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There’s no doubt that if you’re a book author, whether you print or digitize them, I am sure you must be looking to pan your audience across and want to sell as many copies of your book as you can. 

After all, you’ve invested so much time and effort into creating and releasing your book, so why shouldn’t you reap the benefits? 

In this case, here’s a tip that can help you: if you haven’t turned your book into an audiobook, you’re missing out on an entire new & vast audience who might be interested in your writing genres & could possibly love your work! 

“Did you know that the first ebook in the world was released in the year 1971 on July 4th when the US declared independence! Source: Ebook Friendly”

Moreover, considering the current fast-paced digital world, some individuals prefer to listen to their books on the move, which is where audiobook apps come into the picture. Most of  them are particularly designed to make it available anytime.

“But, I know what’s going over inside you…. Fortunately with the apt infrastructure designed by  streaming experts you can easily convert your paperback into the best audiobook app while adhering to a planned budget.”  

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about how to build an audiobook application from our quick guide to have your best one!

What Is An Audiobook App?

Rather than reading the text of a book, an audiobook allows the reader to listen to a recording of the written text. Even the smallest joys of life, such as reading, have undergone remarkable transformations since the birth of the digital age. 

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Books can now not only be read but also listened to, thanks to the availability of audiobooks

When it comes to book publishing, authors today have a variety of book formats at their hands to choose from, which includes actual copies in hardcovers or paperbacks, e-books, and audiobooks, depending on where they prefer to publish them, which includes their intended demographic.

Therefore audiobooks have given room for prospective opportunities in major perspectives. One can say that the trend of adapting audiobooks has grown in popularity in recent years, both in the publishing sector and in terms of book consumption.

This could be truly owing to its accessibility and the catering to the changing preferences of modern readers.

Are You Planning To Create An Audiobook App For Your Business?

How Does An Audiobook App Work?

We know that your listeners are here to plug & play audios at their convenience: either on bed or while commuting! To assure this, you can deliver unlimited access to their mobile data where streaming gets seamless on the go. 

This can be achieved through streaming, where you needn’t compromise on deleting apps for more space storage! And to top it all, streaming gives you reliable 4G coverage where your audiobooks can be managed with no extra effort.. 

All the more, audiobook providers can help you with a ‘cloud library’ for easy accessibility to your curated ebooks. Thus downloading without WiFi on the move, is a piece of cake to your potential listeners! 

Earlier there was a time, when we had the physical form of a cassette tape or vinyl record, which were used frequently and were largely utilised for educational purposes at schools or libraries, unlike the digital versions which we effortlessly enjoy now! 

It comes to a surprise that the earliest audiobooks were released in the year 1930s, although they were not widely distributed until much later! 

At present, audiobooks are now easily downloaded as digital audio files in MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), & other formats. Any electronic device that supports audio streaming, such as a phone, desktop, PC or tablet, can then listen to these.

The emergence of such numerous book formats has increased the number of alternatives available to both readers also to authors!

Why Would It Be A Good Idea To Create An Audiobook App?

As we witness an approx figure in the audiobook market, it has come to our notice that it is expected to upscale almost 30% per year & to top it all, some countries are found with much more profitability! 

Now that makes sense to build an application, specifically for audiobooks, isn’t it, folks! Moreover, you will be encouraged to know that the growth is bountiful and suits to your advantage… 

This is because the respective rates of other formats indicate flexibility achieving better results which adds the feather on the cap! In consequence to that, this trend shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Additionally, market players seem to keep their audiences engaged with multiple product offerings accompanied with unique screen-free entertainment. The United States has the largest audiobook market in the world. The audio format, on the other hand, is increasingly gaining traction in other countries. This is largely due to the fact that modern city dwellers, who are significant consumers of such content, are altering their lifestyles.

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The following are some of the most popular websites and apps where users visit for finding & purchasing audiobooks:

1. Apple Books

Apple Books is an ebook reading and storage app for iOS and macOS operating systems & devices. It was unveiled on January 27, 2010, alongside the iPad, under the name iBooks, and was earlier available for the iPhone in mid-2010 as part of the iOS 4 upgrade.

2. Audible Books

Likewise if we consider the top-most audiobook’s player, Audible, Inc. enables access to its listeners with free collections of poetry, fables, novels & educational curriculum material on their platforms. 

3. Nook Audiobooks

Nook Audiobooks which was founded by Barnes & Noble is the storefront for purchasing & downloading bestsellers that might interest listeners.  The application is available on playstore & App store. There is no monthly price to access all of the titles; you only pay for what you use.

4. Google Play Books 

Google Play Books is the only app you’ll need whether you want to read eBooks, audiobooks, comic books, etc. Millions of best-selling eBooks, comics, textbooks, and audiobooks are available. Users take help to read or listen to your book on the go by downloading it.

5. Kobo Books

Rakuten Kobo Inc., or simply Kobo, is a Canadian retailer of eBooks, audiobooks, eNewspapers, and eMagazines, etc. Kobo bookshop debuted in 2009 & is based in Toronto. The majority of titles are available in the open ePub format, however some are audio DRM protected.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary” – Jim Rohn

Okay folks, now let’s delve deep into the next segment of  best benefactors of Audiobook App Development. Here they are: 

What Are The Benefits Of Audiobooks For Adults?

1. Aids To Do Many Things Together 

One of the major merits that listeners can leverage is nothing more than multitasking. It really doesn’t matter where they are placed, you can simply avail them to do multiple things at a time. 

2. Best Wayout To Have Attention 

Secondly, while your readers give a read in the printed book, there might be times where the process of reading becomes a little boring.. However, using an audiobook can give them the freedom to tune in at some places that catches attention playing in the background. 

3. Content Absorption Gets Easy

Hell, ya…  one thing is certain which is none other than critical reading. One of the advantages is to facilitate your target’s hearing aid via listening skills by providing a hang of it on a regular basis. This can eventually help them to comprehend your content efficiently. 

4. Zero Amount Of Straining 

In the long run, you can be an eye-opener to a major concern which is eye-strain. Since audiobooks are well-distributed with sound as well as a comfortable medium your users needn’t worry about eye-strain, small fonts, & others.  

What Are The Benefits Of Audiobooks For Kids

1. Betters The Skill Of Pronunciation 

Usually, booklovers who are at a young age or even older might have discomfort with some of the words to read or pronounce.  When you look into building an audiobook app you can facilitate your users with an instant dictionary to refer to, then & there. 

2. Inculcating Knowledge Of Literature  

It might be a challenge for some children to learn how to read, & may not get accustomed to reading quite soon. Instead, kids can have a practice listening to audiobooks in the beginning as they might get a chance to develop a love for language & literature. 

3. Source Of Enhancing Interest 

It has always been a track-record with kids’ perspective, of books equating with boredom in reputation, especially when they are introduced. So by having an audiobook, can help them to enlighten an interest in books. 

Wrapping Up:

We’ve watched the audiobook industry explode in terms of popularity and sales in just the last few years. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make a lot of money by selling and creating audiobooks for Android & iOS. Not only can an audiobook help your work reach a new and broader audience, but it also gives you the opportunity to significantly increase your author profits.

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