How to Live Stream a Classroom Online

6 Tips For Lecturers To Live Stream a Classroom Online

We all know that learning isn’t confined to a single classroom. 

It stays limitless across varied boundaries and today it has become one of the most eminent resources that is easily accessible by million minds all over the world!

During  these days  of gaining and spreading unstoppable knowledge at all corners in the world,  digital distant learning has opened up numerous opportunities. When we take a closer look as to how to setup online classroom, this has now been possible through online education solutions. Now connecting virtually and monetizing your valuable content is getting better day by day.

This change has eventually seen greater advancement through live streaming classes, online lectures, engaging webinars etc..  Now with the help of streaming  technologies virtual lessons or courses have been delivered as a matter of fact for that matter! 

The source of internet and end-to-end live streaming technology has popularized the art of distant learning and other educational content.

Let me guide you to leverage on how to teach classes online and convert into a rapid-generating monetization dais  for yourself. Let’s go!

What Is a Live Online Class ?

Live classes are a type of instructor-led learning in which the teacher is in charge of the entire class. They choose the learning objective and then set the pace of its rate. They enable synchronized events to be held in a live virtual classroom where students and teachers can have an online learning experience together. The classes require both students and teachers to be online at the same time. These classes, on the other hand, can be recorded for future use.

How Live Streaming Online Classroom Sessions Usually Work?

classroom streaming solutions for web and mobile

We all know that seeking knowledge is a vast ocean and remains limitless no matter at any mode of communication. This gets better when we come to know that professional classroom live streaming can help course creators, content publishers to advance their knowledge dissemination. 

Usually we have always been advised to move forward with new trends that shape us better for that age.. Similarly we make this process easy for approached audience like curriculum  learning forums to have their customized solution of professional education streaming platform. 

It is through this video platform for education, many  young minds could be ticked to learn important concepts for life through live online classes and easier for teachers to run through the lessons! Sounds wonderful isn’t it! 

To make this happen you can scroll down to consider few indicators that might help you how to stream  your first live classroom lecture:

Now let us take a look into these individually!

Step 1: Have Online Classroom Equipment

To let everything get kick started, make sure live stream teaching is initiated via a quality camera & high defined microphone.  It is important to note that online live classroom is majorly dependent on A-graded technological equipment that is used to provide a smooth live educational experience via seamless content broadcasting.

Although, the market is overflowing with the bundle of streaming providers, it becomes quintessential for content proprietors to make sure online video classes for students are rendered with a quality-match real like classroom.

For this purpose, it necessitates to check if there isn’t  low-quality in  video streaming on your customized website through a proper set of equipment.

Step 2: Choose Apt Video Platform for Education

As we are keenly focusing on how to take live classes online a major aspect comes to my mind is we need to choose an appropriate video streaming solution provider.

This is because, we need to make sure that your learners would have a smooth transition from real-world learning to real-time learning. 

Since it’s a finest replacement for imparting education, in live classroom broadcasting it is important to have a reliable streaming content delivery network or CDNs. Pick a powerful live streaming vod platform provider which is flexible, highly affordable, and easy to operate without any technical knowledge. 

Step 3: Have Stable Internet Connection

The base which gets functional in setting up an online classroom is dependent on pivotal internet stable connection, isn’t it! Definitely as content publishers you wouldn’t let go of your audience’s glued attention with any sort of technical glitches or raised latency issues.

You would rather ensure with fastest video playback since sudden blank screens or uninvited interruptions seem to be a great source of moving away from live online classes of yours

And that’s not what you actually aimed for,  I bet! Instead, using time critical streaming applications that strategically enhance your live curated media with short video file sizes with a speed of 750Kbps to 2Mbps minimum would be more beneficial. This tends to offer smooth streaming of educational content to students and tutors easily

Step 4: Prepare Engaging Educational Content

Education specialists try facilitating learning into a fun-mode and interactive experience.. It is through the extensive use of online video platform for education the educators sketch their lesson plans using years of training expertise

Some of the key engaging materials like smart boards, recorder screens with voice overs, interactive whiteboards and live lectures work to be the best resource in virtual learning.

Gradually, as instructional designers or content owners are now accustomed to present their content using these tested tools more confidently and not feel skeptical about improved collaboration! 

