Video & Voice Chat: How It Helps The Enterprise Businesses To Communicate Efficiently?

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Communication is the strength behind every business today we can see technology spreading out its wings around marking its gesture in all kinds of markets.

However, we must be grateful to the Audio and Video call solution providers for connecting us with one another. Although we are utilizing this service, the awareness in terms of its security and privacy can be noticed immensely.

This article is all about shedding light on the foremost real-time chat SDK providers in the market, who can deliver a superior and a prioritized live experience to their customers.

Influence of Audio and Video Solution Over Any Businesses

Every business requests something special when it’s about its growth. Mostly, they look forward to new and innovative methods that can enhance their customer’s experience.

That’s been said, real time video and audio chat is an answer to their search as it makes the customer feel rich and ensures the businesses have the customer’s loyalty for a longer period of time.

Customer service, customer boarding, and support system are the process that can speed up your business and take it to the next level. And to look for the advantages of implementing an audio and video chat solution that can be supported by these  features,

1. Personalized Experience

It has been found that almost 72% of customers have switched brands mainly because of the lack of personalized value-added experience and this ratio has marked a great impact when there is an implementation of audio and video support features in the application or website.

This is so as it offers a supportive hand to the customer who has no clear idea to pursue further.

2. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the key behind the success of any business. Thus, when the audio and voice calling features are introduced in a website or application, this can give any business a paradigm shift in such a way that the customers can get their queries resolved at the same moment, ensuring their satisfaction.

3. Increased Sales

Many businesses are implementing audio and voice call solutions into their application to deliver a high rated customer service as well as to boost sales.

These tools are proven to be the best as they can drive sales, contribute to high conversion rates with customer satisfaction. These audio and voice chat solutions provide the best communication place to give real time assistance to the customers.

4. Stand Out From Competitors

Now when everything is perfect, there come competitors. They are the one who could be won over by offering top quality in terms of products and services. And certainly, if they don’t have anything unique to offer to customers then, of course, they will not get excited about buying services.

Thus, it’s very important to check out customer’s needs and satisfaction. Moreover, you can see enhanced sales figures, high customer loyalty with an immense conversion rate once implementing the audio and voice chat solution.

Let’s have a look at some of the enterprises that have gained influence by implementing the technology of video and voice calling solutions.

Remote Based Work

We can see that during this pandemic period among every 1 out of 5 largest global IT companies goes for hiring remote-based employees to fulfill their needs.

To have them connected with every other loop in the business, they prefer video and audio-based chat communication solutions.

As a result, this has raised up so many benefits for these companies in terms of interactive communication,

• Reduced the cost of infrastructure • Making the employees work around the clock • Built Better relationship among employees • On-time delivery of project

Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication industry is all about communication as it surrounds many aspects via audio calling, voice calling, and chat messaging.

Voice API is a software interface that enables the phone call to be fine-tuned with a clear, straightforward API. The Voice API allows the phone calls to move directly into the queue if the phone tends to be busy.

This is the industry that coordinates with their customers directly via voice calling and sometimes via audio calling (IVR or interactive voice response). These features encourage the customers to high up their level by improving their trust and satisfaction.

E-learning Industry

Making use of videos for learning purposes is too usual as they can be easily created and distributed and of course re-used. But as technology is improving, the concept of e-learning has quite changed.

Wherein the teachers can interact with their students via video conference calling and expand communication by sharing knowledge at their comfort. This is a concept that has been accepted all over the world.

Top In-App Audio and Video Chat Solution For Enterprise Business

Nowadays, due to the current pandemic situation it has become very difficult for everybody to visit each other in person and stay connected. However, this situation has turned everybody’s attention towards the world of In-app video and voice chat solutions.

Now, if we talk about video calling applications, they are the one that allows us to stay connected with our customers and colleagues without any barriers and also carrying out the business in a smoother manner.

If we check over the current marketplace, we can find many In-app chat solution providers. But, we have to be very careful while selecting the one.

You might be thinking of how to go about it?

However, there is nothing to worry about but before that let’s have a general move over some of them,


Zoom is a leading video communication platform for those who are looking to chat or simply connect with their customers and employees. It unifies cloud video conferencing apps into one easy-to-use platform that enables you to connect people and interact virtually in terms of business.

It offers its services with a monthly subscription that can be sometimes hectic for people. Although Zoom has gained appreciation by getting worldwide customers, it still lacks to mark its presence when it comes to security measures that have plagued all over the online community. The security challenges that zoom came across are,

  • Zoom bombing
  • Leakage of data
  • Privacy shortcoming
  • Performance challenge by ensuring service quality
  • Reliability challenge by being available all the time


Unlike other video conferencing platforms, Skype also connects people across the board. It has been built to support both one-on-one and group conversations via mobile, PC, Alexa, and Xbox.

Skype is the platform that allows you to conduct meetings with a variety of people such as students, colleagues, employees, and even allow you to learn new skills.

Wherein for business purposes you have to go for the subscription pack to make calls or SMS messages via landlines and mobiles.

When it comes to online meetings via video conferencing for businesses you can add only up to 250 people in your list and need to manage your employee accounts to stay connected across the world.

What do you think? Is this enough for any business to stay connected with a restricted number of people?

Well, I would say that every business needs the sky to stretch its wings.

Yes, you are right! The sky should never be a limit for any business. So, looking out for something more enhanced when it comes to features is what your business deserves.

Where you can find these confined platforms, there you can also find some really amazing solutions for your business, one such solution is ‘CONTUS MirrorFly.’ Let’s deep dive and get to know more as to why is this an amazing solution.

Why Should You Think MirrorFly Be an Ideal Solution?

MirrorFly is one such unique solution that is available with 100% customization when it comes to Video and Voice Call APIs for iOS, Android, and Web Apps. Even it allows businesses to build their own applications.

🌟Build, Customize, Go Live: MirrorFly Introducing white-label Live Streaming API for Any App🌟

Being obtainable with several modes of communication including chat, video conferencing, voice, and video calling they can be integrated into any existing mobile and web application easily.

MirrorFly has supported the growth of over 40+ enterprise businesses around the world with over 150+ features. This high-end scalable chat solution with extreme end-to-end security supports billions of concurrent users to get connect and communicate across the globe.

It also provides a platform for users to create channels to connect. With MirrorFly chat solution, users can form channels to connect thousands of participants, also create supergroups, and broadcast live streaming content.

You must be surprised if you find all this available at one time licensed cost.

Yes! You don’t have to pay any monthly subscription instead can pay once and avail the solution with your desired features.

Some of the highlights of MirrorFly Real-Time Chat Solution

Well now, it’s your time to decide whether you really need something unique and profound for your business that deals with an enriched level of scalability and security. Think over!

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