How 5G Reshapes the Streaming Landscape!

5G Reshapes the Video Streaming Landscape

Reaching 200M+ homes is no easy chore!

India’s leading telecom carrier is all set to launch its  5G broadband service for households. With its revolutionary wireless wi-fi, the firm would disrupt a number of industries, and most importantly, video streaming. 

Now, How is 5G Different from 4G?

“Latency”! Yes, it is 5G’s ultra-low latency of less than 5ms that is going to make all the difference. The upload/ download speeds are 10X faster than that of 4G and what better reason for streaming players to rejoice than this? 

Today, 73 countries around the world have 5G with the USA leading the league with the most 5G cities. 

With the use of 5G, we’ll have

  • Great network capacity
  • High data transfer rates
  • Faster uploads & downloads
  • Less buffering
  • HD streaming of 4K videos

OTTs & Video Streaming in the Age of Wireless 5G

The impact of 5G is profoundly large and a huge win for video businesses to expand their offerings, reach more households on multiple devices and platforms, offer exceptional OTT streaming experiences and more. With feasible costing, there are high chances, this 5G would penetrate most households and viewers preferring OTT platforms to consume diverse content in one place. 

Here’s how OTT players can leverage 5G!

  • Deliver UHD videos across devices
  • Experiment with interactive video content
  • Stream live at lowest latency
  • Reach more viewers via mobile streaming apps
  • Offer realistic AR/ VR experiences
  • Amplify speed & delivery of videos 10X more

Strategic Move by the Telecom Provider

Providing fixed wireless access (FWA) for 5G is a wise move by the firm. Especially with its OTT launch, the telecom conglomerate would further penetrate homes with its streaming service when there is high-speed Internet and super-fast video delivery. 

To conclude, the Indian video market is all set to skyrocket in video consumption with the coming of 5G wireless broadbands and the same would impact the global streaming market and trends in large numbers. And, this ultimately would result in spiking demand for streaming content across the global OTT landscape, ultimately leading video businesses across verticals to grow at scale—both revenue and engagement wise. 

With the penetration of 5G, want to launch your own video streaming apps for more viewership & revenue?

Bhuvi is a streaming enthusiast, inquisitive about video-on-demand & live relay technologies. She loves conversing about anything new in the video tech space besides being a movie buff & dancer by passion.

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