Step 5: Ready Essential Lessons for Monetary Value

You can give a thought of considering to block off some of the essential content in the beginning when you will explore live stream teaching. It is a good idea to create curiosity for the lessons or subject matter that is unknown to them and build monetization models for them to run down your valuable lessons.

Remember! To stream live it is absolutely essential to have consistent high demands with education streaming  at a high rate

When everything goes well,  you could implement the subscription-based access to streaming content or on-demand content. Start the subscription model initially with rates based on the session’s importance.

Step 6: Outline Stipulated Time for Live Stream Course

When you look into how to stream a live video or prepare to have live streaming classes the key component which ensures smooth content delivery in real-time aims from research and planning.

Sketching out a complete course detail plan that provides a definitive preparation of live streaming courses.

Since we know that as content distributors we communicate with our target audience precisely through live streaming classroom we can leverage this aspect by creating a better relationship with them. This can be coped with increased high engagement rate as compared to videos-on-demand courses. 

Step 7: Get Set Go to Live Streaming Classroom

Yes… We have come to the last part of these prime indicators and that would be about live streaming critical courses… Once you have set up an online classroom, you can check all aspects that were covered above like checking internet connection, required equipment’s etc..

Set up your online video education platform with multiple video monetization platform models and engage your users live with a high defined education streaming solution. 

Okay. Here I am going to take you through the next segment where you ll be getting a fair idea with tips and tricks to setting up an online classroom via support of live streaming benefits.

6 Tips to Setup Live Streaming a Classroom

classroom video on demand solution

1. Choose the Right Streaming Provider for Your Educational Content

Choosing an education video solution like Vplayed helps you to live stream classroom sessions to students over an application or website that can be easily accessed by the students.

A powerful live streaming solution offers all the necessary technologies to build a platform for streaming classroom and educational content equipped with analytical tools to track the number of viewers etc.,

2. Configure Your Internet Connection With Robust Security and Speed

Make sure the streaming platform is configured with TLS and other internet security protocols to safeguard streaming content from being stolen. 

To stream high-quality video to students and educators without any glitches, a reliable internet connection with a speed of 750Kbps to 2Mbps minimum to offer smooth streaming of educational content to students. 

3. Prepare Most Out of Your Educational Content For a Clear & Intuitive Streaming

Presenting the content with the use of interactive tools works out best. Make sure to use whiteboards, smart boards, or recorder screens with voice-overs that all get fit into the camera’s view without distorting the view.

Adjust all the teaching materials based on the capturing area to cover the materials entirely into the screen.

4. Creating Backup Plans and Consistency Is A Must

A consistent educational live streaming can be more effective in creating interactivity between you and students and facilitate a better learning experience. 

Determine to create better interactivity, confidence, and incomparable educational resources for students that make them subscribe to your channel or content library

5. Prepare a Clear Outline of the Live Streaming Courses

Research, plan, and create complete course details that last a certain duration of period, simply say for 3 months to 6 months. 

Regardless of subject matter, creating access to relevant knowledge and reliable resources is the objective of your live streaming courses. 

6. With Everything On-hand, Start Your Live Classroom Stream

Every educational professional, teachers have their own teaching style, but make sure of some basic tips for broadcasting live classroom. Check Your Internet connectivity before start streaming. 

Make sure all your equipment is charged and the storage card has enough memory space. Speak slowly and clearly that makes your students understand and align with your moment.

What Are The Advantages Of Live Online Classes?

  • More Scope for Teacher-Student Interaction

Although some may argue that traditional learning environments are the best way to interact, this is not the case. In an online class, everyone is on an equal footing, and there is no such thing as a backbench. In a live or private chat, even shy students can ask their tutors questions. While still participating in the lecture, a student might choose to mute their microphone or disable their camera settings.

  • Online Classes are Flexible

Live streaming online classes are unquestionably more adaptable than a traditional classroom setting. You do not have the constraints of sitting in an enclosed place or traveling a long distance to come on time, as you would in a physical classroom. Simply turn on your computer or mobile device and begin streaming online lessons according to your schedule.

  • Teachers can Live Stream Classes from Laptop or Mobile

Live streaming classes can be challenging, particularly for elderly educators who are unfamiliar with the Internet. It’s simple to put up live courses from your smartphone camera or laptop using Live’s virtual education platform. Educators can use the Live app, which is available for Android and iOS, to stream an online class. You may also insert live classes directly into your website/app thanks to live’s ultra-low latency live broadcasting.

