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Content is the king when it comes to OTT streaming. But, to organize, manage, and play videos might be quite strenuous for a platform that owns oodles of content waiting to be broadcasted. The task is even mountainous when the volume of audiences is massive. So, how does one efficiently manage content in this fast-paced industry without compromising on delivering a quality user experience? This is where a good content management system lifts the burden off your shoulder by simplifying content management and distribution on a real-time basis. 

What Is Video CMS?

Video CMS or video streaming CMS is a video content management system solely built for streaming services to store, organize, and manage videos securely and effectively via a centralized dashboard. The features of a CMS are exclusively designed to ease the content handling process for the best OTT platforms

Why Is Video CMS Vital For Every OTT Business?

OTT has well moved beyond the bounds of entertainment. Several sectors around the globe have inclined towards cutting the cord to deliver niche-specific content to their users. Now since video streaming has become an integral part of businesses, there comes a need to smartly maneuver their content to success. And this can be made possible only with the help of a reliable and ever-ready Content Management System. 

An Overview of VPlayed’s Video CMS

VPlayed’s video CMS platform is an enterprise-grade content management architecture designed carefully keeping in mind the streaming demands of OTT businesses. In a nutshell, you can call it a high-end VOD platform to maintain your video library in its full efficacy along with delivering user-defined content through a multitude of options and tools. 

Top 10 Highlights

  • Smart Upload

Single/ Bulk Videos– What if we say your video upload can happen in a swish? Yes, VPlayed’s video CMS platform allows single, and bulk upload of video files in just a click. To make things more effortless, you can also use the drag-and-drop feature for the same. 

Import Content Library – There are options to import an entire video library as well in cases where there is a large magnitude of content to be put up on the OTT platform.

Third-Party Import OptionsNo matter where the content is stored, be it third-party cloud drivers like Dropbox,  or a remote server, swift upload and transcoding is still possible. 

  • Schedule a Live Stream

The ultimate aim of live streaming is to reach audiences on a real-time basis. So, only when users are aware of your live stream will they be present to watch your content on any particular day.

Hence, to boost user engagement, this CMS dashboard allows you to easily schedule live videos for a particular date and time. On scheduling, audiences will be notified with a countdown timer to the actual event. This also creates FOMO (the fear of missing out) among your audiences, further increasing the chances of them attending the live stream. 

  • Easy Categorization

It is paramount for OTT platforms to structure their videos so that audiences can discover their desired content at ease. VPlayed lets you effectively organize video files with the “categorize menu” available on the CMS dashboard. With this functionality, you can create categories of your choice, add thumbnail images for the same and also include subcategories depending on the hierarchy. 

  • Custom User Playlists

 Letting a user customize his own playlist is what this option is all about. With every video comes an “Add to Playlist” button which when selected, prompts the user to add it either to an existing playlist or create a new one according to his preferences. The actions an end user can perform are

-Create playlists

-Add videos to playlists

-Rename playlists

-Remove videos from playlists

-Delete playlists

  • Metadata ManagementVideo Content Management System

With good metadata management comes greater visibility. For this very reason, you are provided with options to optimize your videos’ metadata such as URLs, tags, descriptions, and everything else needed to help you drive more traffic by ranking well on Google searches. Learn the best SEO strategies here!

  • Supports Multiple Media Formats 

Converting every video file before uploading onto your video streaming platform is a truckload of work to do and becomes practically impossible especially when the content library is massive. So, to make things simpler for a content owner, our dashboard supports multiple video formats like MP4, M4V, AVI, MPEG-DASH, H.265 Codec, and H.264 Codec to be uploaded in minutes. These are then transcoded to various resolutions before reaching audiences on their devices. 

  • Customized Video Captioning

From enhancing accessibility to boosting watch time, including closed captions to your videos is advantageous in so many ways. Hence, our CMS dashboard provides options to place closed captions for your videos in any language depending on your target audiences. On the user front, audiences can toggle between CC on and off along with choosing the size, color, font, and placement of the captions. 

  • Create Sub-Admin Groups

Handling the entire content library single handedly can end up being tiring for an admin. But, what if we say you can create sub-admin groups to handle specific tasks on your platform which reduces your work to half? Yes, you can now turn into a super-admin and assign authority to sub-admins by delegating roles such as publisher, administrator, moderator, etc according to business requirements.  

  • User Profile Management

User profiles are usually created when people register with their personal details on the sign-up page. However, with this intuitive dashboard, you can also create user profiles using the “Create Customer” option from the backend. This essentially means that admins can add new customers to the database by entering their names, e-mail addresses, etc. 

  • Track Video Analytics

With the OTT competition getting tougher every passing day, it is vital for VOD streaming app to retain customers by keeping them hooked on to your content. And this is practically possible only when you deliver videos your audiences are looking for based on the data collected from

VPlayed’s dashboard offers facts and figures on the below parameters to help business owners measure video performance. 

  • Number of times a video was watched
  • Total watched time
  • Average % watched
  • Most viewed videos
  • Most commented videos
  • Region-wise viewing

With this info at hand, you can easily tweak your video library to suit user preferences, thus reducing churn. 


With a large video library arises the need for a content management system that is robust, secure, and easy to use. VPlayed’s video CMS offers all of these along with high-end features to accommodate modern OTT needs.

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