How To Engage Your Audience With Interactive Live Streaming?

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Live streaming is a modern way to engage with your target audience and customer base that has umpteen benefits for your company. In recent times, content publishers and businesses have noted first-hand the impact of live streaming; yet others have taken baby steps towards their first interactive live stream in their wake.

Interactive live sessions have distinct advantages over other types of content. For starters, they’re found more engaging that empowers video publishers or brand marketers using their own super-rated online video streaming platform.  It allows viewers to participate via social media marketing features & offer their likes and comments. 

Additionally, real-time content often emulates the feeling of being considered important, especially when the broadcasters are interacting with viewers by reading comments and answering questions.

Why is Viewer Interaction Important?

Gone are the days when passive consumption of content was the norm. Today’s viewers want to have an active say in the content being published; for businesses, this is a golden opportunity to engage these viewers, get feedback and drive a powerful brand image.

Using interactive features during live streaming also increases your brand reach and audience size. It’s a wonderful way to assess the health of your community and spark conversations that spur thought leadership and brand loyalty. Best online video hosting platforms interactive live sessions allows you to show the faces behind the brands, and that human-to-human connection can do wonders for your reach.

Another importance of live interaction is that it allows viewers to control the content. Viewers usually join live streams because they want to learn something; the use of interactive polls and quizzes allows the viewer to select just how the stream should go. This amount of control makes them more likely to remember your brand for next time and remain engaged with your product or service.

Why Should You Implement Live Interactive Features?

1. Assess Your Audience Through Live Polls

Live polling and live stream surveys are ways to ask your audience questions in real-time and display the results as well. Firstly, this is a great way to engage your audience on topics of importance and relevance to your brand. It also connects audience members with each other, creating a sense of community. Live polls are direct methods of feedback; this first-hand data can be used to drive business decisions.
Live Polls

2. Live Q&As To Understand Interests

Interactive live Q&As are a great way to either introduce the brand’s team or rope in subject matter experts to interact with the audience. The main aim of the session will be to take questions from the audience in the comments and answer them live such that everyone learns the answer. It’s a smart way to address frequently asked questions or timely concerns; it is also a great indicator of the current audience mentality and needs.

3. Live Audience Chat For General Updates

The chat section of a live streaming platform can be a goldmine for future ideas and updates. Businesses can, therefore, use real-time chats to gain instant audience feedback while simultaneously showing the audience that they care about their opinion. Live chats increase the rates of complain resolutions and increase customer loyalty in the long run.

live chat
Live Chat

4. Live Surveys For Different Targets

If your business needs to poll an audience at once without having to send out umpteen forms and emails, you can use an online streaming questionnaire. This way, you can target varied audience types one at a time and arrive at better solutions than if you were to send out mass emails that often go unread. If you like, you can also incentivise the survey setup by organizing freebies, giveaways and raffles.


Live streaming with user engagement is the prime factor to achieve a successful live stream irrespective of industries. The level of interaction you create with your audience base can create opportunities to turn engagement into the business.

The point of participation in live events is to get rid of the fear of missing out (FMO) discussion, information and so on. This list of engagement tools have a proven track record to build engagement with the core of live streaming, so that’s the point where VPlayed’s engagement tools perform. Give a whole new level of interactivity to your live streaming audience with an effective suite of engagement tools.

Interactive Live Streaming

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