Why You Should Monetize Your Live Stream Via Pay-per-view?

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Showcasing events or educational content on your live stream can earn you money. So it’s time you created a PPV stream using a blueprint that sporting events already use. Continue reading to find out how the live streaming revolution is changing the way content is delivered to audiences. We also examine the growing popularity of PPV live stream and how content providers are monetizing it.

What is pay per view and the reasons for its popularity?

If you have seen a professional wrestling match on television you probably already have experienced live stream pay per view. Increasingly, however, pay per view is being used to stream other types of content. The new content offered through a pay per view streaming platform includes concerts and movies. One of the major factors that have resulted in the popularity of pay-per-view skyrocket is the global pandemic. The pandemic’s social distancing rules have resulted in people unable to physically go to a movie or a concert.

How does pay per view live streaming work?

If you want to learn how to stream pay per view, then you need to know how it works. Content is king when it comes to pay per view live streaming so it has to be unique. Once you have top video monetization platforms that is superior to what is available for free. You can proceed to use cameras and other hardware to record it and stream it.

Then, pick the pay per view streaming platform and decide where you want your live stream to be showcased. Choosing the correct online video platform for pay per view live streaming is an important factor. By opting for YouTube you can attract a general audience, while you can choose another platform when live streaming concerts. Alternatively, you can opt to provide a live stream on your website.

After ensuring the content is accessible at a particular link, you can accept payments and provide subscribers with access to it. Importantly, live streams can remain accessible to customers for a limited period lasting up to several days. This allows paying customers who cannot watch an event in real-time to tune in a few days and enjoy the event. Once you learn how to stream live PPV you can recreate the process and monetize events, movie premieres, and more.

Why opt pay-per-view for live streaming?

There are several benefits of pay per view streaming and we examine these below.

Supplementary Benefits: One of the many supplementary benefits of using the best pay per view platform is that audience engagement improves. As more people tune in and remain engaged, the pay per view revenue generated from each event increases.  Also as more aligned products and services are sold the revenue from advertisements is higher.

Expand Into New Markets: Making use of a live PPV streaming solution companies can engage with audiences over a larger area. Companies can also move into hitherto unexplored markets with ease and provide popular content.

Incentives To Businesses: Businesses opt for pay per view online to enhance their offerings and bring in more revenue. Also many businesses are limited to operating online during the global pandemic. In this situation pay per view streaming is allowing businesses such as cinemas to remain open and not run losses.

Advantages of pay per view live streaming

i ) Connectivity: When live streaming, your content needs to reach the largest possible audience. The excellent connectivity of pay per view is perfect in this situation as it allows content to be dispersed easily.

ii ) Immediate Payments: A live streaming solution that comes with an inbuilt payment process is ideal. With the aid of such a solution, you get immediate payments for content that you live stream.

iii ) Huge Variety: Another top advantage that pay per view provides is that it is perfect for live streaming a variety of content. This content can be anything from music to sporting events and even movie screenings.

iv ) Flexible Payment Packages: Once you have set up pay-per-view it is ideal that you offer several payment packages to subscribers. They can then take advantage of these payment packages to access specific events or channels that they prefer.

v ) Better ROI: Offering customers access through various (over-the-top) OTT devices is vital. By doing this you get bigger returns on investments for each event and your company also benefits.

vi ) Recurring Revenue: A top advantage of pay per view is that a meaningful connection is created with the user. This connection once made influences the user to return repeatedly. This results in recurring revenue and customers remaining loyal to the brand or event.

vii ) Ideal for Online Viewers: By offering stream pay per via various platforms you can cater to a wide variety of online viewers ranging from students to sports enthusiasts. So they can access events or educational content when they are at home, or on the go and using a smartphone.

viii ) Easily Scalable: When using the best pay per view platform you can easily live stream an event and ensure scalability. By allowing for scalability more viewers can be accommodated without increasing money spent.

Top ways to monetize live video streaming

1. Affiliates

Learning how to stream pay per view and ensuring it is profitable requires tying up with affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers create stream pay per view marketing campaigns for sporting events and more. They then earn a percentage for aligned products and services sold.

2. Advertisements and sponsorships

Placing advertisements for products and services within a live stream is one of the top ways to earn money. Additionally mentioning products of sponsors who pay for these mentions is also on the rise. By getting more advertisers and sponsors for a pay per view event you can comfortably make a profit.

3. Sell products & services

Products and services sold in a PPV live stream can include offerings from your own company and others from partners. When best video hosting platforms an event you can also sell a pay per view solution that is aligned to the pay per view platform that you use. So choices when it comes to selling products and services are endless.

4. Raise donations

You can invite donations for your company and use them to enhance services. Importantly donations even though they might seem an unprofitable option are increasingly relevant as they promote customer engagement. While getting donations you can also provide customers with rewards such as free access to an event and keep them coming back for more.

The VPlayed difference

Using the VPlayed pay per view online video platform you can monetize your live stream effortlessly. The pay per view solution with its suite of features can also be customized to suit your organization’s needs as your audience grows. Importantly the platform has easy scalability and allows customers multiple choices when it comes to creating high-quality live streams. These inherent strengths of the pay per view platform have resulted in it becoming a preferred option for global brands.

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