Video Streaming

Deliver Seamless Streaming Experience to the Audience on Your Branded Platform

100% Customization

Decide what goes into your platform from uploading, distribution to monetizing. Vplayed delivers customization on all facets.

On Cloud/ On-Premise

Vplayed provides high scalable options for custom-built server storage on client premises or on-cloud.

Progressive Web Applications

PWA takes the viewing experience to a whole new level through an app-like user interface, home-screen linkability irrespective of the network speed.

White Label Platform

Enhance visibility and value for your whitelabel video platform by branding it with the business logo. Personalize video player, brand name, technical features and much more for seamless user experience.

Social Login

Simplified the user on-boarding system to your live & on-demand streaming platform. Enable users to sign-in or log-in in one click through any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Offline Viewing

VPlayed’s video streaming platform supports on-the-go offline viewing experience during the complex of internet connectivity for users. It enables the downloading of content on multiple resolutions.

Multiple Payment Gateways

VPlayed supports the world's most leading payment gateways to enable users to pay on their desired subscription models securely. You can set your preferred primary & multiple payment gateways for user-end transactions.

Video Thumbnail Preview

Select your own thumbnails to introduce video content and organize media to create smaller, more easily viewable pages. Let your viewers choose from custom thumbnails.

Video Search

Enable users to discover their favorite or desired content through exact search terms or keywords. Each content allows you to add multiple keywords and search terms for an essay discovery of content among thousands of content.

Ratings & Comments

With ratings and comments, help your audience to watch the best possible content with a recommendation engine that supports content with positive ratings, comments, and engagement for each video, music, TV shows, and more.

Watch History

Earn repeat subscribers with personalized content. Drive-up engagement with improved recommendations by facilitating your platform to collect and display watch history to viewers.


Get users to bookmark and manage their favorite videos in custom watchlists for binge viewing. Include general playlists like watch later and liked videos.

Related Movies

Widen engagement on your video-on-demand platform by AI-powered recommendations of similar movies and videos.

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Live Streaming

Go-live Instantly From Any Device Without the Worry of Buffering & Audience Base

Live Linear

Set up “passive” streaming of content for 24x7. With live linear, pre-schedule programs to stream over the air for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week similar to television broadcasting.

Live To VOD

Store and re-stream live videos, events, and turn every live-streamed content into VoD assets immediately after any live stream. This helps to improve the usability of content and increase ROI opportunities.


Broadcast to multiple destinations simultaneously without the fret of streaming quality. VPlayed ensures to broadcast live content across social channels & mediums like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, etc.

Webcast to Mobile Devices

Get rid of the strong internet connectivity to stream content on multiple platforms. With webcasts, the casting of live streaming or on-demand content is made by delivering content to your preferred mobile device like Android, iOS, Tablets to reach a wider audience range.

Audience Chat

Grow your live streaming platforms’ engagement rate with real-time chat. Create a chatty audience experience by enabling the participants and viewers to chat with the host in real-time.

Live Q&A

With live Q&A sessions, increase the engagement rate, awareness value, and sales of your live streaming sessions. Collect opinions, improve the contribution of your audience during live sessions.

Live Countdown

Set up an interactive countdown timer for your live streaming videos. Create effective curiosity to your live event streams through a live countdown timer and to make sure your audience doesn’t miss the very beginning of the events.

Live Polls

With live polls, insert questions into your live stream for the audience to respond and engage. Keep the live streams more interactive and gather viewers’ opinions for decision-making.

Live Clipping for Social

Edit the on-going live stream and extract the clip from the live video stream to use it as an independent video asset. Share the live stream clips on multiple social channels to reach a wider audience base.

Live DVR Controls

Allow users to pause, rewind, and continue the live stream on any platform by integrating DVR controls on your live stream infrastructure. This caches the live video stream on the server & enables to stream as it streams.

Low Latency

Say bye to the buffering of videos online. VPlayed ensures to stream quality content over OTT, Live streaming & on-demand apps without any delay and irrespective of network bandwidth.

