Let your audio-streaming talk business!

A Multifaceted whitelabel audio-streaming platform to meet all your needs.

  • Stream in Multiple Audio Format

    AAC, MP3, WMA or any other audio file of your choice! Store, manage and broadcast all of it with Vplayed.

  • In-built CMS

    Be assured that each piece of your content is managed and maintained securely with the help of an integrated audio library management system that amplifies the productivity of your audio-streaming software.

  • Go Unlimited

    Upload and store unlimited audio files in highly secured storage. Host your files with no fuzz of running out of storage or losing clarity in the being audio-streamed.

  • Stream Live

    Make your audience engage in your content anytime, anywhere with live- audio streaming services. Be it desktop or mobile.

  • Broadcast Your Audio on Demand

    Vplayed brings you the audio distribution strategy that surmounts in music streaming services, broadcasting, and branded files. Deliver rich-quality, No delay services to your users.

  • Content Partner Portal

    Club with your favorite creators! Vplay offers eye-popping partnership schemes where external/independent creators can stream on your audio streaming platform. Go for a win-win!

Reach Beyond your Expectations

Vplayed’s audio streaming solution delivers ground breaking strategies


Multi-platform Delivery

Your Audio, Anywhere, Anytime. Listen to audios on any device by building your app with Vplayed’s cross-platform technology embedded with live audio streaming software.

Your Audio in High Definition

No more compromises on your streaming quality. Vplayed brings you high definition audio streaming services that are best suited for all kinds of listenership.

Advanced Analytics - Read your Audience

Get real-time feedback & analytical data on the interests, preferences and demographics of your audience circle and deliver what they love.

Features that Do More than you Expect

Beat the bounds while building your dream audio-streaming software

Live Streaming Process
  • Offline Download

    Offline download lets your listeners enjoy your music streaming services even when they are not online. Mobiles, tablets or laptops; offline music can be stored and listened on all devices.

  • Scheduling

    Arrange, organise and optimise music at your will! Vplayed’s audio-streaming solution enables scheduling, where you can slate corresponding files to stream at their prime time.

  • Monetization

    Churn out maximum revenue with ad-runnings, coupons/promotions, premium subscriptions and much more! Our six step monetization choices grants you the best model to make the most of your app.

  • Playlist

    Giving options to customise playlists maximises usership for your application and increases the overall time spent on your app. Creator playlists; another feature where you can recommend playlists to listeners also accelerates user rate.

  • Social Media Integration

    Give the best of branding strategies for your app and know your users to the beat by integrating your app on all social media forums. Fine tune playlists and transform your music streaming software exactly to the taste of your user.

  • Security

    End-to-end encryption, DRM, AES and Access control makes sure that your audio assets are safe from all forms of breaches. Ensure hackers stand out of your way.

  • Geoblock

    Geoblocking makes sure your content abides by laws across borders and keeps your privacy/copyright licences on check. Deliver content based on your user location by tracking their IP addresses.

  • Payment Gateway

    No more 3rd party payment gateways. Vplayed provides inbuilt payment gateway structure, making transactions easier both for you and your customer without the necessity to deal with external agencies.

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