Deliver Stunning HD Content With HTML5 Player

Your HTML5 video player for memorable streaming experiences

HLS Video Player
Customizable Video Player

Craft a unique streaming experience with our versatile HTML5 player that adapts to your branding, making every interaction unforgettable.

White Label

Put your brand in the spotlight with our white label solution, allowing you to shine as the driving force behind your streaming platform.

HD Playback Experience

Deliver stunning high-definition content to captivate your audience, providing a visual journey that remains etched in their memory.

Powering Your Brand's Streaming Success With Advanced Tools

Advance engagement and performance with premium HLS features

Fast Playback

Immerse your viewers with accurate subtitles that sync seamlessly, ensuring an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Custom Skins

Tailor your player's appearance to match your brand's identity, creating a cohesive and immersive environment for your audience.

Cast To TV

Take your content to the big screen effortlessly by casting it to TVs, providing a larger-than-life experience for your viewers.

360 Degree Video

Indulge your audience in a world of panoramic content, offering an interactive and captivating viewing experience like never before.

Embed Player

Effortlessly integrate your videos with our embed video player, keeping your content seamlessly connected across platforms

Picture in Picture

Enable viewers to multitask while enjoying your content, boosting up engagement and to customize their viewing experience.

Transforming And Revolutionizing Your Media Delivery

Pioneering unmatched excellence in smooth streaming experiences

High End Video Delivery in Single Solution
Advanced Content Delivery Network

Ensure flawless streaming with our advanced network for minimal delays and uninterrupted content delivery.

HLS/MPEG-DASH Adaptive Streaming

Deliver your content seamlessly across devices and network conditions for a consistent viewer experience.

(CMAF) Ultra Low Latency

Engage audiences in real-time with (CMAF) ultra-low latency technology, facilitating instant connections during live events.

Multi Format & Codec Support

Reach diverse audiences with support for various formats and codecs, ensuring compatibility across platforms.

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Video CDN Solution

Maximize Revenue Streams With Targeted Ad Solutions

Amplify monetization strategies for optimal business growth

  • Client Side Ad-Insertion
  • Server Side Ad-Insertion
  • Third Party Ad Integration
  • Coupons & Promotions
Client Side Ad-Insertion for Player
Boost Engagement With Ads That Convert
Elevate revenue streams with effective ad integration
  • Seamlessly blend relevant ads within content for enhanced engagement.
  • Provide users with a personalized experience through targeted ad placement.
  • Open new revenue channels effortlessly while keeping viewers engaged.
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Launch Easily & Proliferate With
A Premium HLS Video Player

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Fortifying Your HLS Content With Advanced Security Features

Securing your precious streaming assets with unyielding HLS player protection

HLS Player With Advanced Security
Unrivaled Content Security Suite
Strengthening protection, control, and accessibility for streaming assets
Multi DRM Platform

Build up content security through a robust Multi DRM system. Safeguard against piracy, ensure industry compliance, and uphold the intrinsic value of your premium content.

Geo Restriction
AES Encryption
Access Control
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Uncover Actionable Insights For Optimized Streaming

Fuel your strategy with Data-driven decisions

Real-time Insights

Access instant HLS data for taking informed decisions. Optimize content delivery, and enhance engagement dynamically.

Player Level Analytics

Gain insights into video player specific interactions. Analyze user engagement, refine content strategy, and improve streaming quality.

Audience Engagement

Foster viewer engagement via interactive features. Understand preferences, optimize engagement tactics, and build loyal audiences.

Device Reports

Access data on viewer devices for strategic planning. Tailor content for various platforms, ensuring consistent quality across devices.

hls player analytics
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Streamlined Streaming Solutions For Every Platform

Empower your content delivery with our dynamic android and iOS SDKs

  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
Android SDK
Supercharge your Android streaming with our adaptive SDK technology
  • Integrate our Android SDK for seamless HLS player integration on Android devices.
  • Craft engaging mobile and OTT apps with flexible and customizable player SDK.
  • Leverage industry-leading streaming standards effortlessly at a budget-friendly cost.
android sdk with video player

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What Makes VPlayed A Customer Favorite

Because the results speak for themselves

VPlayed team helped us in putting together a robust fitness streaming platform in a short span of time. It was great working with their knowledgeable engineering team who took keen interest in hearing our ideas and executed them to perfection.

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Juliana Wolfarth,
Product Manager, ZiYou
customer retention

VPlayed provided us with a customizable OTT solution for East Africa, including a payment gateway tailored to the local audience. The platform works perfectly for our target region, and we are thrilled with the results.

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Felix Mpfizi,
Chief Technical Officer, Mass Kom Group
increase in viewership

VPlayed’s flexible video management system and multiple monetization models enabled BS Value OTT to grow rapidly and become one of India’s top regional streaming platforms. We are excited about expanding our roadmap with the support of VPlayed team.

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RJ Vigneshkanth,
CEO, Black Sheep Entertainment
increase in revenue

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