Streaming Protocols

VPlayed ensures to deliver content at unparalleled speed with the help of the world’s leading streaming protocols like Apple Low latency HLS, HTTP-based streaming protocol, CMAF for DASH, WOWZA protocol, etc.

Content Management System

Manage & Distribute Entire Content on Real-time Basis

Bulk Upload

Whether you upload a single video file or import a library, VPlayed handles it effectively. You can import content from any third-party cloud drivers or existing server, everything happens in just a click.

Video Scheduling

Schedule any number of videos to live (publish) with a robust content management system. Schedule private videos to the public across geographical locations to make your audience aware of upcoming content.

Multi-Lingual Support

Customize your live streaming or OTT platforms according to geographical location-based language. VPlayed supports multilingual configuration to reach local, regional, and global audiences.

Drag and Drop

With simple drag and drop, upload any format of content directly from personal devices or cloud-based third-party platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. Upload any number of content simultaneously.

Multiple Media Format Support

VPlayed supports all range of formats in Video streaming ranging from Mp4, m4v, avi, mp3, MPEG-DASH, H.265 codec, and H.264 codec.

Create & Manage Dynamic Playlist

Create meaningful user experiences with intuitively built playlists that can be modified and updated through Vplayed’s intelligent algorithms during playback.

User Management

Give authority & roles to any specific user with rights to manage specific aspects of your entire media library. Enable multiple user roles such as publisher, administrator, moderator, and many more.

Content Partner Portal

VPlayed’s partner portal enables it to add content partners to upload content, live stream, track views, revenues, and many more. Also, ensure that the content partner doesn’t exceed the access limit.

Database Management

Manage the entire video content in one centralized dashboard with a robust and reliable content management platform. With an intuitive dashboard and tools, streamline content delivery & management across any devices.

Video Library

Build an easy-to-access and searchable library of content compatible with multiple formats and codecs to boost engagement rates and ROI with Vplayed.

Import & Export Content

Bulk import, manage or share content from your own video streaming platform along with metadata management via VPlayed’s robust CMS.

Multiple Monetization Models

Garner Lofty Returns With Comprehensive Monetizing Features

Subscription VOD

Monetize videos with a subscription model consisting of several plans like monthly charge, quarterly, annually, or depending on the user’s preferred time duration. Manage multiple subscription plans.

Advertisement VOD

Leverage the Ad-supported video-on-demand or live streaming platforms with ad supports like pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, and third-party video Ad servers like SpotXchange, Doubleclick & more.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) / Transactional VOD

Charge viewers with one-time-fee access for any sort of content. Sell your videos, movies, or restrict the access through a number of views for any particular content. Even offer unlimited buying options to users.

Server Side Ad-Insertion

Combine ads with content into a single stream with SSAI and easily bypass ad blockers. SSAI combines the ads with the video on the CMS level, eliminating any ad block requests to external servers.

Third-Party Ad Integration

Collaborate with 3rd-party ad managers to push ads into your platform. Track content performance within your video monetization platforms.

Catch Up TV

Get viewers to watch their favorite videos any number of times for a limited period of time.

Coupons & Promotions

Entice your audience with coupons for any particular series, movies, or events streaming through your live video streaming platform. Generate one-time coupons, discounts for the subscription fee, and more.

Encoding & Transcoding

Deliver a Buffer-free Streaming Service to a Wider Audience Irrespective of Bandwidth

Per-Title Encoding

With per-title, customize the bitrate ladder of each video encoder that optimizes during low-bandwidth conditions to deliver the best possible video viewing experience across any size of screens.

Adaptive Bitrate

Deliver HD or high-resolution video content to any device user in the most efficient way with the help of ABS technology. VPlayed’s streaming engine ensures to broadcast content at the highest quality irrespective of internet connection, device & platforms.


With transmuxing, repackage video files into different multi formats without disturbing the content’s format. This helps in delivering the same content to users on multiple formats based on devices.

Clip Stitching

With the help of an elastic transcoder, VPlayed ensures to stitch clips or edited content from multiple input files to form a single output of content. Transcode the multiple added clips into one format such as multiple recorded sessions.

Custom Presets

Customize each control moderator of your video delivery based on the format and codec initiated to stream. Use default presets to encode the content or customize it.

