Designed for Easy-embedding & Precise Delivery

Vplayed’s player is built with an eye for simplifying embedding processes with uncompromising delivery.

Flexible & Programmable Online Video Player

Technologies that makes Vplayed pliable to build substantial HTML5 player

Powerful Video & Audio Player Management

Stream video content in any format, with secured encoding and transcoding functionalities.

Advanced Player Support

Stream videos in 4k, Apple TV, 360 degree compilations with multi language support. Vplayed brings it all to the plate, clutter-free.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Let your users enjoy buffer free viewing experience, no matter what network bandwidth they are streaming your videos in- 3G, 4G or wifi.

Multiple Format Player

Store & stream your videos in M3U8, mpeg dash, mp4 or any other format of your convenience at Vplayed’s secure cloud hosting and video player.

HLS & Dash Adaptive

Deliver videos across the internet from conventional web servers with Vplayed’s future proof high-end HLS and dash adaptive streaming.

Fastest Playback

Experience the fastest playback that is to be offered while simultaneously running ads, subtitles & seek bar thumbnail using Vplayed’s player.

Domain Validation

Ensure your video is authenticated to be streamed only under your domain and does not function in any other domain with our validation technology.

Embed Player

Let your video be shared on 3rd party platforms for direct viewing without having to redirect back to the original site, once authenticated & gain wider reach.

Multi Bitrate HD Encoding

Encode your videos on cloud in resolutions ranging from 144p to 1080p, and stream in an instant, adapting to the bandwidth your viewers stream in.

Better Player Analytics. Better ROI

Meticulously crafted video player to fine-tune video views, engagement rates, and optimise publishments.

Better Player Analytics

Player Trends

  • Separately compressed audio transcoding for HD audio on any video bitrate streaming

  • Multiple admin portals with selective access for functionalities, maintained by the main admin portal

  • Multi-currency transaction availments with multiple payment modes

Engagement Reports

  • Play Rate - This element gives the platform owner insights on the average time spent and click rates every individual video generates.

  • Average Percentage Watched - This facility shows which part of the content in videos had the most viewer engagement

  • Complete Rate - Insights on how many people watched the video till the end.

  • Average Time Watched - Overall average time spent for each video.

Devices & Pages

Devices & Pages

  • Devices - Get in-depth detailings on what devices your platform is accessed with and how long the average engagement time is

  • Pages - This feature allows content owners to understand the video trends of various domains in which their content is published and streamed

Video Player’s Ad Possibilities

Stream ads and reap high returns with our strategically formulated ad publishing options

Video Player Bidding

Unfasten your potential to earn through video bidding, simplified to a single click, backed with supply side platforms to campaign your ads.

VAST/ VPAID Advertising

Build interactive video advertising units and player to track/ analyse how users react to each advertisement you stream & enhance ad streaming strategy

Certified Google IMA Integration

Collaborate with google ads and receive ad response reports to pitch in richer advertisements that are bound to yield higher returns.

Advanced Ad Scheduling

Generate high click rates by scheduling ads in videos for pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll by studying how users respond to each of your videos.

Outstream Ads

Boost your video reach by outstreaming ads placed as banners, interstitials, in-feed carousels, and on native apps.

Ads enabled Mobile SDKs

Ads manager and google ads SDK allows streaming ads from millions of advertisers - cross-platform in real time.

One Versatile Video Player. Multiple Functionalities

Go beyond constraints of traditional streaming with the endless features of Vplayed’s player

Video On Demand

Videoon demand

Video On Demand

Obtain refined transcoding and eradicate buffer from your platform aided with Cloud backup in HD. Know More
Live Streaming Live


Live Streaming

Going live on any platform with instant playback and immaculate quality is now a reality Know More
Audio Streaming


Audio Streaming

Stream audios that reaches beyond borders. Podcasts, tutorials, music apps, lectures, prayers and everything on the spectrum Know More
Live Linear Streaming

LiveLinear Streaming

Live Linear Streaming

Engage in interactive and uninterrupted streaming. Live linear streaming allows streaming without any layoffs 24*7. Know More



Retain your viewer count at its highest by televising your videos on adaptive bitrate Know More

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