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Any business aiming to get its hands on streaming media must understand the nuances of an online streaming service. With the evolving world getting more cozy towards the  OTT apps for multiple sectors like health, fitness, education, spirituality, and many more Now is the right time for a business to launch its own in-house streaming service. Choosing the right solution provider can be a herculean task as it is the most crucial decision you will make to put your business upfront in the market.

Where do you start?
What do you have to analyze?
Which is the best OTT service provider for you to approach?
How can you reach out to a broader base of audience?
How effective will your monetization model be?
Will your content be secured?
What are the advanced tools to secure your platform?

The answer to all your questions lies in CONTUS VPlayed! This write-up gives the panorama view of CONTUS VPlayed by listing the key spotlights showcasing their features in delivering a top-class streaming experience for any business. Get set to dive deep into their specific features of streaming service and get to know what makes them the most trustworthy OTT solution in the market.

CONTUS VPlayed’s Spotlights

Attributes of Streaming

1. Flexibility with Web & Mobile devices

CONTUS VPlayed customizes and gives shape to your unified online streaming service with the infusion of cutting-edge technologies that are highly flexible to access with a variety of devices. It offers integration with iOS and Android platforms and blends easily with any operating system of the device that supports it.

We offer a wide range of features like live streaming, video streaming, and audio streaming with streamlined management of content in all the platforms.

2. Compatibility

With content owners gearing up to showcase regional-specific content, CONTUS VPlayed ensures zero compatibility constraints in video streaming and enhances your OTT app by infusing feature adaptability within other versions.

        * Adaptability with Older versions– With many older versions in use amongst the rural viewers, CONTUS VPlayed is particularly designed for viewers using those older versions and gives them compatibility assurance as they need not have any worries about the updates on the configured versions.

3. Scalability

CONTUS VPlayed enables the implementation of multicast streaming via different media servers by the transcoding and encoding facility for bit rate streams with an auto adjustment of user bandwidth and this delivers a buffer-free with zero latency streaming session in VOD and live-streaming. It increases a larger viewership and helps in the scaling of OTT business to greater heights

4. Connectivity

The storage configurations of any video file are reflected by the strength of the internet connection. CONTUS VPlayed promises the quality of videos with the support of a variety of bit rates for smooth delivery of OTT by optimizing the video server storage.

5. Convenience

 CONTUS VPlayed assures the transmission of content from one network to another in any version by an easy process. It promises streaming of power pact videos on the move by customizing your video on demand solutions to suit your needs.

6. Multiple Streaming option with Simulcast

It uses simulcast to play live streaming on any form of social media forums like Insta Live, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live to experience the streaming without any lags on multiple devices.


7. Centralized video CMS

CONTUS VPlayed gives you a centralized dashboard to streamline all the libraries and video files that is highly flexible with any device. User profiles, managing playlists, scheduling, publishing, and sharing can happen under the same roof with reliable CMS.

8. Buffer-Free streaming

Experience High-quality streaming under the circumstances of slow internet connectivity with CONTUS Vplayed as it assures buffer-free streaming in low bandwidth over various screens.

9. Comprehensive analytics dashboard to track user behavior

For achieving a rise in engagement rates, the business can quickly get its real-time video analytics dashboard to analyze user trends and collect data with accuracy using CONTUS VPlayed.

10. Enhanced DRM for Ironclad security

CONTUS VPlayed is the revolutionary OTT service provider with security as its key feature in every aspect of streaming.  From cyber thefts to protecting videos with superior anti-piracy measures, it gives a series of a group of industry-reliant advanced tools and techniques for protecting your streaming from any sort of digital piracy. CONTUS VPlayed offers a robust DRM technology to keep piracy at bay with its ironclad security. DRM security protects the copyrights of the content by preventing unauthorized downloads by hackers.

  • Video content can only be streamed or played by the authorized user on the device.
  •   Blocks the video playback from any unauthorized device.
  •  Complete restriction and filter to prevent illegal downloads and use of content.

CONTUS VPlayed integrates your streaming service with popular DRM giants like Apple FairPlay, Adobe Primetime, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady for an additional level of robust security. The cloud-based multi DRM feature will ensure an effective securing of the OTT video content for thwarting any form of piracy and unauthorized breach. 

           * Secured – Live-streaming of video content is securely distributed on various channels with robust protection of digital rights. There are integral security layers like Paywall integration and AES encryption to assure end-to-end encryption of video content.

11. Put On Device-Level Restrictions

CONTUS VPlayed’s device-level restriction feature enables the content holders to restrict the usage of the number of devices by which a user can stream with the authorized login. It directly influences more users to create more individual accounts than using one single account to stream videos or content.

It is greatly constructive for the content distributors and content owners in increasing their base of subscribers and aids in a revenue boost. The Leading OTT streaming giants follow this methodology to have a proper check on the content viewers and give a more streamlined platform for a secure streaming experience on other devices with the same accounts.

12. Provide the X-Ray Feature to the Audience

CONTUS VPlayed gives the additional X-ray feature to the service providers to know further about the TV or movie shows they watch. It allows users to know more and witness the bonus information about the cast, crew, and the technicalities of the scene played on the screen. With this feature, you get to increase user engagement and have them more inclined towards the viewing experience.

13. Data Migration Made Easier

Now Migrate your platform from your existing OTT platform providers to CONTUS VPlayed quickly and easily. It assures a complete import of your video content and data without any loss or hassle. Safe Migration is a concern in the minds of every individual seeking a service provider.

CONTUS VPlayed is equipped with a dedicated migration team ensuring easy onboarding of streaming services and many enterprises choose to migrate to it for their techniques. It makes automatic conversion and migration of the videos and audio files with the advanced auto mapping technology without any loss of data. All the content metadata, transcripts, and captions will undergo an automatic conversion into widely accepted formats for smooth retention.


The need for the right online service for the streaming of content is quite decisive for its success and growth. Only a state-of-the-art service provider like CONTUS VPlayed can architect your integrated online video service with robust new-age technologies and ensure superior compatibility on multiple devices for increased ROI.  CONTUS VPlayed strives hard to bring in the features to combat digital thefts by delivering secure streaming with top-notch DRM standards bringing increased user engagement and a high-quality video experience.

With the listed above key spotlights of CONTUS VPlayed, get the streaming expertise and technological support in developing a formidable enterprise-level online video service to boost your business growth and revenue.

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