What is the Notable Difference Between Tizen OS Vs Android TV?

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You don’t have to be a tech enthusiast or a geek to recognize Tizen OS and Android TV — two of the most well-known names in the technology industry. 

Samsung is Google’s most trusted ally in the smartphone space.

But things are not so pink in the smart TV industry, as the two tech giants are directly at loggerheads.
Samsung’s Tizen OS and Google’s Android TV — two of the most used smart TV operating systems vie for their slice of the market pie.

An average consumer in the United States or any part of the world is likely aware of or uses a television powered by either of these two smart TV operating systems.

According to NextTV, a substantial 56% of television viewers in the United States rely on Samsung’s Tizen TV as their primary streaming device. 

Statista reports that Samsung’s TV app claims an impressive market share of approximately 13%, based on data as of the end of 2020.

On the other hand, in 2022, Android TV grew rapidly as the fastest-expanding smart TV operating system in the United States. This could be mainly because of Alphabet’s strategic shift, favoring the platform for its latest Smart Media Devices (SMDs).

So, let’s understand the key differences between the two operating systems in the next 3 minutes. 

What is Tizen OS?

what is tizen OS

Tizen OS is an operating system developed by Samsung for use in smart TVs and other devices. It is based on the Linux kernel and designed to provide a smooth and efficient user experience. 

To be more precise, Tizen TV OS is an updated version of the Tizen operating system specifically designed for TV use. It includes features optimized for a TV user interface. 

For instance, Tizen supports smart TV functionality like voice commands and remote control. It can even connect to external devices such as Blu-ray players and game consoles.
And what is special about Tizen?

Tizen’s distinguishing factors? 

Unmatched speed powered by a 64-bit processor and an unparalleled commitment to delivering optimal picture quality. These attributes collectively position Tizen as the preeminent choice for Smart TV operating systems globally.

What is Android TV?

what is android tv

Android TV OS is an operating system for smart TVs and streaming devices developed by Google. Obviously, it is based on the Android platform, which provides a seamless blend of entertainment and productivity video streaming features

Android TV OS prioritizes a compelling and engaging interface. It has voice-controlled remote controls and access to a vast array of apps, games, and content from the Google Play Store. It also supports advanced connectivity options. The platform allows users to live stream TV shows, play music and movies, and perform other functions on their smart TVs or streaming devices.

Notably, Android TV app goes beyond conventional entertainment by incorporating gaming capabilities. Whether it’s streaming music or other media from your smartphone or computer, Android TV OS stands out for its unique feature—a user-friendly avenue to access and enjoy a diverse range of entertainment content right on your television screen.

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Differences Between Tizen OS Vs Android TV

Tizen OS and Android TV are two different operating systems for smart TVs. 

Samsung is developing Tizen OS, which is exclusive to their TVs. On the other hand, Android TV is based on the Android operating system and can be found on TVs from multiple manufacturers. 

Some key differences between the two lie in areas like their user interfaces, app stores, and level of customization. Tizen OS has a more intuitive and streamlined interface, while Android TV allows for more flexibility and customization.

The app stores for the two platforms are also different, with Tizen OS having a smaller selection of apps and Android TV having access to the giant Google Play Store.

Let’s understand the Tizen OS vs Android TV equation by going one step further. This is how the two smart TV operating systems fare in five crucial areas — technical architecture, user interface, app support, gaming, and voice assistants.

  1. Technical Architecture

The technical underpinnings set Tizen OS and Android TV apart. Tizen finds its roots in a Linux framework, boasting flexibility that spans various devices and smart TVs. 

In contrast, Android TV is constructed on the Android operating system, ensuring compatibility with various applications and devices. 

When navigating the decision between the two, considerations like device compatibility, customization requirements, and the envisioned user experience become pivotal factors.

