Launch Next-Gen IPTV Platform For Live & On Demand Content

TV Digitization Into Any Connected Device to Grab The Slice of Enriched Viewability

Explore Digital TV Multi-Screen Infrastructure

Built to Scale, Distribute, & Monetize Your platform With IPTV software
to upgrade viewer experience

Customizable IPTV Solution
100% Customizable
Redesign entire platform to have profitable business streams

Define television experience, by starting IPTV business & customizing each part to stream services with 100% personalization to provide multifold UI/UX. Make it viable for users to watch at any device.

3rd party service integration
3rd Party Integration
Gain quickest competitive edge over add on solutions

You can integrate 3rd party services to accelerate streaming ROIs & enhance resource utilization with IPTV content delivery. Share the same network across different service providers to always reap IP overlay network benefits.

cloud IPTV Solution
On Cloud & On Premises
Decide to host platform either on cloud-based / On Premises

Empower to flexibly host services from VPlayed to gain the freedom of establishing your brand new platform. You can now host either on cloud/on premises all under a one-stop streaming solution.

complete IPTV platform ownership
Lifetime Ownership
Possess streaming infrastructure for Lifetime

You can assure to start an IPTV business solution at one-time licencing cost with lifelong independent ownership. Enhance your platform at any length revving up with 100% monetization forever.

Whitelabel IPTV
Whitelabel Platform
Reflect brand’s identity by whitelabelling

Create your own Whitelabel IPTV services to change your branding requirements with end-to-end personalized features. Grow its uniqueness & use it alongside the zero need of reinventing the wheel in future.

Harness The Power of IPTV Streaming Experience

Transformation all the way from Traditional TV to IPTV

Reach Audience Anywhere in the World

Distribution of your content gets seamless allowing users to access any content from any part of the world through the nearest IPTV OTT server via advanced CDNs.

Entertainment Delivery With Precision

Distribute HD quality videos allowing users to overcome fast channel change. Scalable CDNs that deliver smooth video transmissions & give continual renditions.

Ensure Videos To Constantly Play

Stream uninterrupted on-demand/ live videos. Qualitate adaptive streaming format characteristics distributed with flexible bandwidth capacity of the access network.

Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With A Premium IPTV Platform

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A Centralized Management of Entire IPTV Service

Tailor Personalized Experiences By Understanding Your Audience


Easily Manage Your Video Creations Packed in A Powerful CMS

Ever-growing videos racked in single library

Access Everything in One Place

Now classify IPTV Channels list, related info pages, movies, in organized libraries. Make video findables navigational for users across any device in real-time.

Unlimited Users with their Devices
Privileges found inside the Admin-Panel
Assure to have Entire Metrics in Hand
Learn about our video CMS

Get Real-Time Video Reports and Insights

Track and Review the Performance of Your Audience Analytics

Map Preferences with a Live Dashboard Report

Build a real-time intuitive dashboard, monitored with parameters of your platform engagement that can help you to strategically serve their personalized interests with an analytical interface.

Bring-in 3rd Party Analytics to Measure Performance
Analyze Your User’s Watch Habits through Custom Metrics
Get Detailed Insights through Varied Data Metrics
Learn about our video analytics
IPTV Analytics

Advanced Encryption & DRM to Protect Content

Priceless content are protected from unknown digital breaches & theft

Verify crucial elements of IPTV streaming environment are covered with layered secure infrastructure. Get rigid countermeasures for VOD & live content through best security from streaming company VPlayed.

IPTV DRM Solution
VPN Shield and Geo Shield

Ban unauthorized subscribers & disable access to IPTV apps.

Stream Limit for Content Protection
DRM Digital Rights Management
AES Encryption
Paywall Integration
Visit our DRM & Security page

Player That Delivers Crystal Clear Video Experiences

Autotune & Brand Your Video Quality According to Internet Speed

Hightech like HLS / MPEG-Dash Support

Deliver non-stop video plays supported by high-end tech protocols like HLS and Dash adaptive streaming through wireless internet.

Adaptive Bitrate Is A Superior Takeaway
Multiscreen Support Bridges User Reach
Faster Playback For Binge Viewing
Player SDK For Android/iOS Flexibility
IPTV Streaming Player
Explore about our HLS player

Purpose Built IPTV Monetization Models

Turn Your IPTV Content Views Into Dollars to Boost Surplus Revenue

Best IPTV Subscription Platform

Create customized subscription plans for subs to watch content originals. Distribute your live/ondemand content with time-specific packages in web, mobile, & other connected IPTV devices

Catch Up TV
Explore about our video monetization

Magnanimous Marketing Features To Boost Engagement

Pitch your videos with trade-marked marketing secrets

Produce & Convert Them to Leads

When you aim to build an IPTV app & target customers worldwide, generate potential leads with lead capture forms & convert them into prospective business.

Reduce Churn By Retaining Customers
Integrate 3rd Party Promotional Tools
IPTV marketing platform

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