Audio Streaming

Enriched Audio Streaming Solution.

Vplayed’s audio streaming cover every option, from music streaming, live streaming, to on-demand streaming for both apps and websites. Set on high-powered HLS player backed by the sturdy content management system, and advanced analytics, audio streaming platforms built by Vplayed never fails to bring in the awe factor in audience.

Multifaceted audio streaming Possibilities

Bring out the best for your audio platform with a wide range of audio streaming capabilities.

Enriched Assets to Augment Your Audio Streaming Service

A wide range of streaming features to schedule & deliver audio content across platforms

In-built CMS

Be assured that each piece of your content is managed and maintained securely with the help of an integrated audio library management system that amplifies the productivity of your audio streaming software.

Multi-platform Delivery

Let your listener base start streaming your audios on any device by building your app with Vplayed’s cross-platform technology embedded with live audio streaming software


Arrange, organize and stream music at your will! Vplayed’s audio streaming solution enables scheduling, where you can slate corresponding files to stream at their prime time.

Advanced Analytics

Get real-time feedback & analytical data on the interests, preferences, and demographics of your audience circle and deliver what they love.

Built-in Marketing

Create a platform that is optimized to max out the reach of your content through developing SEO tags, and built-in insightful analytical plug-ins

Offline Download

Offline download lets your listeners enjoy your music streaming services even when they are not online. Mobiles, tablets or laptops; offline music can be stored and listened to on any device of user’s interest.

Shield Your Audio Streaming Platform

Ensure your data rights and electronic data for enhanced streaming calibers

branding Features

Data Rights Management

Vplayed provides whitelabel solutions that protect your online content from unauthorized usage, consumption & any kind of infringements through DRM certification.

Access Control

AES Encryption


Versatile Audio Monetization Models

Proliferate your revenue with ad schemes, subscription models & promotions

In-app Advertisement

Vplayed audio streaming provides a phenomenal opportunity that helps to generate great revenues through customizable ads that can be placed between any number of audio tracks in a seamless way!


Develop a platform that makes the most of your content with subscription models that allow users to enjoy your premium content on monthly or yearly models.

Buying Music/Audio

Giving options to buy content and stream offline has proven success in audio platforms. Vplayed provides tech stack that ensures quality offline streaming.

Coupons & promotions

Venture in our prudent model of coupons and promotions to make your entire platform more appealing to your users and enhance your branding strategies.

How Vplayed’s Audio Streaming Works

Top-notch technology stacks that enhance your platform’s functionality & performance

Audio Streaming Architecture

Let's Get Started! Vplayed Has

To build a customizable audio streaming platform with DRM, multiple monetization options and marketing features.

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