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8 Effective Marketing Tools To Promote Your OTT Platform

There are plenty of top OTT platforms in the market offering a wide range of content for the audience to watch and listen to. Given the paucity of time and a limited budget to spend on entertainment, people have to choose the best-suited one based on their personal requirements. This creates a challenge for players in the OTT industry and compels them to use effective marketing strategies to convince their prospective customers as to why they are worth their time and money. The right set of marketing tools can help an OTT platform efficiently reach and build a loyal audience base.

How to Increase Your Audience Base with CONTUS VPlayed’s Marketing Tools?

It is important for business owners to understand that the right marketing tactics can take them places. Netflix, for instance, comes up with the most innovative ways to make its content reach the global audience. Needless to say, its success is epic!

For this very purpose, CONTUS VPlayed provides you with intelligent marketing tools and techniques that aids and complement your overall marketing efforts. Let’s take a deep dive into how these tools can help you boost your OTT business.

1. SEO-Backed Platform

Only when the visibility of your streaming service is great will people make an attempt to visit your website and it all depends on how well you rank on Google. CONTUS VPlayed builds you a platform that has magnanimous scope for you to optimize your content on search results. Learn the best SEO strategies of 2021

2. Share on Social Forums

Sharing your content on various social media channels helps you obtain free organic traffic easily. CONTUS VPlayed offers a ‘Simulcasting’ feature that allows you to broadcast your content on multiple social media channels all at once without compromising on the quality of the stream. You can easily broadcast your live stream on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Besides this, the social login feature allows users to sign-in/log-in via all popular social media channels with just one click. This makes it easier for viewers to share your content on their feeds, making your platform go viral beyond geographies.  

3. Customized Email Notifications

Modern-age marketing is all about personalizing the products and services to meet the specific needs of individual customers. CONTUS VPlayed offers you customized email solutions that you can use to reach out to your audience and provide them with a personalized experience. With the power of user analytics and automated email templates, you can attract, engage & convert people into paying customers.

4. Drive Results Through Analytics

The 21st-century marketing game has entirely changed with the advent of smart data analytics. Now, you don’t have to make decisions on a hunch but by making sense of tons of user data available at your disposal. CONTUS VPlayed’s smart AI algorithm does all the heavy lifting for you by recommending content to your audience after assessing their taste and preferences.

 You can easily gather user deets and analyze them in real-time using the live dashboard. You can also use custom metrics to obtain specific insights related to the trends and performance of your content. CONTUS VPlayed is not just limited to this, it also offers you the option to integrate popular third-party analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Analytics, etc.

5. Coupons & Referrals

Coupons and referral programs play a huge role in converting visitors to paying subscribers. You can use discount codes and coupons for your latest content to attract more prospects and convert them into paying customers. Referral programs are also very effective when it comes to gaining customers organically.

6. Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to engage with your audience who have already visited your website. Along with increasing your conversion rate by providing audiences with gentle reminders regarding offers and discounts that they might like, these alerts also notify them regarding any new content available on your platform. Create customized push notifications with this versatile and seamless streaming solution to re-engage with your audience and retain your customers. 

7. Offer Personalized Recommendations

CONTUS VPlayed allows you to create a branded OTT apps that helps to enhance the visibility and perceived value of your brand. You can easily customize your video player and other technical & non-technical aspects of your top OTT platforms. It also offers you recommendations for personalized title suggestions to boost conversions. The AI-powered recommendation engine allows your audiences to swiftly find relevant content without wasting much time, thus, making content discovery easy. 

8. Multi-Device Support

You can’t afford to lose your customers just because your OTT platform is not dynamic enough to support multiple devices and formats. CONTUS VPlayed provides multi-device and multi-format support that allows you to easily expand your audience base and create a global brand. Also, the adaptive bitrate technology allows you to deliver a high-quality buffer-free experience on a wide range of devices irrespective of the Internet speed and connection.

Consumer-focused marketing needs to be the key mantra for any OTT business to lead the league in this super-competitive arena. No matter how rich the content is, only the right advertising strategies backed up by complementing in-app features can drive better results. CONTUS VPlayed’s intelligent features support your every marketing effort, making it more profitable in terms of increased engagement and revenue.

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