How to Stream a Live Video Across Multiple Platforms?

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Do you think you can choose the best because a blogger tells you how? You should know better than that! Choices in life are not as easy as black or white. So how about not having to choose one and chuck the other? At least with video streaming solution, you can broadcast simultaneously to multiple platforms.


Simulcasting literally means simultaneously live streaming over multiple destinations. It is the ability to convert one video stream and make it compatible to simultaneously broadcast over multiple platforms. Most broadcasters use different platforms for different audiences and purposes.

When Live Streaming To Multiple Platforms Matter:

News broadcasting – News broadcasters can supplement their regular broadcast schedule by streaming flash news across multiple social media networks as a simulcast. Viewers choose their preferred news to receive relevant push alerts.

House of worship and church live streams – Higher exposure increases the level of participation in their online community and drives new members to the church. Through this involvement, events and initiatives can be promoted.

Live events – Simulcasting expands the reach to millions of users which creates additional income flows for artists who stream live videos while growing their brands without relying on royalties. Low latency streaming across multiple platforms is enabled through a globally dense CDN.

Live sports – A second screen enhances the experience of sports lovers while providing resources that would be otherwise unavailable, at their fingertips. Real-time stats and trivia make the event interactive and connect with the audience.

Benefits of a Simulcasting:

Extends Your Reach – By streaming on more channels, there are more chances of being discovered by new audiences. This is beneficial to connect with different people and specific demographic groups characteristic to a platform.

Multi-pronged strategy – While streaming live, co-ordinating many platforms at once may be difficult. So some top OTT platforms can be chosen to host on-demand content while streaming live on a primary channel.

Reach your exact audience – Enriching viewing experience involves catering to their convenience. So with simulcasting, content can be streamed on the native platforms where users are, instead of steering them to a particular platform.

Protects against streaming failures – When we talk of brands with high visibility, it is important that the stream faces no interruption. By simulcasting, if one platform fails to stream, it will be redirected to another platform.

How to use Multi-Streaming on your video streaming service?

Have you seen a vlogger streaming live on YouTube and at the same time on Facebook and wondered how?

Magic? Yes!

live stream multiple platforms

That’s the power of simulcasting. All you need to do is get your gear ready and schedule your streams on multiple platforms. Of course, the ease of doing it depends on your choice of multistreaming gear or service, which could make it as easy as going live on Facebook, or as hard as trying to working your way through a fairly sophisticated piece of hardware.

Multi-streaming service software gives you a choice of platforms and CDN to stream to. This ensures quick support in case of an interruption in your workflow and consistent viewership for your stream. Using an expert in simulcasting delivers perfected multi-destination streaming. Tailor the streaming technology to suit specific requirements and use cases.

Solution for Simulcast Streaming?

While simulcasting is a seemingly simple concept, it involves a deep and careful technological implementation. Cloud transcoding servers and software enable faster translation into multiple formats that make your video stream compatible with multi-channel streaming. Building live streaming platform equipped with robust CMS ensures that your streams continue to be available as on-demand videos in other platforms.

Experience your content streaming live over a multi-platform ecosystem. While streaming over SaaS platforms may seem cost-effective, your videos are actually building up into a store of underutilized potential. With simulcast streaming, market your videos to achieve visibility and engagement.

How to Live Stream Multiple Platforms

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  1. charles says:

    Thanks Gopi, Great write up. Now i am very clear about simulcasting and go live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time effortlessly. It’s very important for my brand visibility too. Also, If a platform connection interruption occurred, it will redirect to another. Is this functionality manual ? or Automatic ?

  2. Sam Anderson says:

    Dear Admin,

    We are a famous live concert service. We have our website ready. we need to stream my all live concerts are reach million users without buffering at same time. Please let us know your pricing options and services.

    Sam Anderson

  3. Hamil says:

    Hey Gopinath,

    Good Day,We are seeking a solid simulcast stream for our educational center. I rolled out some platforms they are offering 1500kb/s, but Its not enough for our organization because we have a huge amount of video content so do the needful.

    1. Masi says:

      Why not? Sure, We are using On Premise / On Cloud Infrastructure for hosting. Hope it’s work for you. Also, The player used is HLS which breaks down video files into 10-second bits. This means that videos are transmitted faster and without delay/ buffering.

  4. Sujan Patel says:

    Thanks for this insightful article. Great piece of content and helping me understanding how to stream our broadcast to reach multiple social platform at same time better in 10 minutes read.

  5. Emma Watson says:

    Well written! Most of the people face Simulcasting issues during streaming. Hope this article will be helpful for those who lack the technical expertise to sort things out.

  6. Andrew Klein says:

    Hey Gopi,

    Is it mandatory to have a phone to do a simulcast even if my computer has speakers? Also can multistream to more than 30 platforms simultaneously?

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