Why In-app Messaging is an Asset for Live Streaming Apps To Increase User Engagement?

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“It’s not just about bringing users or participants attention to your app, it’s all about engaging them.”

Remember those initial days of Facebook and Instagram?

Posting of images, videos on the free spaces are the only way you could engage with people right from any part of the world. Maybe it was the only matter of connecting one-to-many relationships.

Once the world communication has shifted from letters to instant chats, the way how we communicate is wholly transformed to another level.

Literally, the world experiences so many changes in the communication so as every consumer who uses your product, website or OTT app.

Note: Engagement Applies to Businesses Too!

live video streaming chat api for enterprise business

Even though you provide a fruitful video streaming solution to consumers through your app or website, people urge an on-demand solution with engagement. So, it’s understandable that the essence of in-app chat integration into the apps is the prime source for businesses to retain customers, enhance customer experience, and bridging the gap between businesses and consumers. Altogether, the benefits of in-app chat differ based on the use cases.

So it’s quite essential to understand the essence of in app chat for your apps and what it feels like for your users for not having a communication medium on the web and mobile app.

The True Story For Not Having Any Communication Medium Within Your App

  1. Lack of frequent connection between your users
  2. No room for engagement within the web & mobile app
  3. Lack of targeting the segmented audience
  4. Lack of providing instant solution to customers
  5. Missing the offers or significant discussions due to lack of notifications

“Can you digest this, 25% of apps downloaded are uninstalled after a couple of uses, it’s not dependent on the app purpose, it’s the lack of real-time communication possibilities within the app users”

So in-app messaging is a great tool for empowering your users to take up the action while they’re surfing or using your app or web application. However the in app messaging is quite complex where the integration of chat SDK and API may demand certain functionality to choose like a customizable one, features availability and so on.

“It’s 10xtimes better than traditional emails at engaging your users and creating conversions.”

Since the importance of integrating in-app messaging for every app is a default functionality, let’s get started to explore how it benefits the major sectors/industries of apps or web applications.

Let’s Start with Streaming/Broadcasting Apps like YouTube, Netflix!

best live streaming video chat solution

“Hey, we got some great news on the economy and jobs this morning. President Obama wants to share everything about it. So all pull your chairs in the Roosevelt room and listen in!”

The White House is Live Now!

It all started a few years back where the entertainment has been the point of a business goal. But, the whole story has changed quite a lot now.

More than entertainment, people demand engagement with entertainment in live streaming or broadcasting apps.

That’s where the part of in app messaging comes into play!

Most of the live streaming or broadcasting apps believe that entertaining the users with captivating content with intuitive user experience is more than enough to retain the user-base but, a real engagement will happen only through real time chatting.

So to make the statement true, here are some insightful points on how Chat and Live Streaming Makes the Best Pair to Drive Sales and User Engagement.

1. Chat & Live Streaming Are Making the Best Pair to Drive Sales and User Engagement!

Chat for Live Streaming website & mobile apps
  • Add Chat That Converts Viewers Into Subscribers in live streaming apps.
  • Draw the attention of your viewers back into the app through push notification.
  • Analyze the message data and know what your viewers are talking about and target a specific group or community within your live streaming app.
  • Allow viewers to speak to each other by sending live video clips, voice messages, and real time nudges.
  • Experience a 150% increase in engagement in-return 4xtimes increase in sales.

2. Now Let’s Start With On-demand/ eCommerce Apps Like Swiggy, Amazon & Uber!

“Right now, these three on-demand services are ruling the world – Food Delivery, Ride-Hailing, and Last-Mile Delivery”

Direct Communication + Online Food Ordering are the Best Pair to Simplify Communication Flow B/W Users & Food Delivery App.

What’s more pleasure than delivering food to customers in a faster, more efficient and reliable way?

Yes, that’s what In-app messaging is capable of.

Enabling real time chat and direct line of communication with the online food delivery app and users have experienced 62% of efficiency in the business.

Let’s see how in-app chat integration can solve some of the issues faced by users and the app while ordering and after ordering the food.

  • During the moment when the food delivery person is unsure of the delivery location – Can locate the direction, building, and floor number through chat with the delivery person.
  • Ensuring the estimated delivery time, intimating the users for the delivery arrival through automated messages – Reached the location, please come and get it!
  • User’s clarification with the support team and delivery person regarding the special offers.
  • When user order for another person, coordinating with the delivery person, support team and other users through chat within the app.

3. Real-time Chat + Voice Call + Passengers + Drivers = Frictionless Journey Experience B/W Riders & Drivers

Every great ride deserves a proper pick-up and drop point. To make the process a frictionless experience to riders, connecting the drivers and riders at one chat screen will solve the confused state between riders and drivers.

More than a random SMS to riders, even not sure whether it was received, a real-time conversation with drivers will help riders to address the road closures and locating the exact address. The contact between riders and drivers is made much easier than ever it was with real time chat.

