A Panoptic Video Solution For Fitness Streaming

Broadcast live or on-demand interactive multi-disciplinary classes

video on demand

Fitness VOD

Deliver HD video streaming with VPlayed’s 100% customizable video on demand platform for fitness online classes. With a robust CMS enhance discoverability and manage your uploads easily.

Live Streaming

Stream live fitness videos at low latency with technologies like transcoding & adaptive bitrate streaming. With UHD visual clarity have absolute precision over your live streams.

Live Broadcasting

A Video Platform For The Entire Segment Of Fitness

All it takes to create an effective and interactive online fitness studio platform

  • Personal Training
  • Live Classes
  • Schedule Classes
  • Live 1-To-1 Consultation
  • Fitness Video Courses
  • Group Classes

Personal Training

Facilitate your enthusiasts to get fit without the hassle of commuting, based on their schedule and budget. Enable accountability and customized workouts through VPlayed’s flexible fitness video platform.


Live Classes

Get your subscribers to plugin live streaming fitness classes anywhere in the world. With interactive tools like chats & audio, your online fitness classes can be potentially engaging.


Schedule Classes

Schedule live fitness sessions and alert participants with push notifications. Deliver progressive rhythmic workout videos over a span of time for consistent results.


Live 1-To-1 Consultation

Customize platform for 1on1 sessions within a fitness app solution. Train your viewers based on diet & workout for impactful fitness training experience. Enable live communication between trainees and trainers now.


Fitness Video Courses

Create a fitness service with short workout videos that can be leveraged easily by your regulars via VPlayed. Broadcast your vigorous classes anywhere at anyplace.


Group Classes

Stream worldwide to a group of viewers in gyms or open grounds. Live streaming fitness classes boosts motivation that provides sustained engagement in your platform.

Highlight Features To Build Your Own Online Fitness Platform

Superlative attributes that enhance UX on your online gymnasium space

  • 100% Customizable

    Build your best platform for online fitness classes with VPlayed’s complete customization. You can also create a bold visual identity by owning your streaming services forever.

  • Live to VOD

    Live stream regular exercise video drills worldwide at low latency & autosave that can be accessed to on-demand viewers as reference media for continued practice.

  • On-Premise / On Cloud

    Get highly scalable options with streaming fitness services for custom-built server storage. Host them on premises / on cloud with unlimited storage & lifetime maintenance.

  • DRM
    DRM & Security

    Advanced technologies like SSL certification, paywall integration and DRM prevent unauthorized download and redistribution. Offline aerobics sessions can be viewed over a secure video platform.

  • Transcoding

    Make your white label fitness platform compatible with multiple devices like Web, Mobile & TV. Expand the reach of your services by enabling multiple formats and codecs.

  • CDN

    VPlayed’s high-density CDN ensures your video content is streamed from a local server with fastest playback of your fitness classes. Stream globally with smooth video distribution.

A Complete Set Of Features Dedicated To Expand Viewership

Manage, Market & Monetize White Label Fitness Videos for an Extraordinary User Experience

branding Features

Powerful Player

Cast to TV

Enable video streaming to a connected device through Wi-Fi. Share your screens to watch fitness sessions.

Subtitle & Closed Captioning
Faster Playback
360 degree & VR Experience
Multi-screen Support

Revenue Models


Ensure regular cash flows through SVOD fitness video on demand revenue models.

Pay Per View
Coupons & Promotions
3rd Party Ad Integrations
branding Features
branding Features

Video Marketing


VPlayed fitness streaming solution manages metadata from the backend to ensure consistency & accurate data enhancing visibility.

Recommendation Engine
Social Publishing
Marketing Automation
Update your video, not the link

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