  • Delivering Audio or Podcast Coaching

Podcast coaching is a relatively new concept that has gained appeal in the education sector because of its low cost and ease of implementation in the platform. You may conduct audio-only online classes with Live and let your students learn on the fly.

  • Online Classes are More Affordable

One of the most significant advantages of online programmes is their cost effectiveness. High-ranking institutions & universities spend a significant amount of money on student fees to teach a variety of courses. Having to attend a physical classroom location drastically increases your student expenses.

  • Promotes Credibility

Confidence and credibility are built by a professional who transmits classes in real time. This is also the instructor’s opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the subject at hand, demonstrating that he is comfortable speaking to the audience as if he were really there.

  • Increases Sales

Taking a live streaming online course that mimics the dynamics of a classroom without having to leave the house is becoming increasingly popular. If your content is good, your following online classes will almost certainly attract even more students.

Challenges And Things To Watch Out For Live Streaming Classroom

  1. Before Going ‘Live,’ Always Test

One of the most common issues with live streams is that they are not tested beforehand. This is an absolute must!

Small things can go wrong, such as:

  • Audio volume tends to go a little high or too low
  • Insufficient bandwidth on your internet connection 
  • HDMI cable with streaming quality problem (2Mb per sec is recommended)
  1. Carefully Plan Your Lesson 

Live broadcasting is not the same as face-to-face instruction. As previously stated, some classes must be adjusted to allow for online delivery. 

  1. Selecting a Streaming Service

You can select between free and premium streaming providers. Here are some things to think about: Providers that are free are appropriate when:

  • Shorter events are streamed
  • Taking advantage of your social media following (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Security is minimal, and business branding is a necessity

Paid services are appropriate when:

  • The importance of security & user segmentation cannot be overstated
  • Longer presentations & live events can be streamed
  • Technical assistance is necessary
  • Corporate identity is crucial

Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom, Livestream, and Ustream are some of the most popular services. Each of these services has its own set of benefits & drawbacks, so it’s wise to shop around to discover the greatest fit for your needs. 

  1. Adapters and Leads for HDMI

If you’re using a variety of sources, you’ll certainly require HDMI adapters to connect the device. Adapters come in three sizes, so make sure you obtain the proper ones!

They are as follows:

  • Micro HDMI — For Go pros, Handy Cams, & Mirrorless cameras, this is a common requirement
  • Some cameras and equipment also require Mini HDMI
  • The vision mixer requires standard HDMI
  1. Considering USB 3.0 Cables

To connect your vision switcher to your computer, make sure you acquire a USB 3.0 cable. If you try to use a USB 2.0 cable, your computer will not recognize the vision switcher, and you will be unable to stream your live or on demand classroom content.

Wrapping Up

Once you have ticked all the tips and offer the best online education video platform, your connectivity with students will increase and the reach would probably triple. Distance learning is such a great alternative for students to connect with teachers outside of the classroom irrespective of situations like the closure of schools or emergency crises.

If You Already Have An Idea To Start An Online Learning Platform, Schedule a Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Educational Video Streaming Success

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

The ancient gurukul system where knowledge was enlightened by gurus in the traditional setup. As ages passed by, due to urbanization education saw its flourishing prevalence in the metros. But, now students around the globe can attend classes flexibly & conveniently, all thanks to the innovation of the best online live teaching platform.

Teachers & school administrators now have access to cutting-edge technology, and they may stream lessons and events live in their virtual classrooms using well-known online class platforms, allowing a larger audience to watch and even participate through several interactive activities.

Many courses don't necessitate in-person teaching or the use of screen presentations. Course materials, for example, can be emailed as a.pdf file, allowing students to study at their own pace at home. Professors from High School University Music Schools are among the teachers over the last several weeks who are now streaming their courses. There are some Yoga Centers and Dance Academies who prefer conducting online classes via live streaming.

An email with a link to the live streaming class will be sent to participants. Depending on your time zone, the lesson will be broadcast at convenient hours. Rather than traveling to the place, your users will attend via computer or other device with an internet connection, a webcam, speakers, and a microphone.

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