Let’s see how the In App chat integration in the Ride-hailing Apps Will Benefit

Based on Location Based on Timings Other Scenarios
1. Sharing the exact pick-up location. E.g main or back gate.Chat during unexpected traffic and other automotive failures.Riders demand due to heavy luggage or a person with a disability.
2. Sharing the images of the specific location through chat.Letting riders to know at what time the driver will arrive.Alert to drivers on payment (Cash, Online Transaction).
3. Sending acknowledgment messages from drivers to the rider and vice versa.

4. A Transparent & Instant Communication Among Vendors, Delivery Person, On-demand Support and Customers is a Sign of Successful Ecommerce/On-demand Business

What if there’s no room for order waiting, dispatch, technical or software issues, no confusing in orderings, no traffic, no delay in delivery, no product mismatch then that’s probably the ideal on-demand service in the globe. It experiences zero-friction. What if it’s the case of non-functional on-demand apps.

If anything goes wrong, whether it’s the customer or delivery chain, everything can be sorted with a tap of a message from your app.

We know how complicated eCommerce apps to deliver the goods at the right time to the right people. A little mismatch in the communication will ruin the entire mood of your support team, supply chain, and customers too. Keeping things transparent, real time and instant will solve most of the problems.

Let’s see how the in-app chat integration in the Last-mile delivery Apps Will Benefit

  • Allow users to communicate with goods delivery during dispatch, and delivery.
  • Provide instant updates on the status of the delivery through push notifications.
  • Create better communication among your supply chain, customers, on-demand support and delivery.
  • Increase user retention through chat, lower the booking cancellations up to 60%.

We Got You!

chat app for live video streaming apps & web

Here comes something interesting!

Hurray – It’s Time To Play the Game!

5. Chat + Team-play + Gamer Communities = Longer Engagement and User Retention

Gone are the old days when gamers used to share a couch with other people to socialize the game while playing. Now community engagement is fare significant like bringing new features in the game.

Text chat, Voice & Video chat are necessary tools to retain, engage and increase the conversion of your gaming app. In-game chat helps your players to get excited, enthralled and maximize their gaming interest.

In-game Chat Speaks; Let’s Team Up, Chat Across Communities & Win the Battles

It nurtures your players and increases the opportunity for converting them.

best live chat streaming solution for android gaming
  • Fuels the growth of the app organically and saves large sums of money.
  • It gives a memorable experience to players right from the first game.
  • Let your gaming app talkies across the globe.

6. Direct Communication + Instant Notification = Improves Airline Performance and Socializes the Passengers in the Air

Airports are like a mini-city online video hosting platforms various sectors and organizations such as ground handlers, immigration agencies, retailers, police, hotels and so on.

Handling the entire airport ecosystem at one pace is a crucial task. In fact, delivering and getting the right information to the right person at the right time is a complex thing. To sort out the diversified communication under one roof, in-app messaging is the ideal tool.

Let’s get into the fact of understanding the benefits that In App Messaging Provides for Airline Apps or Airport ecosystem;

in app messaging api for Airline Apps
  • Intimation of flight status to the passengers via push notifications
  • Real-time communication for internal airport executives on announcements, discussions, and meetings.
  • Resolve passengers query instantly through real time chat from any device, at anytime.
  • Increases the overall performance and productivity of the airport ecosystem and airline apps.

7. Streamlined Messages + Real-time Chat With Buyers = Increase the chances of Homebuyers by 5xtimes

It is found that nearly 78% of prospective homebuyers gives importance to the agents who answer to them at first and instantly.

It’s completely a person-driven business where the on-demand solution is prior. Just like other industries, the demand over the mobile world has changed way too far and the buyers expect the same. Real time communication with the leads ensures that the lead will stay connected with the dealer which in turn increases the probability of lead into a buyer.

Real estate has experienced an abrupt change with the technology enhancement, that’s the proof for the importance of in app messaging in real estate apps.

With real-time & instant communication, there are certain highlights you can perceive that changes your entire real estate business.

  • Lets the lead to communicate directly with the dealer at anytime from any device.
  • A video call with the dealer instantly increases the trustworthy of the lead.
  • Allows being insightful and active through the sharing of property images to the leads.
  • Losing time means losing money! Property buyers expect response instantly & quickly.

Wrapping it Up – Make use of an Integrated Approach

Direct communication and instant response are the utmost tools to gain consumer trust when it comes to business. In app chat is an integral part of a live streaming app or any application that urges to retain users and convert it into a lead. Thus, in app messaging creates the engagement that your user expects from the application.

Now coming to the point, opting for an enterprise-grade in-app chat API & SDK provider is the genuine idea to customize your in app messaging with a great interface that blends with your industry sector.

Live video streaming chat sdk

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