How to Turn Your YouTube Subscribers Into Paying Customers?

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Ever since the inception of YouTube in 2005, video creators and aggregators have had a revolutionary shift in monetization options – from traditional to ad-based. “YouTubers”, as everyone calls them, have gotten great opportunities to make money with YouTube through top-notch videos.

This has inspired millions of individuals into becoming “YouTube celebrities” by creating quality content regularly, the keyword being ‘quality’.

The quality of videos being made in general has also improved significantly as compared to a decade ago.

But all good things don’t last long if it’s not channelized properly.

Ways To Monetize Your Videos On YouTube

Before getting into YouTube’s shortcomings, let’s talk about what kind of opportunities YouTube provides to its creators. Roll up your sleeve as we are about to dive deep into some of the factors which transform your YouTube Channel into a money-making business.

To monetize a video on YouTube, you must apply to the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) and get approved from them to avail access to their various monetization features. However, each of these monetization options requires certain criteria to be met in order to use them.

Ad Revenue

Advertisement is a commonly used monetization option. The only requirement is that you are 18+.

Channel Memberships

This can only be implemented when the user has no strikes and has over 30,000 subscribers.

Merchandise Shelf

Merchandise Shelf is available for users with over 10,000 subscribers and no strikes.

YouTube Premium Revenue

This is only applicable for creators who create content only for YouTube Premium subscribers.

YouTube’s Shortcomings

Since becoming the go-to platform for video content, YouTube has not only attracted creators but also advertisers.

Nevertheless, YouTube does not provide any reliable monetization options. It has made a lot of critical mistakes that has to lead to creators moving to other VOD platform.

Favouring advertisers over creators

– YouTube has a habit of overlooking creators to please the advertisers. This leads to problems for creators regarding pricing, policies, creative process, etc.

Constant policy changes

– YouTube sometimes changes its policies without informing the video owner. This leads to a massive negative effect on any video(s) related to that policy.

Random demonetization of videos without intimation

– YouTube can demonetize any video for any reason without prior intimation, leading to the eradication of any related revenue streams.

Complete disregard towards creators’ pain points

– There are a lot of problems and restrictions on YouTube which hinder the productivity of many creators. Such pain points are seldom addressed by YouTube.

Need For A Personalised Video Platform Like Vplayed

Despite the YouTube craze, most successful creators are moving towards building their own brand by starting their own website where they can monetize their premium VOD content.

There are several advantages to having a dedicated content video monetization platform over YouTube.


YouTube doesn’t provide a customizable platform that doesn’t leave much scope for branding. Independent, Whitelabel OTT platforms like the one provided by Vplayed are 100% customizable and have lots of branding and marketing opportunities, giving the creator a much better grasp of their business plan.

Multi-model Monetization

While YouTube has only one method of monetizing video content i.e. advertising, Vplayed provides multiple monetization options(Subscription, Advertisement, Pay per view, SSAI, CSAI etc)which can help creators earn a significantly higher percentage of ad revenue as compared to YouTube.

Unlimited File Size

YouTube limits a video file size to be under 20GB. Video files exceeding that size cannot be uploaded. The same is not true for Vplayed. Creators can upload unlimited videos on their Vplayed platform with no file size limit.


Vplayed ensures your videos are safe and untouchable by hackers or pirates by utilizing end-to-end AES 256 encryption, Digital Rights Management, access control, advanced watermarking, and secure paywalls.


Vplayed is a great alternative to YouTube which has endless features for budding video owners & creators who want to create their own successful brand.

With Vplayed, video creators get their own online video streaming platform with several monetization options. Also, a dedicated team of experts for pre-launch and post-launch support with live-streaming. A feature-packed all-device player and detailed analytics data and marketing tools to help them make more money and grow beyond anything possible on YouTube.

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