Multiple Codecs Support

VPlayed supports multiple codecs in video such as H.263, H.264 AVC, H.265 HEVC, AVI, : aac”, m3u8 and many more.

Flexible Ingest

VPlayed provides a robust ingest accelerator to ingest high-quality streams and enables better quality and performance of encoder. The ingest accelerator creates stability and a reliable connection to the encoder.

All Device Player

Versatile Built. Multi-faceted Player Adorned With Accommodating Features

HLS & Dash Adaptive

VPlayed supports both the HLS and DASH streaming protocols to stream video content based on HTTP. With the help of a robust video CDN, the delivery of video content into multiple smaller segments is made possible across devices.

Faster Playback

VPlayed’s media player provides the desired playback speed based on your preference without any delay in the video and video quality issue. Set different playbacks on different sizes of screens and devices.

Multi-screen Support

Our HTML5 player supports video wall configuration up to 12 displays, multiple screen sizes, multiple screen resolutions, and devices ranging from Smart TVs, Laptops, Tablets, mobile screens and more.

Subtitle Settings

Adjust the subtitle of your media player effectively with all the controls on one screen. VPlayed’s player supports external subtitles with controls to allow or disable and change formats based on user preferences.

Player SDK for Android / iOS

VPlayed provides customizable player SDK with enriched features like playback experiences, Skin changes, themes video cards, and many more compatible for Android, iOS devices, and Smart TVs.

Custom Thumbnail

Entice and engage your audience by creating a custom thumbnail for every video on stream. VPlayed’s media player comes with configurations and editing tools to customize thumbnails without the use of third-party apps.

Multi Language Support

The HTML5 media player comes with native language support to reach your audience on their preferred languages. Users can set their custom language to watch videos & listen to music on the media player, thus increasing the viewing experience of your users.

Dynamic Playlists

VPlayed’s player lets users create unlimited playlists and manage them effectively without any prior experience. The feature lets you organize, on-demand videos based on genres, albums, and other categories.

Embed Videos

VPlayed makes it possible to your on-demand or streaming platform along with media players on other websites or applications. VPlayed’s CMS requires the embed link to add in just one click.

Customizable Replay Window

Locate the replay property on the window and customize the replay playback with intuitive UI. The end screen of the player can be configured to show replay options available with sharing icons.

4K, 360 & VR Support

VPlayed streaming engine empowers engaging 360 degrees and VR streaming experience on mobile devices. VPlayed supports virtual reality devices to stream 4K quality content with VR & 360-degree support.

Mini Player

Enable mini player on your live streaming and on-demand apps that allows your audience to continue watching the videos or listen to music even while browsing or other operations on mobile devices.

Closed Caption

VPlayed enables to configure the closed captioning from a variety of in-stream, source file, and other third-party files and convert them according to the format of live streaming or video-on-demand content.

Multiple Codecs Support H264 / H265

Our VPlayed’s media player supports multi-codec OTT, live streaming, and on-demand services precisely across devices. With codec H.265 & H.264, deliver 4K quality content with reduced bandwidth consumption.

DRM & Security

Safeguarding Noteworthy Content at its Apex

AES Encryption

VPlayed uses the AES encryption method that allows the content owners and distributors to encrypt videos using 128-bit cryptographic keys. Users having the same key have access to the content.

Multi DRM Platform

Data Rights Management allows you to practice your copyrights to the fullest and bars unauthorized usage, consumption, or any other kind of infringements.

Access Control

Set multiple access control to your streaming application through 2step email verification, Single-sign-on authentication, Granular access, ChannelAccess control, and IP-based access control.


Limit access to your video streaming platform for users based on the geographical location to minimize compliance costs and boost capacity for relevant demographics.

Paywall Integration

VPlayed supports the world’s most secure paywall integration that is directly linked to your content list. Add digital paywalls like Paypal and other paywalls that support international transactions as well.

Password Protection

Protect your on-demand platform or the live events streaming content with a lock system. Protect the entire platform with source or password-based authentication and Secure token-based playback protection on every step.

