Tune up Effortlessly in Steering Every Video on the Content Markets

Unfurl the reach of crystal-quality video content on multiple platforms with no complexities.

  • Video Content Management

    Store, manage, streamline thousands of video content libraries embedded with flexible features such as powerful drag-and-drop publisher, unlimited cloud scalability, pinpoint analytics, and much more.

  • Offline Download

    Download videos on the go! Now choose your preferred video content to download and organize with adaptive offline playback features within a mobile app.

  • Multi-device Support

    Upload & manage your video assets from anywhere, anytime, any device. A wholly interactive & responsive multi-stream ott playback platform facilitated with cloud accessing to streamline content consistently.

  • HD Transcoding

    Deliver HD quality streaming possibilities to each kind of user-specific device by refining the live streaming and saving upload bandwidth with a powerful encoder.

  • Cloud Solution

    A cohesive ott cloud platform (AWS) automatically encodes every piece of video on demand or live streaming content to the cloud solution more efficiently than ever before.

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    Whatever the bandwidth, speed and the device, Vplayed’s adaptive bitrate streaming ensures an impeccable streaming and playback experience enabled with RTMP Streaming.

  • Channel Partners

    Leveraging the channel partner by expanding the solution through upload of content directly from specific dashboard incorporated with effective tracking analysis.

  • Secure OTT Solution

    An flexible ott video service encrypted with multi-level security mechanism such as DRM, Single-Sign-On, IP Restriction and much more to add secure access to your priceless video Content.

Partnering Your Video Content on Other Platform

Engagement through the mighty social media integrations.


Social Media Integration

Upsurge the existing viewers of video library through the powerful social publishing workflow to wrap millions of audience and to drive conversions through splendid ott video solution.

Multimodal Social Interaction

Engross total video views through setting up live interactive chats, comments, tagging, subscription, call to actions and much more on a dynamic ott platform.

Bringing the Success of Monetization Strategy to Drive High-rising Revenue

Monetize everything, everywhere and everytime with flexible business models.

  • OTT Subscription

    Seize millions of audiences through integration with flexible ott subscription services like coupon/subscription, flexible discounts to reduce the churn rate of the viewers.

  • OTT TV Advertising

    An exquisite ott video platform to mushroom your ad revenue persistently by integrating with the leading ad partners and managing in-house ads.

  • OTT TV Streaming

    An Flexible platform to Personalize every live streaming video content with DVR enabled service to the right audience at right time to acquire sky-scraping viewers.

  • OTT Live TV

    Grab the stupendous opportunity to reach out cord-nevers and cord-cutters in order to proffer cost per mille advertising with Premium OTT tv services.

Watch Out Your Revenue Yielding Skyrocket Under Single Dashboard

Turn every graphical insight into a real-time big data outcomes.

Real-time Video Analytics

Discover how each of your video content is performing to take real-time decisions and to capitalize every opportunity within a ott platform dashboard.

Switch Dashboard Reporting

Chuck the waiting hours for reports. Now, get an absolute alert on viewers’ watching history, engagement timings and contact views on a dynamic ott video solution.

Geographical Analytics

Dive deeper into the geographical area on integration with map to discover the locales of the viewer regions and understanding on which they are most interested in.

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