Customer Persona

The client is a South African broadcasting powerhouse for over 20 years, dominating the RV and Radio landscape across Sub-Saharan Africa and the Gulf Countries. They leverage Intelsat, SES, and Eutelsat satellites for unparalleled network reach. With over two decades in the traditional broadcasting realm, they wanted to venture into the digital space. They wanted to explore new avenues to expand their audience & increase user engagement with OTT streaming.

The Challenge

They dominated the airwaves and broadcasting, but reaching a global audience and keeping viewers engaged 24/7 proved trickier. Traditional broadcasting limitations meant:

Scheduled Programs: Viewers missed shows or had to plan their schedules around air times. And this meant shows were missed.

Geographic Restrictions: Content wasn't accessible everywhere, limiting their reach. But that’s not the same case with a handy VOD.

Engagement Limits: They couldn't cater to individual preferences or offer interactive experiences.

Hence, our client wanted to build a VOD platform that mirrored viewers' on-demand lifestyles and insatiable hunger for great content. VPlayed was opted for as the smartest OTT solution to build and launch apps across platforms like Web, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Firestick TV, LG, and Samsung TV.

“While conventional broadcasting was the crux of the client’s business, it readily adapted to the changing viewer habits and content consumption trends by venturing into an ever-rewarding OTT space with VPlayed.”
The Solution

VPlayed partnered with the broadcaster to revolutionize their approach by launching exclusive VOD apps across multiple devices. This enabled convenient user access to content on various platforms like web browsers, smartphones, and smart TVs.

Key Customizations include:

Multilingual support: To reach globally, breaking language barriers, multi language support was provided.

Ad-based revenue: Integration with Castoola Ads and PayGate facilitated effortless monetization through third-party ads.

Donations page: An exclusive page to raise funds in the form of monetary donations from subscribers was included.

360 Analytics: Robust analytics tools like Firebase and Google Analytics provided valuable user insights for platform optimization.

Encoding Capabilities: Compatibility with AWS Media Elemental encoding services ensured seamless content delivery and superior viewing quality.

With VPlayed's comprehensive solutions, this OTT Platform was perfectly positioned to win the world of VOD and build a thriving online community alongside features that are designed for scale and success, keeping in mind the audience's preferences.

The Results

The launch of our client's VOD platform, powered by VPlayed's expertise, was a runaway success. Within just one month, over 10,000 viewers downloaded the app, and 7,000+ signed up, eager to explore the exciting content library.

This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about the platform's ability to keep viewers engaged and entertained. Behind the scenes, VPlayed's skilled team and innovative technology ensured an empowering user experience, paving the way for this flourishing online presence and the way to reach millions through their content in the coming times.

  • 20K+
    Sign ups in launch month
  • 140K+
    App Downloads
  • 10X
    Omnichannel Presence

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Client Testimonials

VPlayed team helped us in putting together a robust fitness streaming platform in a short span of time. It was great working with their knowledgeable engineering team who took keen interest in hearing our ideas and executed them to perfection.

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Juliana Wolfarth,
Product Manager, ZiYou

VPlayed provided us with a customizable OTT solution for East Africa, including a payment gateway tailored to the local audience. The platform works perfectly for our target region, and we are thrilled with the results.

video coupons
Felix Mpfizi,
Chief Technical Officer, Mass Kom Group

VPlayed’s flexible video management system and multiple monetization models enabled BS Value OTT to grow rapidly and become one of India’s top regional streaming platforms. We are excited about expanding our roadmap with the support of VPlayed team.

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RJ Vigneshkanth,
CEO, Black Sheep Entertainment
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