Advanced SSL Certification

With the secure socket layer (SSL) system, secure the HTTP streaming site with token-based authentication. VPlayed supports Apple HLS, Adobe HDS & other secure connections.

Screenshot Prevention

Ensure the integrity of your content by preventing screen recording and illegal redistribution. With Vplayed, even paused screens are secured with foolproof techniques.

Dynamic Watermarks

Stream securely and build your brand with a watermark custom to each viewer which can incorporate some information about the viewer including their name, the date, and IP address.

Parental Control

Enable filters for age-appropriate content for your children to facilitate online safety and activities through blocking outgoing content, filtering, limiting watch time and monitoring tools.

Restrict Simultaneous Logins

Protect the access limit for every login credentials based on their tracking the login details. VPlayed enables concurrent stream limits based on the asset level and login not more than two devices.

Video Marketing

Penetrate Your Target Market With Intelligent Marketing Features

Metadata Management

Make your entire content discoverability and search-friendly by optimizing the meta description of the content to retrieve, identify, and link to other content. Add rich information to every video to gain more views and personalize their search experience.

AI Powered Recommendation Engine

Recommend content to your audience as per their taste and preferences analysed by smart algorithms powered by AI.

Article Matching

With Vplayed’s video embedding, embedding contextually relevant videos with the article matching helps during the search result to rank the playlist of videos.

Social Publishing

With the integration of social platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live & other platforms, you can broadcast content directly on social networks to search a wide range of audiences.


With VPlayed’s marketing tools, enable In-player dynamic call-to-action for each page or video to encourage your audience to watch the specified content. You can opt to display a customized CTA on your selected point in your video with durations.

Lead Capture Form

Utilize videos as assets to boost the lead generation of your platform with a simple and effective lead capture form. Track every inquiry from videos through forms. Mostly used for eCommerce, marketing, and other types of businesses.

Replace Video, Not The Link

VPlayed ensures to replace the videos that are already published without changing the link of the content, this increases to gain an audience base for one link with both the old and new videos.

Video Sitemaps

VPlayed supports site mapping of your videos for better search results in terms of your OTT and on-demand applications. Creating sitemaps for videos helps search engines to present all your videos in one place.

Marketing Software Integration

VPlayed offers in-built data-driven marketing tools to expand the reach of every content across geographical locations. VPlayed also supports third-party marketing tools to drive conversion & grow your ROI.

Email Marketing

Attract, convert and engage with your audience through sleek automated templates and smart analytics.

Reporting & Analytics

End-to-End Reports. Instant Feedbacks

Live Dashboard Report

Smartly gather business intelligence through dynamic reports for data analysis and trend forecasting. Slice and dice inputs across a wide array of functions for identifying relevant metrics.

3rd Party Analytics Integration

Integrate third-party analytical tools like Google Analytics, Microsoft Analytics, and other tools to track each traffic to your video-on-demand or live streaming platform. Analyze data and make actionable decisions based on your source traffic for every video.

Custom Metrics

Generate custom metrics to gather effective information overcoming standard irrelevant data to deliver insights on trends and performance of video streaming platforms.

Device Data

Understand the core source of your viewers’ data and the device they watch your videos or live streaming events. Get absolute information about your users’ operating system, browser, device model & many more.

Network Data

With an insightful analytical dashboard, explore your audience’s network data with parameters like CDN, Request URL, IP Geolocation & more to expand your marketing activities & decision-making.

Stream Data

The feature in analytical tools gives you a complete real-time streaming data stats such as the streaming protocol used, Buffering ratio, Content title, and many more.

Player Data

Our analytical tool at VPlayed ensures to deliver in-and-out data of users’ content access media player with the overall duration, active users, completion rate, total amount watched, and many more.

User Data

Drive into your audience’s behavior, engagement rate, complete profile analytical data, links that are driving viewers, viewers sessions, geographical locations, and more.

Video Quality Data

Test and compare the quality of each live streaming video and on-demand videos on different locations and devices depending on the Startup Time of the video, Session duration, Video bitrate & ABR switches.

Mobile & TV Apps

Control the Streaming of Content On Multiple Devices Simultaneously

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