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VPlayed offers an end-to-end customizable elearning platform to stream your education videos to subscribers. Ensure smooth delivery of lectures with multiple CDN, regardless of the device used.

Live Streaming

VPlayed delivers buffer-free live streaming through cloud transcoding. The HLS player with adaptive bitrate streaming ensures a UHD quality video viewing experience regardless of bandwidth.

branding Features

A Wide Spectrum of Use Cases on Educational Video Streaming

All it takes to create an effective and interactive online education platform

Lecture Capture

Record your video and save it automatically in a secure and searchable video library. VPlayed ensures seamless recording regardless of the device you use.

Scheduled Training

Schedule your lectures and alert students with push notifications. Use a pedagogical sequence to deliver lessons with VPlayed’ online education platform.

One-to-One Tutoring

VPlayed’s one-to one tutoring is used to create an impactful video learning experience. Tailor your lessons, courses, and training for personalised tutoring in real time.

Flipped Classroom

Interact with your students by providing learning materials before you begin the classes. VPlayed helps create microlectures to make your online course effective.

Features that Propel World-class Educational Streaming Experience

Disrupt today’s learning with a mix of innovative features for a better tomorrow

  • 100% Customization

    Build an educational video platform which is customizable on all fronts, like designing, theme selection, security layer, monetization and distribution according to your branding.

  • Powerful Player

    Stream all your educational video content in high definition with the help of HLS video player or any other player of your choice. Zero latency guaranteed!

  • Transcoding

    VPlayed's in-built transcoding engine ensures high quality streaming in any bandwidths. Change the bitrate from a 4k video stream at 13 Mbps & render it into 6 , 3 or 1.3 Mbps.

  • Reliable Hosting

    Choose to host all your video assets on high efficient servers of your choice or a scalable AWS server through cloud technology and obtain high reliable platform.

  • Video CMS

    VPlayed’s video CMS enables you to upload, organise and segregate your data within content library with options to bulk uploads and unlimited storage

  • Multi-screen Platform

    VPlayed’s video streaming services for education are built to be compatible for streaming on any device. Let your students access online courses through their choice of screen/device.

Deliver the Best of Online Education with Significant Features

Teaching tools designed to build robust online courses

Interactive Video Quiz/Chat

Create interactive video quizzes to assess your students and chat with them in real-time through VPlayed’s Quiz Creation Wizard integrated with the video player.

Course Suggestion

With VPlayed’s robust CMS, enable suggestions for related courses. A brief summary of the course informs your students about the usefulness of the online course.

Learning Materials

VPlayed’ elearning solution help you to create an archive of curated educational materials and searchable video content that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime

Offline Downloads

View your content anywhere, anytime irrespective of the internet connection. VPlayed allows students to view & download content in offline as well through mobile applications.

Closed Captions & Subtitle

Embedding closed captions & custom subtitles in multiple languages not only expands the viewers base but also covers physically challenged students for personalised learning experience .


With VPlayed’s elearning platform, archive your live broadcasts instantly into an efficient video on demand library that your students can go back to any number of times

Video Playback

With VPlayed, your content can be turned into a dynamic stream. With the seekbar and 10s forwards and backwards, make your content becomes easy to play and understand.

In-Video Search

VPlayed’s in-video search feature allows students to choose a particular video or can get any video through elastic search that retrieves the content from a pool of videos.

Marketing Capabilities for Your Content

Reach a wider network of students through your video streaming services for education

Social Media Integration

To attain maximum reach among students make your content available across all social media platforms. Integrating social media gives which type of content is popular among the users and their demographic data as well.

Recommendation Engine
Metadata Management

Monetization Models for an Online Learning Platform

Monetize your educational videos to generate revenue


Subscription models greatly benefit educational programs, where premium account holders have access to unlimited video learning content. SVOD joined together with VPlayed’s technology, pitches in high returns

Pay Per View

Securing the Online Video Education Platform

Safeguard your content from piracy and unauthorised access.

Paywall Integration

VPlayed’s Paywall is an integrated layer of security for your video content. Ensure that the videos cannot be viewed before completing the payment process.

Screen Capture Restriction

Safeguard your videos from being screen recorded & hosted on third party websites. VPlayed security features ensure that your videos cannot be used without consent for any unintended purpose.


With DRM and end-end video encryption, VPlayed ensures sharing the files & documents across the online platform is safe always. Protects from unauthorized users accessing the data & prevents malicious activities


Restrict your viewership by relevant geographical regions. With geo-restrictions by VPlayed, reduce your legal compliance requirements and associated charges.


Each of the live video streaming content for education is securely encrypted with VPlayed’s special algorithm known as AES Encryption that helps to provide a end-end protection of all your video content.

Dynamic Watermarks

VPlayed facilitates use of unique watermarks to secure your content. It also ensures branding your proprietary elearning video platform to prevent privacy.

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