  1. User Interface

Tizen OS boasts a user-friendly interface with a distinctive focus on simplicity and intuitive navigation. On the other hand, Android TV is all about customizability. It provides a visually engaging and customizable user experience.
Android TV allows users to personalize their home screens and prioritize content selection based on watch preferences.

  1. App Support 

It should be noted that both Tizen OS and Android TV offer extensive app support.
However, the availability of specific applications does vary.
Tizen OS is primarily used on Samsung devices. Consequently, its app store, the Samsung GALAXY Apps, has a smaller selection of apps compared to Google’s Play Store. 

tizen os and android tv

However, Tizen OS does offer some exclusive features like S-Voices, which are Samsung’s voice recognition and command-line assistants. In contrast, Android TV has access to the Google Play Store, which offers a larger selection of apps, including games and educational apps.

4. Gaming

Android TV has a distinct gaming advantage. This is primarily because of the expansive Google Play Games library. Tizen OS also supports gaming but may have a more limited selection. The Android TV platform caters to a broader gaming audience with various genres and multiplayer options.

5. Voice Assistant Support

Tizen OS typically integrates with Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant, offering voice control and search functionalities. But, Android TV is closely tied to Google Assistant. It gives users a seamless voice-enabled experience, including smart home control and information retrieval, enhancing overall user convenience.

Tizen Vs Android TV OS – Which one is better?

While Tizen has a minor advantage in technical architecture, Android performs better in areas like gaming, app support etc. And in terms of UI, they perform equally well. 


  • Choose Android – If you prefer gaming, a vibrant app store and intuitive voice assistance. 
  • Choose Tizen – If you prefer a better-looking and simple-to-use user interface over other factors.

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Final thoughts:

As we wrap up this blog, our goal was to untangle the Android vs Tizen OS puzzle for you. 

We hope we’ve shed some light on the matter and made things crystal clear. 

Tizen, your go-to open-source system, does the heavy lifting for smartphones and tablets. Meanwhile, Android TV takes its cues from Google’s open-source tech.

Now, when it comes to the essentials, both hold their own. They giv you a top-notch viewing experience. 

Yet, here’s the twist: Android TV gives you more wiggle room. But, how you make the most of this flexibility is entirely in your hands.

Android TV OS steals the show for the everyday user who digs a straightforward interface and a roomy keypad for smooth navigation. But hold up, Tizen OS is no slouch either—it’s friendly and comes highly recommended. Your call!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the differences between Samsung Tizen TV and Android TV?

The key differences between Tizen TV and Android TV are: Tizen TV is developed by Samsung and used exclusively on Samsung smart TVs. 
On the other hand, Android TV is developed by Google and used on various smart TVs from different manufacturers. 
Also, Tizen TV has a more streamlined, easy-to-use interface. But, Android TV offers more customization options and access to the Google Play Store.

2. What are the benefits of launching a Tizen Tv app for smart TV?

The benefits of launching a Tizen TV app include reaching a large user base and leveraging the popularity of Samsung Smart TVs. For TV owners, it offers a refined viewing experience, an easy-to-use interface, and numerous choices to choose from.

3. What are the benefits of launching an Android Tv app for smart TV?

Launching an Android TV app benefits you in several ways — it expands the potential audience due to widespread adoption. In addition, it grants access to the Google Play Store’s resources and infinite customization options. This aids in building versatile applications and developing an ecosystem. 

4. Can I install third-party apps on Android TV?

Of course, Yes. You can install third-party apps on Android TV. 
In fact, one of the key benefits of Android TV is that it offers access to the Google Play Store. It provides users with access to a vast array of apps from different developers.

5. Can I install third-party apps on Samsung Tizen TV?

Yes, you can install third-party apps on Samsung Tizen TV. However, the process for installing third-party apps on Tizen TV is slightly different from that on Android TV. 
To install third-party apps on Tizen TV, you must download the app file (APK) from a trusted source. Then, install the application in developer mode on your Samsung smart TV. You can start using the app thereof.

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