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Create A Feature-Rich Music Streaming Application To Stream, Monetize & Grow Your Followers of Music Lovers On the Go.

Music streaming App Development

Spotlights of VPlayed Music Streaming Solution

Amazing dropdown streaks for delivering robust music streaming experience

Customizable Music Streaming App
Custom-Made App

Create an engaging music streaming app with 100% customization, both in front-end and back-end to maximize streaming capacities and deliver a magnified user experience.

Completely Own Music Streaming Platform
Completely Own Platform

Equip your niche music streaming app architecture with licensed source code and grab the lifetime ownership to upscale your business success at any level.

White Label Music Streaming Service
Brand Your Music Services

Totally shape a music streaming website under your brand name, logo, other elements eliminating the need of middleman involvement to reap full benefits from your profits.

Organize & Distribute Your Music Content Effortlessly with CMS

Reach global audiences on any platform with VPlayed’s exclusive music streaming possibilities

Hassle-Free Music Streaming Management

Music Streaming Data Classification

Now you can rely on automated music categorization while making an OTT app to group them based on artist names, genre, language, etc.

Reveal Smarter Playlist For Users
Easily Upload Bulk Music Files
Schedule Music Tracks Flexibly
Archive Entire Music in One Place
Explore Music CMS
Audio CMS Streaming Platform
Audio Content Delivery Network

Deliver Latent-free Music Streaming Content To Your Audience

Scale Your Music Platform Performance Higher

Tackle audio buffering issues with VPlayed’s superior quality streaming over any platform without any delays irrespective of any bandwidth.

Gapless Streaming With Advanced Protocols
Quality Media Streams From ABS
Manage Web Traffic through CDN Software
Buffer-Free Music Content Worldwide
Explore CDN

Versatile Music Player That’s Compatible With All Formats

Create a responsive music streaming app to stream uninterrupted services

Compatible To Multiple Devices

Build your own spotify-like app with personalized inbuilt acoustic player & stream tracks in all devices making it compatible all over the world.

Codec Audio Support In Other Formats
Optimize Re-playback Sessions
Uncover Multiroom Audio Tangibility
Explore Music player
On Demand Music Player

Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With
A Premium Music Streaming App

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Salient 120+ Features To Make Your Own Music Streaming App

Enliven user experiences with live & on demand music queues

Voice Search
Voice Search and Commands

Integrate voice commands & let listeners search playlists with ease

Mood Mix
Mood Mixes

Incorporate mood mixes with user music history in own streaming app

Music Streaming In-app Purchase
In-app purchase

Authorize in-app purchases while creating apps like spotify.

Transfer Music On-demand Content
Transfer your music from other apps

Let users transfer playlists to avail other music streaming services.

Build Music Streaming App
Private Mode
Private Mode

Create custom playlists in music streaming app with different genre & bands

Music Streaming On Home Devices
Ability to stream on smart home devices

Features resounding music, making it accessible for a reverberating home experience.

Pre Save Option
Pre-save option

Offer users to pre-save albums beforehand & let them auto-download once available.

Add Multiple Content Partners
Add Multiple Content Partners

Add resourceful content partners to have surplus revenue stream flows.

Enforce Best Security Standards In Music Streaming Service

Protect your music streaming assets from all security vulnerabilities

Constrain Excess Device Logins

Limit the accessibility for each user credential based on monitored login details while making your own music streaming app. Impose restrictions to streams based on asset level for more than two gadgets.

Explore DRM & Security
Restrict Simultaneous Logins

Unveil Smart Monetization Solution With Exclusive Revenue Models

Produce multifold revenue from your priceless music content

Music Streaming App Subscription
Grow Constantly With Subscriptions

Build flexible music streaming app by offering through monthly or yearly subscription plans like spotify, soundcloud to have more subscribers

Music Streaming Affiliates
Business For Music Affiliates

Offer money-making potential for music affiliates to offer largest collection of inventories at premium price points in your streaming app

Best Music streaming App Advertisement
Monetize Majorly With Ads

Profit with lucrative in-content ads incorporated by our highly skilled music app developers based on user streaming preferences

Music Sales & Promotions
Execute Music Sales Promotions

Stimulate quick buying responses with short-term incentives in own custom-built app with one-time exclusive offers through seasonal coupons & discounts

Music Streaming Artist Promotion
Earn By Labelling Artists

Popularize artist’s collections in your music streaming website & earn millions by branding them to be at par with A-grade talents.

Music Monetization

Enhance Branding with A Full-Suite of Music Marketing Website

Optimum presence with successful marketing strategies

Start Music Streaming Website Marketing
  • Use Metadata To Create Actionable Information

    Data discoveries are simplified with accurate content-rich descriptions for presenting granular suggestions

  • Create Attractive Music Thumbnail

  • Integrate 3rd Party Add-ons

  • Retain App Listeners Always

Explore audio marketing

Powered Real-time Music Analytics to Make Impactful Decisions

Collection of Music Metrics To Track Playlists Performances

  • Smoothly Monitor KPIs For Your Music Content

    View current metrics across entire music streams. Find interesting bits of knowledge and information driven choices to enhance further on content creation.

  • Current Music Platform Tracking

  • Analyze Music Streams Globally

  • Study User Demographics

  • Overall Live Report Analysis

Explore analytics
Real-time Music Streaming Analytics

Start Building Your Brand & Grow 3x Faster With Lossless Monetization

  • Get a 100% customized platform
  • Launch mobile & TV apps at once
  • Pay once; use and own forever
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