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OTT has become the most attractive digital film distribution platform for an active digital native audience. The world of movies & entertainment has changed with the launch of Over The Top (OTT) platforms. According to the survey, 71% of internet users utilize OTT Apps or services for watching movies or videos online. As of 2019, there are 182 million OTT subscription users in the U.S.

Global OTT revenues are expected to reach $159 billion by 2024.

Online film distribution has become much more commonplace in the era of the Digital world. It’s well past time to create hybrid strategies that not only target traditional cinemas and DVD releases but also allow filmmakers, distributors & production houses to distribute & sell movies online.

GUDSHO – The Best Place to Distribute & Sell Movies Online

GUDSHO is an Online Film Distribution & Content Delivery Platform that helps filmmakers, distributors, producers, and production houses to distribute & monetize films online. It is an all-in-one OTT platform and allows you to create their own digital Studio to upload & sell movies online. It also has a bunch of benefits and capturing the entertainment industry.

Not just monetization, other key features make GUDSHO a content creator’s first choice!

Looking for an Online Distribution Platform to Stream & Monetize your films?

What makes GUDSHO special? 

Multiple Monetization

Platforms are many wherein content can be published, but the factor of monetization is missing, whereas GUDSHO provides an option of Multiple Monetization, that means based on single content one can earn from more than one mode, i.e one can earn from Advertisements, Pay-Per-View & of course earning based on subscription is another option.

Unlimited Earnings

GUDSHO is completely designed keeping in mind the needs of the filmmakers, distributors, production houses. Publishers shall get the best techniques, and can earn more & more from the monetization window. They can publish content for free, hence they can publish cost-free & earn more.

More content, More income!

Branded & Exclusive Studio

Movies, Web Series, Short film festival, TV Shows, or feature films can be published within friction of seconds as the GUDSHO creates an exclusive & branded studio for the content creator. GUDSHO provides the facility of a user-friendly dashboard from where you can upload content & check the analytics, study the progress of your content, check the reports as well, it’s just as a Personal-Exclusive Studio.

Unlimited Promo Videos

Promo Videos are necessary to bind the viewers, let the viewers know about upcoming films. Publishing more and more promo videos can help the audience remember the launching videos. GUDSHO let’s you publish unlimited promo videos.

Free Uploads

The publisher can upload for free without any charges & can get 100% of his/her revenue. It’s a cent percent win-win opportunity for content creators. Unlike other platforms wherein they may not be able to access 100% of their sales revenue, here they can enjoy it.

Fighting Against Piracy

Worried about piracy? At GUDSHO your movie is in safe hands, as GUDSHO follows a multi security frame, hence it’s a complete ‘NO’ to piracy. Your content is showcased only to genuine viewers & everything is under track by Data Rights Management.


With the help of Geo-Fencing, geographical boundaries are determined. The geofencing definition states that you set up a perimeter around a location, and when a user enters or exits that boundary, they get an alert from your business. Geo-Fencing helps to create location-based marketing, which surely enhances reachability.

Global Distribution

Entertainment doesn’t have any geographical boundaries, good content is meant to be cherished all over the world, our audience isn’t just confined to any state or country, it’s worldwide. Online Film Distribution has made it easier to publish content worldwide.

But if the publisher doesn’t want to release their film to a specific region or place, they may block it from the publishing panel.

SEO Friendly

SEO makes it easy to market the content on a wider scale, GUDSHO is an SEO friendly platform which enlarges the possibility of the film being shared on varied platforms & reaches the masses.

Advanced Marketing Features

With the feature of ‘SHOCIAL’ it’s easier to recommend films to friends or family, one can also make an interactive session, one can chit-chat while watching movies or just create connectivity with viewers by doing so. It shall ultimately help to market the film in a better way, word-of-mouth publicity works the best.

Deep Insights

Getting an in-depth insight into the film can help the creator to perform & evaluate better, to understand the demographics, learn regarding audience watch time, keep track of revenue & know about the film’s performance.

Highly Secured

Hacking, Unethical Copying of Content, Copyright infringement are some issues that bother content creators, GUDSHO is a highly secure application that eradicates such threats with high-end security.

Publishers can publish content with utmost safety & get paid for their hard work hustle free.

Multiple Currency Support

Earn in the currency of your choice! Since GUDSHO connects with the content publishers worldwide, diversity in currency is obvious. But that isn’t a hurdle for us, we have a policy of Multiple Currency Support, now the publishers can earn Glitch-Free.


OTT is most desired by the talented heads who are in search of an apt platform & entertainment seekers who like to treat themselves with worthy contents, with the speed of 5G OTT are now the new face of entertainment, especially after COVID-19 pandemic the dependency of viewers on OTT platforms is highly increasing.

GudSho is a platform that fulfills the needs of filmmakers, distributors & production houses.

Want to sell your films globally with a Leading Film Distribution Platform?

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