OTT Streaming Prospects for Live & On Demand Video Content

Augment high-grade streams of content across screens with multiple streaming possibilities

Top-Notch Video Monetization Models To Sell Your Enticing Video

A diverse set of noteworthy OTT monetization options for video and audio streaming

Subscription Video-On-Demand

Flexible subscription plans for on-demand & live streaming video monetization sites. Gain recurring viewers through well-planned subscription models.

Subscription Video-On-Demand
Transactional Video-On-Demand

Transactional Video-On-Demand

Increase viewership & engagement with rental programs on both hourly and per-video basis. Electronic sell-through mode allows users to purchase videos, enabling both offline and online viewing.

Advertising Video-On-Demand

Garner pre-roll, mid-roll & end-roll range of ad designs strategically placed to woo viewer’s attention. Ads allow owners to cash-in video monetization services via banners, navigation bars, & square buttons.

Advertising Video-On-Demand
Catch Up Tv

Catch-Up TV

This internet TV feature lets viewers download and watch their favorite shows for a limited period of time at bargain rates.

Coupons & Promotions

VPlayed’s coupons and promotional formula ensures with top video monetization platforms that benefit propeling viewer base with intrinsically ideated discounts on coupon codes and branding strategy responses. VPlayed’s prudent promotional coupons and discounts pitch in high returns.

Coupons & Promotions
third party ad integration

Third Party Ad Integration

Combine your platform with third-party ad vendors like OpenX, AdZerk, Verizon Media, AdGear and enjoy the flexibility & customizability of VPlayed’s video monetization website.

Server Side Ad Insertion

Stitch ads and video into a single stream with SSAI and easily bypass ad blockers. SSAI combines the ads with the video on the CMS level, eliminating any ad block requests to external servers.

Server Side Ad Insertion

Inbuilt Video Player With Prime Ad Support

Designed with high-end ad monetization capabilities to generate profitable revenue.

Skippable/Non-Skippable Ads

Execute online video monetization plan by deploying both skippable & non-skippable ads in pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll in your video content.

Ad Overlays
Companion Ads
Ad Waterfalls
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