Empowering Video Streaming Solution With Viewer Centric OTT apps

Create apps for smart TVs, Android, iOS, and the web to give your customers premium OTT experience. Vplayed’s fast playback formula supported by intelligent data rights management and profound marketing techniques aids marathon streaming with suggesting algorithms, watch history, and favorites on any platform.

Adaptable & Resilient OTT Streaming Solution

Make your video streaming plentiful with Vplayed’s customizing opportunities

100% Customizable

From uploading to monetizing, decide what goes into your platform in every process. Vplayed provides 100% customization on all fronts.

Inbuilt Player

Vplayed’s authentic HLS video player designed from scratch to engine distinctive operations is inbuilt into the OTT solution.

Augmented Features for Delightful OTT Experience

Upload, encode and secure your video streaming apps with a wide range of capabilities

Fortified Over-the-top Viewing Experience

Ensuring your OTT Video data files is regulated with online data protocols & controls

branding Features
Data Rights Management

Data right Management ensures your content is safe from cyber-infringements and stays on par with the digital right policies.

Access Control

Affluent OTT Monetization Strategies to Drive Revenue

Built-in Monetization framework designed to lodge business models


Seize large-scale audience by integrating flexible subscription models. Vplayed’s monetization system is framed to yield maximum revenue.

OTT TV Advertising

Mushroom your ad revenue persistently by integrating with the leading ad partners and manage in-house ads efficiently.

Catch-up TV

This internet TV feature lets viewers download and watch their favorite shows to a limited period of time at bargain rates.

Push TV

Vplayed’s Push VOD feature adds your best performing content to viewers’ personal video recorder (PVR) in prior and notifies them with the corresponding suggests.

How Vplayed’s OTT works

Top-notch technology stacks that enhance the solution’s functionality & performance

OTT Video Solution Architecture

Let's Get Started! Vplayed Has

To build a customizable OTT platform with easy content management, DRM & multiple monetization options across platforms.

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