Vplayed Wins 2018 Great User Experience & Rising Star Awards From FinancesOnline!

Published On July 23rd, 2022 1655How To

New Vplayed Achievement! 2 Prestigious Titles for Content Management Software Granted by a Directory for Business Software.

Vplayed was recently honored with two prestigious titles by FinancesOnline, one of the fastest growing review sites for business software solutions. After garnering a perfect 100% user satisfaction rating from FinancesOnline Customer Satisfaction Algorithm and impressing their business software experts, Vplayed was conferred with the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

We greatly value the 2018 Rising Star award given to us after their experts conducted a content management software research, as this recognition is given to software solutions that are considered by customers as a reliable tool for solving their problems.

This award asserts that we have remained successful in our goal of making Vplayed a suitable white label video solution -enabled multi-streaming OTT solution for enterprises and creators across all industries.


Meanwhile, the 2018 Great User Experience speaks volumes about Vplayed’s design and ease of use in its video streaming capability, as this award is given to software products that deliver a consistent quality experience.

This was discussed in detail by FinancesOnline in their Vplayed overview. Among the highlights include “uninterrupted video on demand,” simplicity in delivering the right content to audiences, adaptive live video streaming for optimized content on all types of internet connections and screen size, and streamlined audio content.

They also commended the vod platform’s offline download capability, multiple protective measures to ensure security from online privacy, and the various types of video monetization platform models on offer

We give our sincere appreciation to FinancesOnline software experts for including us in their list of video content management systems for businesses.

They also recognizing Vplayed for its top-notch multi-streaming video capabilities and positive market reception. Of course, we would like to thank all our users for the continued support. We couldn’t have done this without you.

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