Online Media Platform

Connect, Distribute and Stream Across Platforms

100% Customization

Decide what goes into your platform from uploading, distribution to monetizing. Vplayed delivers customization on all facets

Social Login

Social logins provide options to access in a single click using their social media accounts. All user information such as username, personal bio, location, etc. gets automatically picked up.

On Cloud/ On-Premise

Vplayed provides high scalable options for custom-built server storage on client premises or on-cloud.

Push Notifications

Maximize user attention with the right information at right time through push messages. Drive traffic by attracting viewer engagement beyond apps and native sites.

User Profile management

Vplayed gives options to viewers to manage their profile by updating and editing their personal information (mail ID, name, passwords) with high-end management system.

Offline download

Offline download lets your users enjoy your streaming services even when they are not online. Vplayed’s offline feature provides option to play videos and audios even when your users go offline.

Video & Audio Streaming

Engage Maximum Audience rates with high-grade streaming content

Faster Encoding & Cloud Transcoding

Vplayed’s refined instant & On-cloud encoding and transcoding takes place in high speed, ensuring there is no lag in streaming momentum.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

High points of pockets content delivery network ensures seamless delivery by perpetuating optimal bandwidth pricing to quality ratio, geolocation, & network quality.

Content partner portal

Club with your favorite creators! Vplayed offers eye-popping partnership tactics which allow external/independent creators to stream on your media streaming platform

Progressive Web Applications

PWA takes the viewing experience to a whole new level through an app-like user interface, home-screen linkability irrespective of the network speed.

HLS Feed

HLS path distributes audiovisual content in live streaming, and on-demand streaming aided with M3U8 playlist file & .ts segment files.

Content Management System

Manage & distribute entire content on real-time basis

Unlimited Storage

Vplayed’s custom-built or AWS cloud storage gives platforms owners the freedom to upload, store and stream data in without any limits.

Bulk Upload

Upload data files of any format in bulk rates on cloud and transcode them without having to worry about technical glitches.

Multi-lingual support

From Arabic right to left flow to Mandarin’s elaborate fonts. Accommodate any language of your choice using Vplayed’s technology


Multiple Media Format

M3U8, mpegdash, mp4, 3gp or AVI. Your content, your choice of data format in which they are to be stored, transcoded, and streamed.


Schedule videos or audios to be streamed on any screen, in bulk. Content scheduling aided by content curation and discovery, guarantees higher engagement rates for your videos & audios

Database Management

Database management of Vplayed works with preset tags and definitions. Calculated with auto-suggest loaded with names, genres and other relatable terms have proven to be successful strategies


Giving options to customize playlists maximizes users for your application and increases the overall time spent on your app. Creator playlists; another feature where you can recommend playlists to listeners also accelerates user rate.

Video Player

Versatile built. Multi-faceted player adorned with accommodating features.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Distribute videos at buffer free rate, irrespective of network bandwidth the viewers’ watch in, no matter what network bandwidth they are streaming your videos in- 3G, 4G or wifi.

Faster Playback

Backed up by AWS cloud, Vplayed’s solutions ensure fast playback for HD streaming with zero latency

Player Control

Offer the option to choose how fast or slow your videos gets played while they’re watching using video playback speed. Vplayed offers this option for Android, iOS, and web

Subtitle Settings

Options to change the size, color, and position of the caption display allows video viewers to enjoy elevated viewer experience.

Analytics integration

Integrate insightful analytics into your streaming platforms to gain real-time updates on how your content performs.

Revenue driving ad-support

Extend your brand visibility via server-side ads, and increase money making options with Google ad sense, VAST, & IMA ads


Safeguarding noteworthy content at its Apex



Data Rights Management allows you to practice your copyrights to the fullest and bars unauthorized usage, consumption, or any other kind of infringements.

Access Control

Vplayed’s elaborate access control makes monitoring and managing web traffic on platforms through IP tracking, single sign-on & account confirmation systems. Ensure your content is free from fringe elements


AES Encryption

Vplayed uses AES algorithm, a symmetric encryption strategy designed to safeguard e-data by encrypting each bit in compartments.


SSL certificate

SSL certificate formulates a cryptographic digital key to safeguard data opted to be protected. This ensures secured website connections in all browsers.

Password Protection

Vplayed’s password shielded security system limits data accessible to non-subscribers via digital devices.

Paywall Integration

A secured paywall integration assists you in transacting money in comfort. Both 3rd-party integrations & customized built-in paywalls are done at Vplayed.


Penetrate your target market with intelligent marketing features

Meta Data Management

Manage how your content is defined on search engines/ portals in order to optimize your platform’s reach.

Social interaction

Create your own platforms where users can review, like, share, and comment on your videos and accelerate your engagement rates

Social publishing

Make your mark on digital platforms by maximized outreach through social publishing.

Marketing automation

Give no space for human errors or technical glitches. Automated marketing with effective streamlining ensures high productivity.


Garner lofty returns with comprehensive monetizing features

Subscription Programs

Subscription programs grants premium members access to unlimited videos. Vplayed’s intricately crafted subscription model pitches in high returns

Transactional Monetization

Vplayed offers options to Electronic sell-through (EST) & Download to Rent (DTR) where your user base can rent or buy videos for offline viewing.


Designed with an eye for ROI, Vplayed ensures the preroll, midroll or post-roll ads that are strategically placed on according to the performance of videos.

Coupons & Promotions

Deliver enticing coupons and promotions relevant to your customers and bag astounding revenue with Vplayed

Reporting & Analytics

End-to-End Reports. Instant Feedbacks

Real-time Analytics

Channel your streaming trends by implementing changes using current viewer status and instant user behavior insights

Viewer Diagnostics

Viewer diagnostics tracks user bearings with the help of Vplayed’s inbuilt algorithm to provide a refined tabulation of viewer countries, time spent on each video etc.,

Dashboard reporting

Dashboard reporting simplifies compound data and analyzes the trends, allowing you to make strategic business decisions quickly and effectively.

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