Audio Streaming Solution

Enriched Audio Streaming Solution

VPlayed’s audio broadcast software covers right from music, to on-demand streaming for both apps & websites. Set a high-powered HLS player backed by a complete content management system, with advanced analytics. VPlayed assures the awe factor listening experience to any audience.

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Multifaceted Online Audio Streaming Possibilities

Audiocast best playbacks with a wide range of streaming capabilities

Audio on Demand Streaming

Audio On Demand Streaming

Build interactive streaming apps to podcast audios in multiple platforms. An intuitive content management & distribution strategy with cost-effective revenue plans will woo your listeners. Repeated subscribers can engage into your audio streaming app.

  • Audio On Demand Push Notification

    Push Notification

    With push capability to send personalized and segmented real-time notifications, engage your audience with upcoming live audio broadcasts.

  • Remote Co-host

    Remote Co-host

    Capture remote conversations with co-hosts, guests, and listeners without any drift to make your music streaming website engaging.

  • Audio Scheduling

    Audio Scheduling

    Build a platform to broadcast live audio with programs planned ahead for sequentially streaming live to the audience.

  • Listener Geographies

    Listener Geographies

    Understand and analyze your listeners’ demographics to tailor the content for their preferences even while broadcasting live audio.

Live Audio Broadcast

Broadcast audios through a simple live audio streaming software for music, sports, talk shows and much more. Engage listeners with an interactive user experience while you air a show. Intelligent analytic reports help in gathering trends and create lively playlists.

  • Unlimited Audio Skip

    Unlimited Skip

    Deliver unlimited playback with skippable ads on your custom-built audio streaming software.

  • Show Lyrics on Player

    Enable greater engagement with your audio streaming platform solution by displaying real-time lyrics on the player screen.

  • Play History

    Let your audience go back to their favorite tracks through real-time capture of play history over your interactive audio streaming solution.

  • Sleep Timer

    Sleep Timer

    Save device power by enabling an option to turn off the application after a period of inactivity that can be preset.

Live Audio Streaming Software
Podcast Streaming Platform

Podcast Streaming

Create flexible podcast streaming platform with state of the art technology capable of multi-bitrate encoding. Deliver more receptiveness with modified listening options. Provide organized collections with niche audio tracks on the go.

  • Audio Search Tab

    Advanced Search Tab

  • Fast Forward & Rewind

    Through a responsive seek bar, speed up or slow down the live audio over your streaming platform.

  • Organized Library

    Ringfence your audio assets in an organized library for discoverability and engagement through a robust recommendation engine.

  • Online & Offline Listening

    Enable your users to engage with the best music podcasts whether they are connected or not to the internet.

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World Class Mainstay features To Build Your Audio Streaming App

Highlighted features that helps to deliver high-quality audio streaming platform to your audience

Audio Streaming App
Audio Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Let clickable pop-ups remind your users about useful updates, latest music release, news, seasonal picks, audio events, in your audio streaming app.

Offline Audio Streaming
Offline Music

Enhance UX by assisting users to listen to their favourites in offline mode from the best audio broadcast app even if there is a devoid of internet connectivity.

Audio Streaming In-app Purchase
In App Purchase

While making your audio streaming app let users buy varied types of latest audio consumables to have best audiocasts & once depleted you can provide it again.

Voice Search and Commands
Voice Search and Commands

Add voice search & command feature to help your listeners to place a search query through several pages or navigate videos in the app to play your audio content.

Audio Recommendations

Set choicest recommendations according to user’s audio preferences from library & geo locations while developing self-made audio streaming app.

Audio Player
Music Player

You can make sure your listeners are engaged with personalized themes of audio-only tracks & they can make use of HD custom-centric acoustic player.

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All-in-One White label Audio Streaming Platform

Powerful audio streaming software, designed to adapt & built to scale

Best-in-Class Features To Heighten Your Audio Platform

An impressive array of features to build a personalized audio on demand content.

Unlimited Upload

Unlimited Audio Upload

Upload, manage and store unlimited audio files easily to create an impressive digital audio streaming server with lots of storage and buffer-free online broadcast.

Offline Downloads

Offline Download

Allow your mass to download audio files on multiple devices. Ensure excellent user-friendliness by enabling offline mode playability even on audio streaming apps.

Multi-device Support

Multi-Device Support

Let audio files adapt to stream over a wide range of devices like Mobiles, Tablets running on iOS and Android operating systems seamlessly in numerous platforms.


Audio Transcription

Generate live subtitles by converting audio into text in real-time with the use of transcription technology. Enable wider reach of your audio in different languages.

Multi-format Support

Multi-format Audio Support

Transmit, store and transcode audio streams in H.264, HEVC, VP8 at different bitrates using the best audio streaming software for a compatible view.

Ad Targeting

Audio Streaming Ad Targeting

Run a user focussed ad campaign designed for demographic preferences by observing user viewing trends. Offer an unparallelled UX and generate surplus ROI.

Protected Access

Protected Access

Create a live audio streaming website with end-to-end protection for your critical database. Advanced security features effectively restrict unauthorised breaches like patent infringement, etc.

Content Partner Portal

Content Partner Portal

Collaborate with talented content creators and capture streams online to build an audio streaming platform seamlessly. Also, share studied metrics with revenue reports in real-time.

A Complete Tailor Made Audio on Demand Marketing Platform

Marketing tools to drive user engagement and ROI

Metadata Management

Improve discovery with retrieval of your content through indexing & searchability. Optimise user experience by providing enhanced metadata management to your audio tracks.

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Monetize Audio Content & Boost Your Ad Revenue

Get industry’s best audio streaming solution with tailored monetization models

  • Freemium Model

    Earn sustainable revenue within your audio on demand platform by providing basic functionalities for free. You can charge only for upgrades and premium content with an increased rate of conversions into paid subscriptions.

  • In-App Advertisement

  • Subscription

  • In-Stream Ads

  • Coupons & Promotions

VOD Marketing

Secure Your Audio Streaming Platform Against Piracy

End-to-end protection for audio on demand content to deliver a hitch-free streaming experience

VOD player
  • Data Rights Management

    A complete suite of audio software for live streaming technologies protect your content against copyright infringement & unauthorised use for a secured streaming experience.

  • Integrated paywall

  • AES Encryption

  • Geo Restriction

  • Password Protection

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