 the number is predicted to reach 2.48 billion – which is almost double! 

So, what are the key features of real-time web chat? And why are web messaging services highly favoured by businesses?

MirrorFly web chat api

1. Co-Browsing 

Co-browsing is also referred to as collaborative browsing. Co-browsing is a tool offered by web-based chat apps that allows communication between two browsers. Such systems are built on browser-based technology and permit the support team to collaborate with the customer’s browser on a real-time basis. It makes instant contextual communication easy. In simple words, it is when the support team can view and identify the issue on the customer’s screen. The system offers the support team to jointly navigate over the customer’s screen and offer guidance to make a sale or offer support. 

2. High-Quality Video Chat 

Several web messaging services in the market offering high-quality video chats to make communication seamless between businesses and customers. Live video chat app for websites is yet again an important tool that makes businesses favour real-time web chats. These systems support a range of integrations making it easy to deliver high-quality video chat with extremely low-latency across various platforms and channels. With such systems video chat websites can be created to make one-on-one video calls, group chat video calls, customisation for video streaming or presentation and any type of encryptions.

3. Real-Time Chat

For businesses, the real-time chat is an instant and easy method of offering assistance to their customers.  In the virtual world, any online communication that offers real time support or live transmission of any type of messages is known as real time chats. Real time chats have simplified the way business and customers interact. In majority, real time chat happens over web-based chat apps that enable communication in a multi-user environment. Real-time web chat applications are also preferred as they offer instant messaging for websites, reduce the time taken to revert, improve customer service experience, offer proactive outreach, are cost-effective, etc. 

4. Advanced Call Routing 

Advanced call routing is a data-driven technology that connects you with the right assistant to ultimately offer great customer experience. Such chat APP for businesses is based on omnichannel technology that intelligently routes calls of the customer and matches them with the right support agent. Through the advanced call, routing businesses can easily overcome inefficiencies related to functioning and trials faced due to queue-based routing.

 5. Call Waiting & Holding

It is not great to make anyone wait! However, during huge traffic hours, customers may have to wait for their call to be attended by an agent. With web chat applications, you can easily deal with customers on hold. Make the hold time interactive for the caller through the routing process.

Real time web chat applications provide tools wherein the hold time can be customized. Add an interactive question to the hold time or enrich the experience by selecting a different audio file to play in place of the ring back tone. By adding an interesting waiting message to the queue or making the hold time interactive – you can buy time from the caller.

6. Chat Analytics

Real time chat solutions for websites also provide chat analytics. Using web chat applications, you can have access to the chat analytics that permits you to track chat as they are happening and monitor agent metrics. Chat analytics is an essential tool as they help in increasing the team’s efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the overall costs of the customer support team. Also, with chat analytics, the team heads are provided with a series of auto-generated reports. This gives an overview of the chat and the agent activity. Data provided by chat analytics lets you optimize your customer support strategy and expand its efficiency. 

7. Customization 

Webchat platforms for websites offer all types of customisation. From web chat server white label solutions to add your logo on to the chat system. From setting canned messages to having a chatbot take care of all your inbound chats. Chat solutions for websites are built to be customizable as the aim is to create a consistent and professional image. Webchat applications also offer customisation as it helps to match your website’s look and feel. Also, customisation can be done based on localization, file sharing, chat transcripts and multi-channel messaging.

8. End to End Encryption 

Most recently all chat API for websites are constructed with end-to-end encryption. This ensures all encrypting communications is unavailable to third parties. End-to-end encryption offers complete security of a conversation happening between a business and a customer. Best chat API for websites offer dependability so that when two or more devices are communicating through an app this tool encrypts the information. Such conversations are transmitted using a secret code rather than insecure plain text.

So, What Are The Key Features Of Real-Time Web Chat? And Why Are Web Messaging Services Highly Favoured By Businesses?

Ensure interactivity across industries to leverage collaboration over any of your existing applications. Integrate multiple communication mediums video chat, real time text, and audio chat. MirrorFly APIs have the potential to strengthen the communication of respective sectors.

1. Government and Public – Engage Sensitive & Confidential Interactions 

Government And Public Web chat softwareMirrorFly provides customizable web chat applications with various communication mediums for the government to build a standalone messaging platform to make classified interactions.

The enterprise messaging solution is equipped with end-to-end encryption that enables government officials to connect with regional administration over virtual communication like video conferencing, private video calling, etc. 

2. Business & Corporate Sectors – Centralized Communication for the Entire Remote Team

MirrorFly provides comprehensive interactive features of organizations and businesses to connect their teams in one centralized messaging hub. With in-app chat integration on your web project management tools, track the progress of tasks, communicate with the team, host meetings, and collaborate effectively to enhance productivity.

  • Host meetings
  • Sync Active Directory
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote Team connectivity

3. Schools & Universities – Deliver Classroom-like Learning Experiences

education web chat solutionConnect students, teachers and trainees virtually from any device. MirrorFly provides customizable mobile & web chat APIs to integrate virtual communication mediums on eLearning platforms to host seminars, webinars, make one-to-one video calling, & collaborate effectively with students. Deliver classroom like teaching experience with real time and interactive whiteboard teaching.

  • Whiteboard teaching
  • Host seminars, webinars
  • One-to-one virtual calling
  • File sharing

4. Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Collaborate & Trade Virtual Cryptocurrency 

MirrorFly’s Instant Messaging API enables crypto profiles to connect for messaging and collaboration with authenticated registration. MirrorFly offers built-in wallets for registered profiles to enable payments without the worry of third-party intervention. The Crypto-currency chat app is end-to-end encrypted and equipped with payment walls.

  • Virtual Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Profile chat
  • Real-time market data share
  • Create Groups & Channels

5. Travel & Tourism – Boost Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty with Virtual Connections

travel chat api & sdk for websiteEnhance your tourism business’ performance more elite and effective. Integrate in-app chat into your tourism platforms to create a channel that enables your customers to communicate with the support team at any time and from any device. With real time and constant interaction with your customers increases loyalty and customer satisfaction. 

  • Real-time Chat with customers
  • Virtual Support 
  • Be available 24×7
  • Built-in Notifications

6. Broadcasting & Streaming – Chat Like a Pro on live & on-demand Streams

Multiply the live broadcaster’s fandom through in-broadcast chat functionality across mobile and web applications to take in hands of toxicity brewing. Deliver the utmost entertainment to every audience by allowing them to interact with friends & host during live events. Increase engagement with in-broadcast chat to increase broadcasters’ fandom.

  • Profanity Filters
  • Moderation controls
  • Live Polls & Q&A
  • Open & Private Channels


Would you like to transform your business with real-time chat solutions in the upcoming year?  Speak to an expert on this subject and consider the various types of integrations you can use to boost your customer’s experience.

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