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Two-thirds of internet traffic is considered to be streaming videos, i.e, 82% of total internet traffic.

There are multiple billions of live streaming content watched across the world that are both the consumer-driven content and enterprise streaming. Live have a huge market value where most of them are live streaming webinars, speeches, online courses, virtual workshops, live video conferences, event streaming for entertainment and much more.

These varieties of live streaming content are the funnel for marketing and opportunity for ROI. But, these values have been reduced due to the innovation of security and privacy issues against live streaming content. So a Private live stream would be the ideal option to stream effortlessly.

So, What Is All About Private Live Streams?

To put in short, it’s all about determining the streaming content based on internal and external audiences. Though live streaming is multi functional, the purpose of video streaming in business is different. The public and private streaming are determined by the broadcaster where a private stream is intended for the internal purpose and public streaming is meant to reach a larger audience base.

Protect live video stream

On the other hand, the live streaming security and privacy concerns creates new headline-grabbing cyber attacks across all the online video streaming applications. To ensure a secure video streaming for your platforms, you need to plan against the security threats, here come some security obstacles found across the live streaming solution.

Some Headline-grabbing Cyber Threats Against Online Live Streaming Platforms And Their Protocols To Secure it!

Video Encryption & Hotlinking

Encryption is the basic aspect of protecting your content from downloading it. The protocol ensures to prevent your viewers from downloading it by the use of a 128-bit AES algorithm and RC4 algorithm. This protects your live streaming platform from unauthorized viewers having downloadable tools.

Drafting a security policy can prohibit the sharing of private video or live streaming externally than the current domain. Copyrights policy holds proprietary information like unreleased products, apps & other business-related information on it.

Cloud-based Security Model

Ensuring the use of enterprise cloud hosting like Amazon Web services (AWS) reduces the risk of security issues in servers. Ditching shared-server online video hosting platforms for live streaming for business amplifies the risk of unauthorized access and theft of the content. AWS offers the most secure infrastructure to enable secure and fast streaming video on demand hosting services.

Password Protection

It’s one of the most simple and accessible protections to your platform via password. It’s an easy way to protect a single or group of content with a multi changeable password. You can track and manage the password anytime.

Password Protected Live Streaming

Choosing An Enterprise Video Platform To Stream

Use of an enterprise secure online video platform that gives you an added security layer. The streaming platform comes with in-built CMS and real-time dashboard to manage and track your streams and also prevent technical problems while streaming.

Domain-based Access Restrictions

Lockdown your embedded code to work on whitelisted domains to ensure your viewers can’t copy and paste the HLS video player embed code on their platform or website to record or stream on their website.


Control and manage the access of your Private live streaming based on geographical locations. You have access to block or allow viewers based on the cities, countries, and areas. Your own live streaming service and your own rules.

Payment Security

A subscription-based model or any other video monetization models to allow access to your live streaming content for viewers to watch it by paying for it. This also acts as a revenue possibility. A reliable payment system is essential to sustain the reliability of your platform and offer a secure payment option to subscribe to your live streaming application.

Payment Security Videos

Token Security System

A token-based authentication protects streams by ensuring they are accessed only by the viewers who have the authentications. The token-based system can be used to stream playback URLs unavailable to the viewers after a certain period of time.

IP-based Access Restrictions

The IP access restriction ensures to access only the allowed IP address or IP range to view the live streaming videos in a secure way. This is the best suite for organizations for the purpose of internal training sessions that ensures only their employees can watch live streaming content.

Wrapping Up

The security and privacy control is one of the significant factors in any business. In live streaming, accessing the control on who can view your content is one of the ideal parameters that decide the success rate of your secure live video streaming possibility as well. So, choosing an enterprise live streaming platform like VPlayed would encourage your live streaming apps in a secure way with dozens of security and privacy features like encryption, DRM, AES encryption, IP blocking and much more. Whatever the streaming size, enterprise or small business, VPlayed’s secure online streaming solution would best fit your any streaming needs.

ways to protect live streaming

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  1. Mahdi baghinipour says:

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  4. Kirsten Hite says:

    Hi Gopinath,

    I would like to integrate a third-party DRM technology, such as PlayReady, Adobe Primetime DRM, or Google Widevine. Would Vplayed suffice all these options or do you have any other options similar to this?

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