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Published On June 5th, 2024 3027Product News
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The streaming market is more crowded than you think. With over 200 streaming services across the globe, the OTT Platform feud only gets bigger with every passing day.

Modern-day viewing habits and advancing expectations are further fueling the streaming battle.”

This urgent need to outperform the rest in the market has urged content owners, publishers, and distributors to go the extra mile in offering the best experience that niche audiences would be willing to pay for.

But, fundamentally, with hundreds of OTT streaming apps as enticing as their peers, it is more likely a viewer might abandon a service that no longer interests him. 

So, how can businesses of today handle the competitive pressures whilst establishing themselves as a promising streaming service in the eyes of the global audience?

Customer acquisition strategies would garner no profits without a robust platform that beams efficacy on all fronts. 

Sailing through the Intricacy of Building a Standalone Streaming Platform

Now, when it comes to building an exceptional platform, a do-it-yourself or hiring the best of developers might sound wise economically but it is a rather high-responsibility, risky, and time-consuming affair that might distract you from critical business activities like content acquisition, marketing, and profit-making. 

But, what if we say there is an alternative road that investors and content owners can take for an outcome that can outperform the former approach?

A streaming platform provider like VPlayed can help lift the burden off your shoulder with a customized white-label video solution that operates on a one-time license fee.

  • Video hosting
  • CDN
  • Monetization
  • Marketing
  • Analytics

and almost everything needed for a profitable streaming service are taken care of. In short, we are a streaming provider like no other.

Fostering Technical Innovation with In-House Teams

Bringing dream platforms to life is a deed we take quite seriously.

Technology is just technology without brains that could actually leverage it for building a product that could stand the test of time.

With 300+ ingenious minds who augment ideas to a working software, we are a distinct bunch who constantly put innovation into practice. 

Comprehensive SaaP Streaming Suite Tailor-made to Excel

As mentioned above, an all-inclusive solution is what the streaming era of today demands.

An HQ video player, monetization, payment gateway, DRM techniques, built-in tools for streaming services to analyse, market, scale and succeed in the ever-growing industry are all clubbed under one roof for a one-time fee.

Moreover, by offering our software as a product (SaaP), enterprises gain a complete advantage over ownership, branding, and governance rather than what they would achieve with it as a service.

In other words, complete ownership over a platform will what give businesses the freedom to customize and be future-ready for performance par excellence.

Digital-First Infrastructure Stack

Content owners do invest quite a lot of time and effort in contemplating the wiser VOD hosting method that could benefit the business.

And choosing between cloud and on-premise servers is reliant on the streaming organization’s 

  • Budget
  • Manpower
  • Security
  • Maintenance Abilities

Our streaming infrastructure being robust yet flexible to suit the varying best video hosting platforms needs of businesses, ensures your videos be streamed via servers within the walls of your firm or go remote with the cloud.

Managing Content Inventory, No Matter How Large or Small

The foundation of a high-performing and engaging top OTT platform lies in how well your videos are organized, managed, and played.

Not only does this make content discovery easy, but a well-categorized video backed with metadata, catchy thumbnails, etc will make it perform way better than the rest in the pool, grabbing the attention of today’s fast-paced millennials.

Hence, keeping video engagement and performance in mind, we make sure your platform is integrated with a multi-purpose CMS dashboard to simplify content and user profile management chores.

Secure Video Distribution & Governance with DRM

“Steve Jobs once said it is not your competitor but piracy that ought to be combatted.”

Compromising security means compromising your whole idea of a profitable streaming business. Helping streaming services protect copyrighted content from prying eyes has been our top priority since inception.

With built-in Data Rights Management tools and techniques, we make security a pivotal aspect of our streaming solution. 

DRM & Security

Addressing the Monetization needs of Businesses

To sell a piece of content online can take days of hard work, time, and money put into creating/ acquiring and bringing it to the OTT podium.

Considering the varied number of pricing models prevailing in the industry, monetizing video libraries can be quite tricky.

However, with a streaming provider like us, things can be eased up, paving the way for a hefty revenue stream. Be it subscription, ads, or the pay-per-view model, there is scope for every profit-making business model that a successful streaming service functions on.

In a nutshell,

Every second lost is an opportunity missed. With newer brands striving to make a breakthrough, it is pointless to wait for ages to get your streaming business up and running.

And that’s exactly why we follow the incremental approach to quicken your launch in the market, with agility in design, development, and deployment alongside catering to your streaming needs in full efficacy. 

All in all, VPlayed has steered and will continue to steer several businesses to success through its constantly evolving streaming suite that ranks high on performance, credibility, and mastery in helping verticals like entertainment, e-learning, sports, fitness, enterprises, and spiritual services to venture and show great vigor in a landscape that’s rapidly transforming the future of viewing.

OTT Content Strategy


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