Asia Cup is Streamed for Free! Know the Strategies Behind!

Published On November 16th, 2023 1011News
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Cricket is more than just a sport in India; it’s a shared passion, a unifying thread in the diverse fabric of our nation. As India hosts the Asia Cup 2023, the prospect of watching it for free on a OTT platform brings joy to millions, uniting hearts, and igniting the spirit of camaraderie as we come together to cheer for our team and celebrate the beautiful game. 

OTT Strategies Behind Free sports Streaming

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits behind these decisions such that OTT and Video Streaming Apps take – drawing in a massive audience to cash in on ad revenue and boosting their brand in the competitive streaming landscape.

Zero Viewer Acquisition Costs

When streaming services offer free sports content like the ongoing Asia Cup 2023, or the concluded IPL FIFA and World Cup, they aim to draw in a larger audience. Providing these popular sporting events at no cost opens the door for people who might have yet to consider their platform.

This strategy is akin to a test drive, allowing users to experience their service without financial commitment. The goal is to expand their user base and make their platform more widely recognized.

Essentially, it’s a way to say, “Hey, come check us out. We’ve got something exciting for you.” As more users flock to the platform for these free sports events, it increases their visibility and the likelihood that people will explore their other paid offerings or become paying subscribers – Just like offering a free sample to entice people into the store, hoping they’ll like it enough to stay awhile.

Ad-based Video Revenue

Ad Revenue is a significant source of income for streaming services when they provide free sports content like the IPL or FIFA World Cup. Here’s how it works in simple terms: During these sports events, these platforms show advertisements to their viewers. These ads are like short commercials you see on TV. Advertisers pay the streaming service to display their ads because they know many people are watching these popular events.

The more viewers, the higher the demand for ad slots, which can result in a substantial income for the platform.

For example, renting out space for billboards during a big game. Advertisers want to get their message in front of as many eyes as possible, and these streaming platforms provide a platform to make that happen.

This ad revenue helps these services offset the cost of providing  free sports streaming and can even turn a significant profit, making it a win-win for both the platform and advertisers.

10x More User Engagement

Engagement is a crucial benefit for streaming services when they offer popular sports events like the IPL or FIFA World Cup for free. Here’s why it matters, explained in simple terms:

When these services provide exciting sports content at no cost, they keep viewers glued to their platform. It’s like having front-row seats to a thrilling game. People stay longer, watching matches, discussing plays with friends, and checking scores. This engagement is like having a friendly conversation that you don’t want to end.

As viewers spend more time on the platform, they become more familiar with it, increasing the chances they’ll explore other content. Maybe like wandering into a store for one thing and discovering many other exciting items.

Engaged users are also more likely to become paying subscribers, drawn by the platform’s convenience and additional features. So, engagement is like a friendly invitation that keeps you coming back for more fun.

Enhanced Brand Visibility 

Brand Promotion is a strategic advantage for OTT streaming platforms when they offer free sports content such as the IPL or FIFA World Cup. Here’s a simplified explanation of its significance:

By showcasing these major sporting events, streaming platforms boost their brand visibility. It’s akin to waving a flag and saying, “Hey, we’re here!” Viewers who have a positive experience watching sports for free tend to remember the platform. It’s like making a good impression at a first meeting.

This goodwill helps the platform gain recognition and credibility in the competitive streaming market. Think of it as building a reputation for being a reliable and enjoyable place to watch content.

When users eventually subscribe to other content, they’re more likely to choose the platform they’re already familiar with and trust, thanks to their positive experience during those free sports events. Say, choosing a known and trusted restaurant for a special dinner because you had a great appetizer there once.

In a nutshell, free sports streaming is a slam dunk. It brings fans together, boosts ad revenue, and solidifies the platform’s position in the streaming landscape.

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