Expand Global Viewership With Amazon Fire TV App

Take your content across devices where Amazon fire stick plays!

Your Content, Your Platform, Customize It The Way Your Users Love

Reach millions of homes, broadcast all sorts of content with deep customization & features on Amazon Fire TVs.

Precisely Built To Meet Small & Big Screens

Be it 110-inch Ultra TV, 21-inch monitor, VPlayed’s Fire TV App fits all resolutions, screen, & platforms.

Stream Bigger, Monetize Globally!

Monetize your content geographically, add multiple currencies & 5+ monetization models to reap revenue limitlessly.

In-built Tools To Grow Your OTT Business On Amazon Fire TV

More power to your Amazon fire TV apps’ performance for better TV streaming experience

Live TV

Deliver live big screen streaming experience

  • Stream live TV content based on geographical locations.
  • Manage the broadcast of various TV channels through a control panel.
  • In-built Player with powerful playback experience to stream live content in HD quality.
  • Intuitive dashboard with personalized user account, discoverability of channels & more.
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In-app Purchase

Take control of the entire revenue possibilities

  • Ability to enjoy the entire video monetization platform package with addition of Amazon’s revenue models.
  • Build your own affiliated programs and monetize through it.
  • Experience 100% revenue from in-app purchase, No third-party involvement.
  • Inbuilt powerful payment gateways to scale secure transactions.

Your Own Brand

Mirror your mission on big screens

  • Empower your brand’s look and feel along with your content.
  • Customize your Amazon fire TV app’s UI/UX, themes, features & more.
  • White-label VOD services completely to turn your branded Fire TV app into an affiliate app.
  • Excite your audience with HD streaming under your own brand everywhere.
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Screen Mirroring

In-built realtime mirroring on fire TVs

  • With VPlayed’s Amazon Fire TV app, mirror videos, images & more from any device.
  • Supports all Fire TV devices, Fire TV Sticks, Android, iOS platforms.
  • Share your screen on Amazon Fire Stick installed TV without the internet connectivity.
  • Deliver 4K streaming experience right from Amazon Fire TV to any specific device you prefer.

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Harness The Power of Video Distribution & Monetization

Accelerate streaming features to deliver sublime big-screen viewing experience to users globally

branding Features

Centralized CMS

Upload, Manage, & Distribute Across Amazon Fire TVs
Bulk Upload

No matter the size of your content, You can upload unlimited content from your hard drive with an automatic transcoder.

Drag & Drop
Video Scheduling
Custom Thumbnail

Multiple Monetization

Distribute & Monetize Every Content Seamlessly

With Advertising-based video-on-demand, generate a decent amount of revenue by running ads on any specific live streaming content that has more views and impressions.

3rd Party Integrations
branding Features

Supercharged Tools To Compete With Big Brands In the Market

Market, analyze & secure every content to take it to your viewers’ TV

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Powerful Fire TV App Marketing Tools

Drive better reach, conversion & engagement

With effective marketing tools reduce maximum churn rate, & uncover most potentials of your Amazon fire TV app’s performance.
  • Enable Call-To-Action & Lead Capture Forms To Generate Potential Subscriptions
  • Accelerate Video Email marketing to increase your Fire TV app’s brand value & engagement.
  • Implement recommendation engine, Social publishing, Email notification & more.

Indepth Data-driven Analytic Tools

Know every movement of your audience in real-time

Analyze, track and understand the performance of each content’ engagement, watch time & more about your OTT app within a single & intuitive dashboard.
  • Track the overall concurrent viewers, Data consumption by countries with help of heatmaps & bars
  • Detailed access to devices, operating system of Smart TVs, attention span & entire users’ behaviour.
  • Drill down each report from inbuilt analytics tools & integrate 3rd party tools for a better view.
Live Q A
Live Q A

Data Protection

Multiple DRM support & security protocols

All the content streaming on the Amazon Fire TV app is encrypted, protected with IP Blocking, Screenshot Prevention against piracy & unauthorized access.
  • Compatible with top DRM standards like Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay & more.
  • Authenticated with multiple Access management factors such as Password-protections & Permissions.
  • Built with protocols like SSL Certificates, AES Encryption, Dynamic Watermarks to protect against copyrights.

Start Building Your Brand & Grow 3x Faster With Lossless Monetization

  • Get a 100% customized platform
  • Launch mobile & TV apps at once
  • Pay once; use and own forever
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